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Fully-funded Russian Government Scholarships 2024 for Admissions in Russian Universities

Deadline December 10, 2023
Opening date October 1, 2023
Days Remaining 72 Days
Category Scholarships in Russia
Type Fully-Funded
Location Russia

The Russian Government opened the application window for the fully funded Government of Russia Scholarships 2024-2025, and the deadline to apply is arriving soon henceforth if you too want to benefit from all this and more, we have good news for you. Now let me also inform you that Russian government is starting to accept online applications for the Government of Russia open doors scholarship program soon. So, now is the best time for you to gather all the necessary information for applying to the respective scholarship.

Financial Coverage Plan of Russia Government Scholarships:-

The Government of Russia Scholarships are fully funded scholarship awards covering a wide range of overheads other than tuition fees. Also major benefit of the Government of Russia Scholarships is that students get to choose from 500 different Russian Universities to continue their postgraduate degrees.

Some other grants offered to students in the Government of Russia Scholarship program are as follows:

  • Direct entry in a Russian university without giving any entrance exam
  • Full tuition fee waiver, conference attending fees, airfare
  • Maintenance allowance/ stipend for the entire duration of the degree program
  • Dormitory accommodation
  • Additional educational support.

Note: Those international students who complete internships will cease to receive stipends but will be provided hostel accommodation. Moreover, the Government of Russia Scholarships does not cover the scholarship winners’ travel costs and health insurance.

Eligibility Requirements of the Russian Gov. Scholarships 2024:-

The Russian Government assures that worthy students get a chance to support their Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees in Russia, and therefore, ascertain that the eligibility criterion for the Government of Russia Scholarships 2024-2025 is not a tedious one.

Following is the eligibility criteria for the students applying to the Russian Government Scholarships 2024-2025:


  • The Government of Russia Scholarships are open for students belonging to any country of the world
  • Russian students living abroad and immigrants can also apply for scholarships.

Age requirements

  • No directions have been issued in this regard by the Russian Government.

Degree requirements

  • For Master’s program applicants – must have a Bachelor’s degree
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants – must have a Master’s or a Specialist’s degree from an accredited institute.

Language requirements

  • Students can take their courses in either English or Russian language. For those taking their courses in English, IELTS or TOEFL exam scores are not mandatory.

Steps to Apply for the Russian Gov. Scholarships 2024:-

The process of applying to the Government of Russia Scholarships is pretty straightforward. You can effortlessly apply to the Government of Russia Scholarships 2024-2025 by following the following steps.

Step 1: Contact the Russian Embassy

The first step will be to contact the Russian Embassy in your country to get all the information about the scholarship and your desired field of study. Moreover, the Russian Government allocates a specific number of seats for some countries and sometimes even restricts residents of a country to apply for a particular course program. So, it is best to consult a united operator beforehand.

Step 2: Create an account on the Russian Scholarship Portal (Link available in end)

An essential step of applying to the Government of Russia Scholarship Program will be to create an account on the dedicated system of the competition.

Step 3: Fill and Download the application form

Fill in your candidature details, academic preferences, and attach documents in admissions and scholarship application. Then, you can download the online Scholarship application form for the Russian Open Doors Scholarships for your record.

Step 4: Fill in your credentials

You will then have to register yourself for the scholarship by filling the form with your personal data. For example, this might include your surname, first name, date of birth, login, password, city, and residential country.

Step 5: Submit your application

Next, you will be required to attach your documents alongside your application form and submit it online.

Documents Needed for Russian Scholarship Application:-

Following are the documents that go along with the application forms for the Government of Russia Scholarships:

Application Deadline for the Government of Russia Scholarships 2024:-

You now might want to know last date to apply for this Russian scholarship so the last date to submit your application form for the government of Russia scholarships for the batch of 2024-2025 is December 10th, 2023.

Dr. Youasf Saeed

Dr. Rana is a renowned scholar and scholarship mentor, having received five Government Scholarships from Turkey, China, Portugal, USA, and Canada during his educational career. Students can turn to him for advice and guidance on applying for scholarships. His articles on scholarships and related topics such as immigration and jobs equip young students with the tools they need to succeed in life. As the #1 Scholarship Speaker, Dr. Rana travels widely to universities around the world to assist students in pursuing fully-funded scholarships.


  1. good evening, my question is what if i dont have a passport but am planning to get one soon can i still apply?

  2. I want to get a chance in this university for a better gain of education as well as to serve my country in my field so I want to apply at this university and I wanna know what are the Preconditions to get an opportunity?

  3. I strongly desire the Russian government scholarship due to the historical and religious relationship of Ethiopia (my country) and Russia.

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