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Send a professional CV to get your hands on fully funded Jobs in Canada. Canadian market is on hunt to capture international talent and this is where you can create an impact. For the year 2024, the Canadian government and private sector organizations are hiring undergraduates for a variety of occupations. Applicants who want to work in Canada may apply in many Canadian job categories based on their skills and experience. It is a fantastic opportunity to work in Canada.

In this piece, we’ll introduce you to some of Canada’s best-known organizations, and provide details on how you may apply for jobs with them. Having this information in your arsenal might help you get a respectable job interview.

List of Canada’s Top 10 Multinational Companies Offering Jobs

  1. Royal Bank of Canada
  2. Scotiabank
  3. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa
  4. The Hazelton Hotel
  5. EA Games
  6. Bell Canada
  7. Coca Cola
  8. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.
  9. Shopify Inc. Jobs in Canada
  10. Google Canada

Can International graduates apply for Canadian government jobs?

International candidates may apply for jobs with the Government of Canada in a variety of departments, along with the federal department. Without IELTS, applicants may apply for permanent positions in the Canadian government.

Annual Average Salary in Canada: CAD$120,000

An annual income of 120,000 CAD is considered to be the norm for a worker performing a full-time job in Canada. The range of salaries that are considered to be “average” in Canada is from $30,200 CAD to $534,000 CAD. The standard salary takes into account perks such as housing, transportation, and others.

To what end are Canadian businesses providing sponsorship for international workers?

Because of Canada’s high proportion of elderly people and its relatively low birth rate. As a direct consequence of this, companies in Canada are actively seeking out immigrants who possess the talents they need in order to maintain the viability of their operations.

We’ve made a list of the top-companies jobs in Canada for undergraduates and graduates. This could be a great chance for you to learn more about employment options in Canada.

  1. Royal Bank of Canada Jobs

The Royal Bank of Canada is the country’s biggest bank in terms of market capitalization and diversified financial services provider. A total of over 17 million customers are serviced by the bank’s 89,000 staff located in over 140 countries.

RBC is creating a workforce that is willing to learn, adapt, assume, and create in order to keep up with the ever-changing behaviors of its clients, and in order to do so, RBC requires people like you to participate in that journey. RBC works hard every day to maintain pace with the shifting behavioral patterns of its customers.

A bachelor’s degree in a business or management-related field is often required for entry-level positions in the banking industry. In Canada, a typical salary in the banking industry is $45,033.

  1. Scotiabank Jobs in Canada

The Canadian city of Toronto is home to the headquarters of the international banking and financial services provider Scotiabank. It is regarded as part of Canada’s “Big Five” banking firms. Opportunities may be found in the areas of commercial banking, technology, finance and accounting, and retail banking respectively. It includes the employee’s basic salary, any incentive pay, bonuses, savings and retirement programmes, and any other additional pay.

For many entry-level roles in banking, a bachelor’s degree in business or management is necessary. The average income for a Canadian banker is $45,033.

  1. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa Jobs

The Wedgewood Hotel, which opened in 1984, is a well-kept secret among travelers visiting Vancouver because of its exquisite, world-class hotel in the center of the city’s booming and multicultural downtown. The Wedgewood Hotel is expanding its Wedgewood Team and is searching for people who are dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers.

There are management and entry-level jobs available right now. Candidates who cannot prove they have the right to live and work in Canada will not be accepted. Interested candidates may apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. The minimum educational requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from an accredited institution. In addition, there are openings for undergraduates looking for jobs.

In Canada, a hotel worker can expect to earn a median annual pay of $42,588.

  1. The Hazelton Hotel Jobs

The Hazelton, in the posh area of Yorkville, was the city’s first boutique hotel of its kind. The hotel has 77 elegant suites and rooms all of which were designed by the renowned organization Yabu Pushelberg.

Experienced and qualified candidates are being sought by the Hazelton hotel management for a variety of positions, including those of hotel operations supervisor, clerk/front desk, pets hotel assistant manager, pets hotel associate, sales coordinator, line cook, chef, hotel duty manager, franchise hotel manager, etc.

Prospective employees should have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from an accredited institution.

  1. Canada Employment Opportunities at EA Games, a Privately Held Company

Whether you’re in the US or in China, you can play an EA Game. They are dedicated to employing a more diverse and inclusive workforce and trying to make the company more welcoming to people of all backgrounds. As a company, EA is committed to providing equitable employment opportunities. No consideration of race, color, or national origin is given while making hiring choices. They provide both remote and on-site employment opportunities across a variety of sectors.

A wide variety of professions, including Software engineering, Social System Designer, Technical Artist, Lead Game Designer, Client Engineer, Programmer, etc. are open at EA right now. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar discipline is required, or candidates must have substantial work experience in lieu of formal education.

An entry-level Game Advisor can expect to earn about $36,424, while a vice president of marketing can expect to make around $259,319.

  1. Bell Canada Jobs

Cell phones, television, high-speed and wireless Internet, and home phone services are all provided by Bell, the biggest telecommunications provider in Canada. Bell has a varied workforce of over 50,000 people throughout Canada, and its inventive teams thrive in an environment that recognizes and rewards the implementation of ground-breaking ideas. Corporate Services, Customer Experience, Marketing and Communications, Media, Retail, Sales, Technicians, and Technology are all areas in which they are looking to fill positions in Canada. Employment opportunities for both graduates and undergraduates are accessible at Bell.

The average salary at Bell Canada is $73,198 per year.

  1. Coca-Cola Canada Jobs

Canada’s Coca-Cola Company has one of the world’s finest operations. There are more than 5800 employees working for this privately held company, which has more than 50 distribution and manufacturing hubs around the country. The Canadian branch of the Coca-Cola business is in dire need of both full-time and part-time employees.

Production network capacity, assembling, specialized capacity, advertising, records and deals administration, business and clients, pioneers, business and management, human resources, and management administrative are only a few of the accessible job positions. Apart from this, though, Coca-Cola provides undergraduates with a variety of opportunities.

Average salaries at Coca-Cola Company vary from around $29,637 for Merchandisers to $65,406 for Warehouse Supervisors.

  1. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. Jobs

TMMC is one of the most prestigious employers of immigrants in Canada. TMMC, also known as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, has been operating in this country since 1986 and has its headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario. At TMMC, one of the best perks in Canada is the opportunity for workers and their families to receive concessions on the purchase of a new automobile.

Engineering, skilled crafts, manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, and shared services are a few of TMMC Inc.’s key sectors for graduates and undergraduates. Mechanical engineers are required for higher-level roles at TMMC Inc, whereas undergraduates are required for office work positions.

At Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc., workers in Canada can expect to earn a median annual income of C$69721.

  1. Shopify Inc. Jobs in Canada

One of the best Canadian companies to work for, Shopify, has committed to allowing most of its employees the flexibility to work from home. They started up in 2004 in Canada.

Shopify provides its workers with a supplementary $5,000 health benefits plan that may be used toward medical expenses, retirement savings, or charitable contributions. Also, since Shopify is one of the best Canadian stocks to purchase and keep, the company offers restricted stock shares to new employees. It would be helpful if you are fluent in many programming languages and are familiar with Full Stack Web Applications. For Shopify Online Stores and Shopify Themes, expert knowledge of the programming language “Liquid” is required.

The Director of Sales position at Shopify has the highest salary at $231,958 per year, while the Customer Service Representative position has the lowest salary at $45,372.

  1. Google Canada Jobs

After successfully expanding its Canadian presence, Google is actively recruiting from across the world to staff its new operations. Applying for Google Canada Jobs and receiving Google sponsorship for Canadian employment is a great opportunity for current foreign students.

Google has many unfilled positions throughout its Canadian operations. A Bachelor’s degree is expected at the very least. English proficiency is essential. Google Canada is hiring in the following fields: business strategy; technology and engineering communications and marketing product design; sales and customer service support. On average, Google Inc. pays its workers $122,914 a year.

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