Scholarships in Korea 2024

GIFT Korean Internships in 2024 Without IELTS – Send Applications!

All Bachelor’s students are encouraged to apply to the progressive technology edge industry. South Korea is now accepting applications for the GIFT Internship Program 2024.

A fully funded South Korean internship program is available for undergraduates in their third or fourth year who exhibit ferrous technology and who can participate in lab activities. The Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Material Technology (GIFT) internship experience is a completely financed opportunity.

The GIFT Internship program will be at the Pohang University of Science and Technology. It will last around four weeks. Pohang University is a private research facility in South Korea, and it came 1st among 50 emerging universities. As per the QS Global World Ranking, it is in the 77th place as the best university.

The GIFT Internship Program is available both in the summer and the winter. The interns’ costs are borne entirely by the university. The GIFT internship opportunity is open to both regional and global students. 

Internship program applications will expire in the second week of May for round one and at the end of November for round two, with internships beginning in July 2024 and January 2024, respectively. Because there are no limits depending on culture, religion, or nationality, anyone can qualify for the internship.

Sponsorship of GIFT Internships

The following are the advantages of the GIFT internship in South Korea:

  • College dormitories will be set for intern housing.
  • A one-time two-way economy class flight ticket will be given as well.
  • For basic expenditures, KRW 500,000 every four weeks will be given.
  • Assistance with commuting will be provided.

Are You Eligible to Apply for GIFT internships?

The following are the standards that must be met for the GIFT internship in South Korea in 2024:

  • Students from all over and also Korean students are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates should be in their third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree.
  • There are no limitations based on gender, age, background, or nation.
  • Women are especially invited to pursue this opportunity.

Application Process of GIFT Internship Program:

Through the official link of the GIFT program, you must download the application form. It is necessary to be careful when downloading as some information is specific to Korean applicants, while the rest is for overseas candidates.

  • The process of applying is quite simple. You must apply online via the foreigner application form. 
  • You must be watchful when uploading all necessary documents.
  • Once your application is done, you will send it to the staff in charge of admission.

What Are The Required Documents? 

  • Application Form
  • Official English Academic Transcripts
  • Personal Statement (described as the applicant’s study plan)
  • English Proficiency Assessment (TOEFL score or the Equivalent)
  • Consent to use personal information 

If the transcripts do not display GPA (Grade Point Average), the candidate must translate the report card into GPA and include it on the application paperwork.

GIFT Internship Application Deadline: November 30, 2024

You can send your application for the South Korean GIFT Internships till November 30, 2024.

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