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Flanders Scholarships 2024 by Flemish Government for Students

Flanders (Dutch) Government Scholarships 2023-2024

Deadline December 20, 2023
Opening date September 14, 2023
Days Remaining 77 Days
Category Scholarships in Belgium
Type Fully-Funded
Location Belgium

Flanders Scholarships 2024-2025 sponsored by Flemish Government are now open for online admission applications for students of all disciplines and degree levels. Flanders Scholarships are a unique initiative established by the Flemish government to support young researchers in their quest for innovative knowledge. The scholarship is open to anyone who meets the criteria of being an outstanding student, either through their academic performance or participation in other activities that demonstrate their potential.

Why Study at Flanders? (Dutch Speaking Belgium Region)

Studying in Flanders is a unique experience. With its Dutch-speaking culture, vibrant and multilingual society, high quality of life, and excellent price/quality ratio for higher education institutions, it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to advance their academic career. Not only that but being situated at the heart of Europe means you’ll have access to world-class research opportunities and some of the most respected host universities in the region.

Flander Scholarship recipients can use these funds towards furthering their studies, enabling them to pursue research areas not typically funded by traditional sources. The program also allows students to gain international experience, create personal and professional networks, and bring a greater appreciation for scientific research.

List of Scholarships Offered by Flanders Host Institutions

The following is a list of Dutch scholarships offered by Flanders host institutions in 2024:

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Scholarships
  • Master Minds Scholarships
  • VLIR-UOS Scholarships
  • Scholarships for US Students

List of Degree Options Available Under Flanders Scholarship

  • Professional bachelor’s degree
  • Advanced bachelor’s degree
  • Summer Courses
  • Associate degree
  • academic bachelor’s degree
  • advanced master’s degree
  • master’s degree
  • PhD degree
  • Postgraduate certificate
  • Exchange programmes

Medium of Instruction for Flander Scholarship Programmes

The vast majority of courses offered in Flanders are conducted in Dutch, but there are plenty of English-taught bachelor’s degree programmes and an even greater selection at the master’s and PhD levels. 12% of all students enrolled in Flemish institutions will be from other countries; therefore, English language-taught programmes will also be available.

Host Universities Offering Flander Scholarships in 2024

The universities that offer the Master Mind Scholarships in Flanders are:

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
  • Universiteit Antwerpen
  • Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
  • Ghent University
  • University of Hasselt
  • KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts:
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • The University of Li├Ęge
  • Hasselt University
  • AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Antwerp Maritime Academy
  • HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • LUCA School of Arts

How to Apply for Flanders Scholarships 2024?

Flemish universities offer a range of degree programmes at every level. To apply for one of these courses, simply follow the instructions given by the host dutch universities. You will typically have to create an online account and provide documents such as a CV, motivation letter, educational transcripts, and proof of language proficiency. Once your application is submitted, it will be assessed on various criteria. If successful, you can then look forward to beginning your study in Flanders!

  1. Determine if you are eligible and if your preferred Flemish university participates in the Master Mind Scholarships.
  2. Apply to the Flanders scholarship host institution.
  3. The scholarship panel at the host university shortlists applicants.
  4. The host university creates your Master Mind Scholarship application file in Mobility-Online.
  5. Mobility-Online sends you a Master Mind Scholarship offer letter by email.
  6. You register in Mobility-Online and submit your application before the deadline. Uploadable files: ID photo, Passport or ID, CV (including your American GPA out of 4.0 and if applicable your publications, academic awards, previous scholarships, etc.), English exam results or host university exemption letter, English motivation letter, Two signed English letters of recommendation from instructors at your (former) home university, university of applied sciences (and arts), or recent workplace, Diploma(s) and a certified translation of above-mentioned documents; if not in Dutch, French, German, or English.
  7. The host University approves and submits the completed application for the Flanders scholarship in Mobility-Online.

Application deadline for Flanders Scholarship 2024

Please submit your scholarship application at any Flanders-affiliated host university before December 20, 2023.

Dr. Youasf Saeed

Dr. Rana is a renowned scholar and scholarship mentor, having received five Government Scholarships from Turkey, China, Portugal, USA, and Canada during his educational career. Students can turn to him for advice and guidance on applying for scholarships. His articles on scholarships and related topics such as immigration and jobs equip young students with the tools they need to succeed in life. As the #1 Scholarship Speaker, Dr. Rana travels widely to universities around the world to assist students in pursuing fully-funded scholarships.

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