Experience Certificates

Experience Letter Format: Definition, Sample, Template, Example, Format, and Outline

How to Write an Experience Ceritificate?

The Experience Letter is a document of experience certification issued by the employer to the worker after or at the time of resignation. It is sometimes also called an experience certificate.

Sometimes people want to switch their jobs because of different reasons, one of the major ones is career growth. For this purpose, they need a letter of guarantee that portrays the person as a credible, professional, ambitious, and honest employee. This document holds great importance in an employee’s portfolio as a promising experience letter will attract clients once they review it. Not only this, but an encouraging job letter will hold the hopes and expectations of the clients high for the future.

The job experience letter is the last card that decides whether you’re a keeper or a goner for the new firm. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly and should be composed thoroughly. Better composition, layout, and power-packed sentences will take your job experience letter to a whole new level. But the thing is that you’re not responsible for creating a job experience letter for yourself. Get to know who composes the job experience letter, why and how? in this article.

What is a job experience letter?

Before coming to the format and composition of the letter, let us first clarify what a job experience letter is. A job experience letter is a document that is added along with other documents in your career portfolio such as a CV, highlighted projects that you’ve led, and major career accomplishments. But a job experience letter is not composed by the employee. It is a document that is created by the previous or recent employers of the interested employee. It explains the employee’s potential to work as an individual and his social behavior and response towards official matters and teamwork etc. So the onward article is for the employer’s who want to know how to compose a job experience letter.

Tips to write a job experience letter: 

Below are mentioned the two points that the composer has to be sure about, even before starting the letter:

  • You should agree to compose the job experience letter only if you have a positive response from the employee and the letter should be absolutely free from criticism.
  • You should be well aware of the employee, his way of working and communication, and his overall performance during his tenure.

Steps to Composing a killer Job Experience Letter: 

You can ace a job experience letter if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Company Letterhead:

Before you start typing the letter, make sure that you’re doing this on the company letterhead as the job experience letter is an official document from the employee’s previous firm to the new firm he’s applying to. If not possible to print the letter on the company letterhead, use a seal of the company on the letter to denote the name of the company as a prominent feature in the letter.

Step 2: Mention Date:

Put the date on which you started writing the letter. Putting date is important because it keeps the reader informed that the letter is a fresh piece of a document composed by a recent ex-employer. The document itself gets delivered to the concerned person later on.

Step 3: Add Salutation:

Write words of salutation behind the name of the concerned employer. It is important as it will add politeness and enhance professionalism. You can use salutation words such as Dear, Respected, Esteemed, Honoured, etc.

Step 4: Employee’s Name:

While writing the job experience letter, make sure to put the full name of the employee where ever necessary. Refrain from putting call names or nicknames as it will portray a negative impact on you and your company, plus, it will ruin the letter of experience.

Step 5: Employee’s Designation:

Don’t forget to mention the designation of the employee during his tenure. If the employee had been promoted, do mention that as it will put a positive impact on the reader. The designation is not supposed to be mentioned after every other sentence. Mentioning it at the beginning paragraph of the letter is enough.

Step 6: Employee’s Tenure:

Mention the employee’s tenure. Mention it by stating the day he started working as an employee till the date he resigned. If the employee hasn’t resigned yet, you can write ‘till date’ or ‘present’ in the ending date.

Step 7: Employee’s Skills:

Mention the skills of the employee in detail. Don’t take it way too far with the description. Just provide an overview of his skills, qualities, knowledge, experience, and working habits.

Step 8: Closing Lines:

Close the letter with your own point of view about why the employee will prove to be an asset for the new firm and why he should be appointed. Mention that you wish the employee the best of luck for the future and do mention that he has been a great employee.

Step 9: Signature Block: 

Add the signature block which comprises your full name, designation, company’s name along with the seal. You can add your email address, although it is not necessary.  

Draft, Sample, Example of a job Experience Letter:

Title: Letter of Experience Template

Date of Issuance: __________ 

Respected Mr. Albert William

This letter certifies that Mr. Adam Daniel was an employee in the role of sales manager with our company Citrus Co. during the period beginning January 1st, 2018, and ending October 29th, 2024.

During his time with Citrus Co., Mr. Adam Daniel has remained committed and loyal to his work and duties with our company. His duties included designing and implementing strategic sales plans, setting objectives, and performing monitoring of sales representatives. He has done a commendable job while in his role. Mr. Adam Daniel has always maintained a professional and deferential attitude and appearance while with our company.

His decision to end his employment with our company is solely his own decision and we wish him all the best in his future career opportunities.

Feel free to contact us for any further information. 


Mr. David Atlas,
Hiring Manager,
Citrus Co.

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