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European Work VISA 2024 | Application Process | Requirements

If you choose to work in Europe, you will the chance to build an exciting career in an energetic, fast-paced, diverse, and multicultural work environment. Not only Europe offer a high salary work environment but also provide opportunity to gain experience that helps with career growth, but support is also offered to make use of full potential, and a competitive salary is offered which eventually shows that working in Europe is an excellent choice for the international workers.

So, to start working in European countries as a non-european citizen you need to apply for a European work permit or work VISA so you can enter Europe to start a job there. This article talks about an overview of the European work visa requirements for this purpose, and will further be discussing the many career opportunities available in several fields for overseas workers, in Europe.

Who Needs European Work VISA?

If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or one of the EU countries, the process is fairly easy because a European work visa is not needed. However, upon arrival in the European country of choice, it is required to apply for a European work permit and residence.

However, if members of other countries wish to move to Europe for work purposes, it is mandatory to first apply for a job, score employment and obtain a European work visa before entering the continent.

What are the Requirements for a European Work Visa?

Below are the general European Employment visa requirements:  

  • A fully completed application form, that is printed twice- both copies should be signed. 
  • Two identical photos that are captured in the past three months, as required under the Schengen visa photography criteria.
  • A valid passport that is not older than 10 years, and has at least 3 more months before expiration starting from your expected date of exit from the Schengen State. Oh, and please ensure your passport has two blank pages to accommodate the visa sticker. 
  • You also need a roundtrip flight reservation showing dates and flight numbers for both entry and exit flights.
  • A documented proof of your accommodation in the state you are to move to, such as a rent agreement.
  • A travel medical insurance covering medical emergencies and hospital care of up to 30,000 euros that is valid for all Schengen states, and purchased before visa pick-up. 
  • Proof of your Qualifications, like certifications, degree, diplomas, etc., and any tests that were taken for language proficiency. 
  • Most importantly, the employment contract signed between you and your future Schengen territory employer. 

These however are not the only requirements, these are just the basics and there will be additional documents and other things required by each European state.

How to Get a European Work VISA in 2024?

To apply for the European work visa, you should below the list of steps given below:

  • See which employment visas are being offered by your choice of European Country.
  • Make sure you qualify for the said visa.
  • Work on meeting the basic and additional requirements e.g. some countries require you to have a confirmed job there before visa application.  
  • Make a checklist for required documents and keep them all in one place. 
  • Schedule a visa interview and prepare thoroughly.
  • Make sure you attend the visa interview with all the required documents.
  • Have hope and wait for your visa to be processed!

Where to apply for a European Working Visa:

Different European countries have different representation bodies when it comes to the visa process. Below are the common visa application bodies:

  • Specific country’s embassy
  • Their consulate
  • visa application center

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