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European Government Jobs 2024 by European Public Service Commission

I am happy to announce that thousands of Jobs in Europe are now available for recruitment in all departments and companies with full allowances and international student applicants with degrees or professional skills are eligible to apply for European skill shortage jobs.

Which are the Best European Countries to Work in 2024?

While number of people going abroad for work is on rise, there are still plenty of countries that offer great career opportunities and that is mainly because skill shortage job occupations in their countries and the best countries for working abroad are not just the ones with high salaries and low taxes but instead, it is about making sure you have a good work life balance and that you’re able to live comfortably while you’re away from home so if you are interested in working abroad, here are the top 10 countries to work abroad in 2024:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Netherlands
  8. Austria
  9. Switzerland
  10. Denmark

How Can International Applicants Apply for Permanent Residency in European Countries?

Most countries in Europe have different requirements and regulations when it comes to obtaining permanent residency or citizenship. Some countries require that applicants have been living in the country for five years before they can apply However, most of the countries require that applicants have lived in the country for at least two years before applying for permanent residency and must prove that they can support themselves financially without assistance from their family members or other individuals who live with them.

The process for applying for permanent residency in a European country can vary depending on the country in question. However, there are a few general steps that all applicants should follow. First, it is important to research the requirements of the specific country you are interested in. Each country has its own set of requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for permanent residency.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary documentation, you will need to submit your application to the relevant authorities. In most cases, you will also be required to attend an interview as part of the application process. If your application is successful, you will be granted permanent residency status and will be able to live and work in the European country of your choice.

List of Most In demands Jobs in European Countries

European countries offer many jobs for international applicants. There are different types of jobs available for foreign candidates in the European Union. There are many different types of jobs available for international applicants in European countries. In fact, many positions have very few requirements for language skills or previous work experience.

Here are 10 in demands jobs for international applicants in European countries:

  • Engineering Jobs
  • Lawyers Vacancies
  • Chemists Jobs
  • Doctor Jobs
  • Project Managers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Sales Representatives
  • Dentist Jobs
  • Data Analysts
  • Research and Development Sector Jobs

List of Jobs in Europe for Recruitment in 2024

If you are looking for a job in European countries, you have come to the right place. The European Countries are the most dynamic and exciting places to work in the world. There are more than 500 million people living in the EU, and over 400 million of them are citizens of Member States. The EU also relies on a vast number of government jobs for which international applicants are welcome.

These European jobs can be found in fields such as civil service, diplomacy, healthcare sector, education departments, defense, etc.

1# Healthcare Sector Jobs in European Countries

The healthcare industry is booming, with the need for qualified and experienced professionals on the rise. There are many positions for healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, laboratory staff, etc., that are highly desirable to employers.

The salary for these positions depends on experience and education, but most roles pay between €40-80 per hour. The benefits package includes medical insurance, private health care, and retirement savings plans.

The healthcare sector is highly competitive, with salaries starting from around £25,000 per annum. In some countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, salaries can be more than £50k per year. However, wages vary greatly depending on job type and location.

These are the top five prominent European healthcare companies hiring international applicants.

  1. AstraZeneca is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  2. Bayer AG is a German multinational corporation based in Leverkusen, Germany, that produces animal and human pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals worldwide.
  3. Merck Sharp & Dohme employs a global workforce of over 43,000 employees in more than 50 countries
  4. Boehringer Ingelheim is headquartered in Germany. The company has 13,000 employees in over 40 countries.
  5. Fresenius Kabi has over 100,000 employees and is active in almost all world regions.

2# Education Sector Jobs in European Countries

Education is a very important sector in European countries and has always been considered a good career option for international students. The education sector is one of the largest employers in Europe, with over 40 million employees.

There are many opportunities in the European government’s jobs for international applicants, such as teaching, lecturers, librarians, professors, career counselors, research and development, and administration positions in European countries. The education sector offers many opportunities for international applicants with different experience levels and educational backgrounds.

Here are some of the best countries for international job opportunities in Europe.

Bulgaria is one of the most popular countries among foreign workers because it offers excellent salaries and benefits in the education sector.

German companies offer excellent compensation and great working conditions, making them a perfect alternative for anyone wishing to move abroad or start a career in this area.

France is one of Europe’s top destinations for immigrants looking to make their lives better here through education or employment opportunities.

The top five European universities paying the highest salaries in the education sector are:

  1. Bologna University (Italy)
  2. University of Oxford (UK)
  3. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
  4. University of Paris-Sud (France)
  5. University of Geneva (Switzerland)

3# Banking Jobs in European Countries

The jobs in the government banking sector usually offer attractive salaries along with attractive benefits packages. Many banks offer their employees benefits like housing facilities, carpooling facilities, health insurance, bonus schemes, etc. They also provide training programs for their employees so that they can become better professionals in their fields of work. Suppose you have a good knowledge of English. In that case, these jobs will be very suitable for you because most of these banks prefer hiring English-speaking candidates over other nationalities around the globe.

There are a number of different types of positions in the European government banks, each with its own unique set of responsibilities. Here are just a few of the most common: Commercial Banking Officer, Investment Banking Officer, Asset Management Analyst, Sales Consultant, Operations analyst, Financial Advisor, Risk Manager, Trader and etc.

There are many government banking jobs in European countries which offer high salaries and great benefits.

The France government pays its employees fairly well, especially if they work in Paris or Lyon.

The Italian government has very generous salaries and pension systems for its employees, which include retirement at the age of 60 with full benefits.

Belgium has always been known for having the highest-paying banking industry.

4# Government Military Jobs in European Countries

Many government military jobs in European countries are readily available for those seeking work in the defense sector. These positions offer a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs while working to keep your country safe. Most government military jobs will require you to have at least a high school diploma, but some may require additional education or training. However, the benefits of working in the government military far outweigh the drawbacks, and it is an excellent way to serve your country while also gaining valuable experience.

In Europe, there are a number of high-paying jobs in the military. Some of the most popular and well-paying positions include pilots, navigators, engineers, Armed Forces, and Security Intelligence.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Montenegro now offer some of the highest salaries in the world for government military jobs. This is due in part to the increased demand for skilled soldiers as global conflicts continue to rise. Consequently, if you are looking for a government military job that offers a competitive salary, Europe is definitely the place to look.

5# Oil and Gas Industry Jobs in European Countries

The government oil and gas industry jobs in European countries have been on the rise in recent years. This is due to the many benefits that these jobs offer, such as good pay, good working conditions, and job security. In addition, these jobs often come with benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans. As a result, more and more people are choosing to work in the government oil and gas industry in European countries. The demand for these jobs is expected to continue to grow in the coming years as more and more countries move to tap into their natural resources. If you are looking for a stable career with good pay and benefits, then working in the government oil and gas industry may be the perfect option for you.

The following list contains some of the most popular countries where you can find jobs in this area with the highest pay.

Some of the highest paying European countries for government oil and gas job salaries include:

The United Kingdom is one of the highest paying industries for oil and gas industries jobs.

Germany is one of the top five oil producers in Europe and also has strong ties with other countries in the region like France and Italy.

In the oil and gas industry, you’ll find some of the world’s largest and leading multinational corporations, including BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, TOTAL, and Shell, as well as many smaller organizations.

6# Government IT Industry Jobs in European Countries

The IT industry is booming in Europe. The European Union has its own ministry dedicated to this field, and it is a very good place to find a job in the IT industry.

There are many jobs in the IT industry in European countries. Suppose you are looking for a career in software development, computer programming, or technical support, IT project managers, Computer systems analysts, Cyber Security Professionals, Artificial Intelligence Professionals, etc. In that case, you may want to consider employment opportunities in Europe.

These European Countries pay the highest salaries for IT industry jobs: The United States is the highest-paying country for software engineers, with an average salary of $110,638 in recent times.

The UK is one of the most expensive countries for IT professionals, with an average salary of €37,000 per annum.

Switzerland pays the highest salaries for IT jobs when compared with other European countries. It also offers generous pensions and paid holidays, which make it appealing for seekers who want to settle down in a country with a good quality of life.

Canada is one of the highest-paying countries in the world for IT jobs. Canada has nearly 600,000 IT workers, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM.

7# Construction Industry Jobs in European Countries

The construction industry is an important part of the economy in many European countries. The sector has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the demand for skilled workers continues to increase. A number of job opportunities are available across European Countries.

Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, the US, and Canada are the top 5 countries for construction workers.

Switzerland offers the highest salaries for government Construction jobs in Europe. The average annual pay is $88,000 with a generous benefits package.

Denmark is also the highest paying country for Government construction Industry Jobs in Europe. The average salary for these jobs is $83,000 per year.

The United States has the second highest average salary for Construction industry jobs. The average salary in the United States is $62,000 per year.

Belgium is the country that pays the highest salaries for government Construction industry jobs. The average salary for this job in Belgium is €1,600 per month.

The Canadian government is facing a shortage of skilled construction workers. In order to address this problem, the government has started to offer higher wages and better benefits to attract and retain workers in the construction industry.

Here are the top five European construction companies in the world,

  1. VINCI
  2. Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft
  3. ACS
  4. Bouygues
  5. Skanska AB

8# Airlines Jobs in European Countries

The airline industry plays a vital role in the European economy, transporting millions of passengers and billions of euros worth of cargo every year.

Government Airlines Jobs in European Countries are found to be the highest paying countries for airline jobs. A person working in an airline in a European country can earn an average salary of $70,000 per year. Germany, France, and Switzerland are the highest paying countries for airline jobs. A person working in an airline in Germany can earn an average salary of $90,000 annually.

A person working in an airline in France can earn an average salary of $80,000 per year. And a person working in an airline in Switzerland can earn an average salary of $75,000 per year. So, these are the highest paying countries for airline jobs.

Europe is home to some of the world’s leading airlines, many of which are government-owned. Here are five of the best government-owned airlines in Europe:

  1. Based in the UK, British Airways is one of the oldest and most respected airlines in Europe. The airline is majority owned by the UK government, and it has a strong reputation for safety and reliability.
  2. Germany’s national airline, Lufthansa, is one of the largest airlines in Europe. The airline is owned by a consortium of German banks and insurers, but the German government holds a golden share that gives it veto power over major decisions.
  3. Air France is majority owned by the French government, with a minority stake held by Delta Air Lines. The airline is renowned for its high-quality service, and it has a large international network.
  4. Italy’s national airline, Alitalia, is majority owned by the Italian government. The airline has a strong reputation for comfort and style, and it flies to destinations worldwide.
  5. Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

9# Telecommunication Jobs in European Countries

Telecommunications is the most important industry in Europe. There are many highest-paid job openings for telecommunication specialists and engineers. These jobs are available in different European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

  1. Salaries in Switzerland are significantly higher than in the rest of Europe, with an average annual salary of $85,000.
  2. Norway comes in at a close second, with an average annual salary of $84,000.
  3. Denmark rounds out the top three, with an average annual salary of $78,000.
  4. Sweden is another European country with a booming telecom industry, and telecommunication jobs come with an average annual salary of $72,000.
  5. The Netherlands rounds out the top five, with an average annual salary of $71,000.

There are many great telecommunication companies in Europe, but these are the five that stand out above the rest.

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • British Telecom
  • Orange
  • Verizon Communications
  • AT&T

10# Food Industry Jobs in European Countries

In Europe, the food industry employs around 4.2 million people, according to the European Commission. That’s nearly 10% of the manufacturing workforce. The sector is particularly important in Spain, Italy, Poland, and Belgium, where it accounts for more than 12% of manufacturing jobs.

The food industry is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fields, with several job openings for international candidates. These jobs include positions in the food production, packaging, Chefs, Hotel managers, Quality assurance, Food production, and suppliers and distribution industries. Food industry jobs are located across Europe, including Denmark, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

The average salary for a government food industry job in Europe is €45,000 annually. The highest salaries are found in Norway, where the average salary is €60,000 per year. Sweden and Denmark are also high-paying countries, with average salaries of €55,000 and €54,000 per year, respectively.

Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands round out the top six countries, with average salaries of €53,000, €52,000, and €51,000 per year. Generally, European government food industry jobs offer good salaries and benefits packages. However, competition for these jobs is fierce, so workers need to be highly qualified and have experience in the food industry to be considered for these positions.

11# Automotive Industry Jobs in European Countries

Government Automotive Industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy. It contributes more than 20% to the GDP of many countries.

Countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland offer some of the highest salaries in the sector, while countries like Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece offer some of the lowest. In general, salaries tend to be highest in Western European countries and lowest in Eastern European countries.

For example, a senior executive in the food industry in Germany can expect to earn an average salary of €130,000 per year. At the same time, a similar position in Bulgaria would only offer an annual salary of €30,000. However, it should be noted that the cost of living also varies significantly across Europe, so these numbers should be taken into account when considering salary levels.

In Europe, there are many excellent government automobile companies. The top five are BMW in Germany, Fiat in Italy, Peugeot in France, Volkswagen in Germany, and Renault in France.

12# Pharmaceuticals Industry Jobs in European Countries

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive sectors in Europe. It’s a highly regulated industry and one of the biggest industries in terms of employment. The Europe Commission estimates that there are over 200,000 full-time jobs available in this area, which means there’s a lot of scope for growth in this sector.

There are currently over 500 job openings within the EU for individuals with experience working in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. Some of these positions are considered to be highly paid, such as Pharmaceutical Sales, Laboratory Analyst, Research and Development managers, Project Managers, Manufacturing and Quality Managers, Pharmacy Managers, and Research Scientists.

In Europe, many countries offer high salaries for those in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the highest paying countries include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and France. In the UK, the average salary for a pharmaceutical industry worker is over $120,000. In Switzerland, the average salary for a pharmaceutical industry worker is over $100,000. In Germany, the average salary is around $80,000. And in France, the average salary is just over $70,000.

These high salaries are due to the fact that these countries have strong economies and are able to offer more competitive wages. Additionally, these countries have a higher demand for workers in the pharmaceutical industry due to their aging populations. As a result, European pharmaceutical industry workers can expect to earn a good salary.

13# Government Oil Refining Industry Jobs in European Countries

Jobs in the oil refining industry are important for the European economy. They provide employment for a large number of people and generate income for governments. And therefore, there are more opportunities for job seekers.

The government oil refinery jobs are highly paid in Europe. In some countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Spain, the oil refineries pay very high salaries to their employees. The salary range is between $100,000-$150,000 per year with benefits like medical insurance and a pension plan.

The US offers excellent opportunities for those who want to earn a good salary while working in government oil refineries.

Canada offers a good salary and benefits packages which include vacation time, pension plans, etc., but you may have to move away from home if you want to get hired here.

The top 5 European government oil refining companies are Royal Dutch Shell, Eni, Total, Glencore, and BP. These companies are all based in Europe, and they each have a significant share of the European oil refining market.

14# Legal Industry Jobs in European Countries

The European Union’s legal system offers numerous opportunities for employment in the public sector, where you can work as an attorney, prosecutor, or judge.

Regarding government legal industry jobs, some European countries offer some of the highest salaries in the world. In Switzerland, for example, government lawyers can expect to earn an average salary of over $98,000 per year. In Norway, the average salary for government lawyers is just shy of $96,000 per year. Even in more modestly-paying countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, government lawyers can still expect to earn a healthy salary of over $80,000 per year. So if you’re looking to enter the government legal industry, you might want to consider looking for a job in one of these European countries.

The average salary for German Government Legal industry jobs is €53,000 per year. Austria, France, and Italy follow this with average salaries of €52,000 annually.

The average salary of legal jobs in the UK is £36,000 per year. In Ireland, legal jobs offer an average salary of €25,000 per year. Switzerland offers a high-paying government legal job with an average salary of CHF46,000 per year.

European countries are known for their strong legal systems, and many top law firms have a presence there. Here are five of the leading government legal companies in Europe:

  1. Allen & Overy
  2. Clifford Chance
  3. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  4. Linklaters
  5. Garrigues

15# Government Transport Industry Jobs in European Countries

The government transport industry is one of the largest employers in Europe. It has been estimated that over three million people are employed in this sector across the continent. The industry employs workers from all walks of life, including both men and women, who are employed in various capacities.

The transport industry offers the highest salaries for various jobs in this field, such as driving, train driving, truck driving, rail safety officer, etc. If you are interested in this field, you should consider getting trained at a professional institute or university.

Germany is paying the highest salaries for Government Transport Industry Jobs. The average salary in Germany is $70,000 per year, which is a lot higher than the average salary of Government Transport Industry Jobs in other countries.

The US was second, with an average salary of $74,000. The UK came in third at $59,000. The average salary in France is €45,000 per year, which makes it on the list of the highest paying transport industry.

Poland is also paying the highest salaries for Government Transport Industry Jobs. The country has the highest number of government jobs in the world.

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