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Erasmus Mundus Internships 2024 – Applications Accepted

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Erasmus Mundus internships 2024 are open for international applicants. Final-year students can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Internships program. IELTS is not required for internships offered by Erasmus Mundus.

Benefits in Erasmus Mundus Internship:

Some of the privileges that a student gains while working with the Erasmus Mundus program are as follows:

  • The Erasmus Mundus internship pays you a monthly award in order to help you with travel flights and lodging expenses in the host country.
  • The relevant university provides the 70% scholarship to the students before the start of the internship and the remaining 30% would be given after the end of the evaluation. The grant amount is based upon a number of factors, such as the number of students applying, the cost of their living in the placement country, and the financial capacity of the sending organization.
  • The trainees can also get the insurance acquired by their sponsoring organization; although, the European Health Insurance Card is essential.
  • All the students would be able to access the language support via an online platform to improve and learn languages.

Erasmus Mundus Internships 2024

Erasmus Mundus program is an academic opportunity for students who have foreign experiences in a realistic work environment. These Erasmus Mundus Internship Program will provide you with training in your respective interest and the opportunity to work with a new nation.

Erasmus Mundus Internships is a platform for the students where they may publish and communicate about their international experiences and experience internship quest. IELTS is not necessary for the applicants who are applying for Erasmus Mundus Jobs or Internships.

Erasmus Mundus applicants have the option of naming their top internees for their field placement; the selection panel then allocates the candidates evenly among the leading institutions. The majority of the students utilize this program in order to increase their language abilities while working with international reals. Erasmus students work on a wide range of courses, and it is recommended that anyone interested in researching the Erasmus program just go search it online.

The Erasmus Mundus program does not have any charges, which means that students are not required to pay enrollment fees throughout the course of their study, such as administration or library fees, healthcare benefits, and so on the EMLex consortium. Before starting the courses, all the applicants must sign an Educational Agreement.

Opportunities in Erasmus Mundus Internships

In the Erasmus Mundus Internship program, the opportunity is provided through mobility.

  • The Erasmus Program aims to give higher education and the chance to participate in conferences.
  • This program provides vocational training and school education.
  • Erasmus currently allows eligible students to exchange education between authorized universities and organizations.
  • It will help you to become a motivated person, and provide a unique opportunity to strengthen your independence.
  • Erasmus Mundus internships improve your English language skills while also enhancing your resume for a future career.

Duration of Erasmus Mundus Program

The Erasmus internship lasts at least two months and no longer than a year. The overall working hours are optional and can be negotiated between the intern and the institution. The reward is determined by the amount of month spent in the hosting country, not by the number of hours worked.

Erasmus Internship Locations:

Depending on your personal and professional goals, you have numerous alternatives for seeking an internship placement such as Serbia, Norway, Turkey, Iceland, the Republic of North Macedonia, the European Union, and Liechtenstein. Furthermore, universities may have a list of institutions that can support you and accept you as an intern. You can contact them by searching various their official websites.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To apply for the Erasmus Mundus internship, it is necessary to have graduated from a higher educational institution.
  • Applicants must have a degree in the relevant discipline such as media, applied linguistics, information science, foreign languages, or other areas approved by the Consortium admission committee.
  • Non-native applicants must have a certificate of Proficiency in English languages and cannot be older than 2 years.

Names of Erasmus Mundus internship Programs

There are a number of internships that are offered in the Erasmus Mundus Programs. The names of some of these Erasmus internships are as mentioned below:

  1. International Relations & Learning and Teaching
  2. Internship in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
  3. Communications and Design Fellowship
  4. Internship in App full stack development
  5. Internship in Artificial intelligence developments
  6. Science Diplomacy Fellowships
  7. Erasmus Internship – Digital Marketing and Content (Spanish Market)
  8. Erasmus Internship – Digital Marketing and Content (French Market)
  9. Erasmus Internship – Digital Marketing and Content (Portuguese Market)
  10. July and August; Online Marketing Internships
  11. July and August; Sales and Marketing Internships
  12. Catalyst 2030 fellowship – Eastern Europe coordinator
  13. Business development support
  14. Online advertising internship in Barcelona or online
  15. Social media internship in Barcelona or online

How to Apply for the Erasmus Mundus internship:

To apply, you must first contact your university’s scholarship office to obtain an application form. The application deadlines, educational accreditation, and financial options for your stay abroad information may also be available there.

Because the procedure might be lengthy, you should begin contacting host companies/organizations several months in advance. There is a simple way to apply for Erasmus Mundus Internships

Step 1: Choose the program in which you want to apply for an internship.
Step 2: Fill out the application form carefully and make sure to write the correct information in the form.
Step 3: Send the application form through your organization to the relevant institution.
Step 4: Attach all documents with your application carefully and must reread the form before submitting.

Required Documents for Erasmus Mundus Internship Application:

The documents that are required for this application are listed below:

  1. Erasmus Mundus Internship Application form
  2. Inspirational Letter (which explains the reason for your joining, practical experiences, and choices).
  3. Required Certificates (Higher educational institute, Languages Proficiency)
  4. Degrees (Academic records)
  5. Copy of your Identity

After selection, it is necessary to finalize the educational contract, which must be signed by people who are involved like your organization and the host. After that, you will be ready to begin your mobility phase!

NOTE: The learning agreement must be approved and submitted again at the end of the internship. The remaining funding will then be handed to you.

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