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Easiest Countries To Get Citizenship In Europe 2024

List of European Countries to Get Easy EU Citizenships

The Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship in 2024 – Europe is one of the most desired continents for most international professionals to find career possibilities and this is why each of the 44 European countries provides facility to international skilled workers to find jobs in their European countries, apply for work permit, and then get settled there for rest of their life. Some of the international applicants can also get European Country Citizenship upon getting married with a citizen of EU country or by investing heavily in some European countries. So, in this article i am going to tell you about the of your available options to apply for a European citizenship to get accepted there easily.

Most European countries are famous due to their vibrant culture, historical architecture/geography, modern lifestyle, nightlife, and delicious cuisines and it is a dream of many non-EU individuals to find jobs in EU countries to settle permanently in Europe but it is not so easy to stand eligible to obtain a European EU passport.

How to Apply for EU Citizenship from Any European Country?

The benefits of European citizenship are countless. Foreigners get full rights, the right to work, the right to education, the right to move, and the right to own property, and with these rights, they get enormous benefits along with the European passport and European nationality can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Through a descendant: You can inherit citizenship. You need to prove that any of your descendants are from the respective European country and were EU nationals.
  2. Through naturalization: If you have been residing in a country for a long time, the government will eventually give you the nationality.
  3. Through marriage: if your partner has a European passport, you will automatically get citizenship This allows you to secure an EU passport within a year.
  4. Through investment programs: If you have invested certain funds in the country’s economy or given a certain donation, then getting an EU passport is a matter of a few months.

Each of the mentioned above ways has different requirements and criteria in different European countries and for example, some European countries have a restriction on dual nationality while others even accept dual nationality. Each European country’s laws are different for residency which is why it becomes tough for applicants to abandon their native citizenship to apply for a European country citizenship.

Easiest Countries to Get EU Citizenships in 2024

In this article we present to you the list of Easiest EU Countries to Obtain European Citizenship this year:

1# Malta Citizenship

Malta is a small island in the European region that offers the fastest citizenship through investment and foreigners get their passports or dual nationality within 18 months and with some other ways, it is also possible to obtain PR of Malta easily, whereas, following basic requirements must be met!

  • You must invest a minimum of 750,000 EUR in Malta National Development and Social Fund along with a one-year residency. Three-year residency can invest 600,000 EUR.
  • 16,000 per annum for five years must be maintained or a direct 700,000 EUR investment in the residential real estate is made along with 5 years of stay in the country
  • OR you must donate 10,000 EUR is made to a registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, animal welfare, or a government or a non-government approved society.

If a foreigner fulfills any of the mentioned investment criteria, then you can become a holder of one of the strongest passports (Which allows the right of movement among 160 countries) within 12 to 36 months of the investment. Malta’s government encourages non-nationals to apply through their investment programs and not through their naturalization. Even though it takes 5 years through naturalization, most of the requests are rejected.

2# Portugal Citizenship

Portugal with its low crime rate a relatively fewer living cost is an excellent place for foreigners to move to. Furthermore, it allows dual nationality.

Portugal’s requirements for citizenship are not complicated or demanding as other countries. This country will happily reward you with its citizenship if you have basic A2 Portuguese language skills with five years of residence in Portugal, you can get the nationality by submitting the required documents. After you have your residency card, you do not need to spend much time in the country in order to get nationality.

The Portugal golden visa just requires you to invest EUR in the country. This will give you access to a five-year resident permit and zero to minimum stay in the country requirements. After which you can apply for citizenship.

There are two types of investment possibilities in Portugal for the purpose of filing a citizenship case:

A) Investment through capital transfer

  • You must invest a minimum of 5 million EUR invested in a Portuguese bank or approved investment
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 5000,000 EUR in any government or private entity that helps the national scientific or technological system
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 250,000 EUR in restoration or maintenance of any cultural heritage


B) Investment through the purchase of a property

  • You must invest a minimum of 500,000 EUR invested in real estate
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 350,000 EUR worth thirty-plus years old property purchased for refurbishment

3# Spain Citizenship

Spain is the easiest European country to give married citizenship. If your partner is a Spanish citizen, you will get Spanish nationality after one year of marriage.

Moreover, another way to gain Spanish nationality is through naturalization; by staying in the county for 10 years and knowing the basic level of Spanish. But their stay in the country period is way too lengthy. Another way to gain citizenship in Spain is by purchasing a property worth at least 500,000 EUR.

Spain does not allow dual nationality.

4# Sweden Citizenship

Sweden is another European country that does not have long stays or elaborative requirements for citizenship. Like Portugal, you must have a five-year residence permit and no language obligations.

If your spouse holds Swedish nationality, then your residency requirement will go down to two to three years. After completing the residence requirements, you will be given your Swedish passport.

5# Austria Citizenship

Austria like Spain has the same ten-year naturalization process. So, it is not much of an appealing option. However, if you do intend to pot for this then you will need a 10-year residency permit and a B1 German language level is required. Another thing to keep in mind is, that you will need to prove to the government of Austria that you are financially independent and do not need to depend on the government for any financial help.

Alternatively, the easier way to gain Austrian citizenship is through investment. For this, you will need to have A1 level German language skills, 40,000 EUR, and fully covered health insurance. In addition, you will also be required to show the government proof that you can lease a house or own property. Each year the residency permit is renewed, but you need to make sure that the conditions are still fulfilled.

6# France Citizenship

France also has a five-year residency period and a language level requirement of B1 French. You will need to submit a few documents such as a test of language proficiency, your taxes fully paid, birth certificate, and proof of ownership of a house.

After the submission of the document, you will be called for an interview. You must prepare for the interview through the guidelines of a citizenship book. Your citizenship will take at least eighteen to two years from the time you submitted your documents to the French embassy. However, if you finish postgraduate from France then you can apply for nationality and get the initial five-year residency permit cut short to a two-year residency permit and dual nationality is allowed in France.

7# Cyprus Citizenship

You can get Cyprus citizenship in six months only. But the condition is you must participate in the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program, which was initiated in last few years. Moreover, you do not have any stay requirements and enjoy the benefits of a European passport.

You can either invest in the country or purchase the property. The investment in the country must be worth around 300,000 EUR plus VAT. While if your intent is to purchase a property then you must invest 300,000 EUR in Cyprus Investment Funds Associations collective investments.

Whichever investment course you pick, the investment must be done for a period of at least five years and on top of this, you will be required to give mandatory donations of 75,000 EUR each to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation and Research and Innovation Foundation. However, you will need to still have an annual income of at least 30,000 EUR. Cyprus permits dual nationality.

8# Norway Citizenship

Norway required a seven-year residency permit and stay in the country before being qualified for nationality. Along with this, you will also be allowed to keep your original nationality but at the time of document submission, you will need to prove A2 or B1 level in Norwegian language level and have a good conduct certificate from the police.

9# Netherlands Citizenship

The Netherlands does not allow foreigners to hold dual nationality. So, you will have to give up your original nationality and reside in the nation for five years at least to be eligible for citizenship whereas you ought to know the A2 language level of Dutch and pass the integration exam to become a Dutch citizen.

10# Greece Citizenship

The quickest way to gain citizenship in Greece is through their golden visa program and Greece’s Golden Visa Program permits foreigners’ residency in the country within 60 days of the application submission but to be qualified for this immigration program for citizenship in Greece you must invest in Greece as well.

  • You must invest a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a Greece originated company that has a registered office in Greece
  • OR you must buy a property worth 250,000 EUR in Greece
  • OR you must buy bonds of the Greek government that are worth of minimum 400,000 EUR acquisition value
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a Greece institution for at least a year and have a renewal order
  • OR you must deposit a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a real estate company that further invests just in Greece

11# Italy Citizenship

Italy has a lengthy period of residency. Citizenship for Italy can be earned after 10 years of staying in the country, but you can shorten this period if you show ancestry through a parent, grandparent, or even great-grandparent. However, you can cut half the 10-year-long residency periods if they are employees in Italy. Besides, if you are born in Italy while your parents are not nationals then you can apply for residency after adult living for three years in Italy. Lastly, you can always apply for citizenship through the Italian golden visa program if you meet the following criteria in 2024:

  • You must invest a minimum of 2 million EUR in Italian government bonds
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 500,000 EUR in Italian shares
  • OR you must invest a minimum of one million EUR in projects of public interest in Italy

12# Ireland Citizenship

If you have UK nationality, then getting Ireland’s nationality is easy for you so you can pack your things and move to Ireland without any restrictions because of the Common Travel Area (CTA). You can also get Ireland nationality through naturalization or be eligible to receive residency permit of five years in Ireland. After this, you can apply for citizenship. There are no language level requirements as well. Though, this is a tricky path for non-nationals.

However, for UK nationals, it is easy because it allows them to enjoy the benefits of both the UK and Ireland together as they have the right to move, live, and work in both countries without any restrictions. Thus, giving the individuals of both countries a unique status. One can claim ancestral citizenship of Ireland if they prove Irish or British ancestry and you may apply through Irish Immigrant Investor Program if following criteria is met:

  • Applicant must invest 1 million EUR either by buying property or investing in an Irish-based business or in any government sector.

After investing, you will still be required to meet the five-year residency requirement, and then only you will be eligible to apply for citizenship. Yes, Ireland allows dual nationality.

13# Luxembourg Citizenship

Luxembourg requires a five-year residency permit, with an A2 level of language in speaking and listening to French, German or Luxembourgish and after submitting a good conduct certificate, language certificate, completion of residency certificate, and an economic participation certificate, you can apply for citizenship.

14# Belgium Citizenship

Belgium allows dual nationality as well and Belgium also has an easy process to apply for citizenship if basic criteria is met; and the process is quite much similar to that of Sweden and France. Belgium Citizenship applicant must show proof of cleared taxes, five-year residency stays and A2 level of language requirement in any of the national languages of Belgium (French, German or Dutch).

15# Brazil Citizenship

If you have resided in Brazil for five years, then you will be granted UK nationality. You will need to pass the required test and show level B1 English language requirements but you can also claim nationality through ancestry and the good news is that Brazil allows dual nationality.

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