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Dubai Government Jobs 2024 Open for Recruitment – Apply Now

Dubai Government Jobs for 2024 are now available in all of their departments for local and international candidates. Dubai is famous for high living standards, expensive shopping, super sports cars, and highly paid jobs. Everyone would like to settle in Dubai by securing a permanent job in any of the departments of the Dubai Government.

Salary Packages of Dubai Government Jobs:

Doing a job in Dubai serves many benefits to their employees, either international or local in every possible way. An international employee will experience a very different and tension-free working environment in Dubai Government Offices.

On the other hand, high salaries with various sponsorship coverages throughout the services and even after retirement is like a bonus. Meanwhile, overseas candidates will also get other luxuries to make their journey in Dubai comfortable with housing allowance and cost coverages for various expenses.

How International Applicants Apply for Dubai Jobs?

That question always bothers every international applicant planning to make a career in Dubai. But not anymore as here is the answer to all your queries.

Applicants are requested to search the suitable jobs online as per their interest, submit the job application with a resume, and wait for the results. Once it is confirmed, now is the time to apply for a work visa.

During this process, candidates must gather all their medical records, visa application, job offer letter, and passport copies to the Department of Health to get a Dubai Health Card. After receiving this, overseas applicants should apply for a residence visa, and later, they can join the office upon arrival.

Meanwhile, many candidates from selected countries can also apply online and travel to Dubai in search of jobs via 90 days visa policy.

Urgent Hiring for Jobs in Dubai Government in 2024:

Here is the complete list of Dubai’s most demanded government jobs in diverse fields. Interested overseas applicants can check the available options mentioned with salary ranges and employment benefits.

  • Dubai Government Ministry Jobs
  • Dubai Government Education Jobs
  • Dubai Government Transport Sector Jobs
  • Dubai Government Healthcare Sector Jobs
  • Dubai Government Banking Sector Jobs
  • Dubai Government Army Jobs
  • Dubai Government Police Jobs
  • Dubai Government Firefighter Jobs
  • Dubai Government Attorney Jobs
  • Dubai Government Electricity, Water, and Road Safety Jobs

Following are the details on available vacancies in Dubai Government departments:

1# Dubai Ministry Jobs:

Dubai is the most welcoming country that loves to accept and appreciate international talent for providing public services via state and federal government jobs. More than dozens of ministries are here in Dubai, like the Ministry of Defense, Health, Energy, Justice, Finance, etc. Hence, for international applicants, numerous employment opportunities are available in different Dubai ministries at various designations with multiple valuable benefits and high-paid salaries. Interested individuals can work as chief accounting officers, heads of Finance, Senior engineers, Dubai Legal Advisors, Interior ministers, National Government relations officers, Registrar of Ships, Fablab engineers, etc.

The salary range for the Dubai government employees working in Dubai Ministries ranges from AED 126,198 to AED 212,860. Moreover, these employees will get a pension, tax-free salaries, health insurance, vacation policy, and much more.

Being a perfect candidate for the UAE ministry jobs is not difficult if you are eligible and have the audacity to charm employers. On the other hand, applicants must meet the required criteria and holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. However, a work permit is essential to work in UAE as a foreign national.

2# Dubai Government Education Jobs:

The government of Dubai is very much particular when it is to education and the future of the upcoming generation. Dozens of well-reputed schools & institutions are there in Dubai, offering high-salaried job positions to local and international teachers with unlimited benefits and reimbursement packages. But working as an international government teacher or professor in Dubai is not as easy as it seems. Interested applicants must abide by the standard protocols of the government of Dubai.

Various education jobs are available, from primary schools to higher institutes, universities, and research labs, like early childhood education specialists, ESL teachers, Instructional designers, guidance counselors, Research scientists, lecturers, Associate & Assistant professors, etc. Interested applicants can earn around a minimum of AED 10,500 to a maximum of AED 42,400/ month with health insurance, accommodation, airfare, flexible working hours, etc.

Meanwhile, overseas applicants must have a work permit with two to three years of teaching experience, a teaching certificate from an accredited institute, and a Master’s degree. Additionally, proficiency in the English and Arabic is mandatory to apply for education jobs in Dubai.

3# Dubai Government Transport Sector Jobs:

The national airlines of Dubai, like Emirates or Etihad Airways, plus Aviation authorities, have opened numerous job vacancies in different fields for talented and eligible international and domestic candidates. Also, these Dubai-based airlines give well-paid salaries with other luxuries and insurance to facilitate their staff, cabin crew members, pilots & flight instructors, technical and operation managers, etc.

Graduates and Overseas applicants interested in making their careers in the Dubai transport sector can work for the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Emirates, or Other National Airlines as a Revenue Optimization Manager, Senior Officer for LAN & Network Security, Flight Catering Service Provider, Licenses Flight Dispatcher, and many more.

The salary of the Dubai Transport sector for airlines varies based on the designation, qualifications, and work experience. Generally, the average estimated salary ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 15,000 for non-tech jobs and AED 18,000 to AED 40,000 for technical jobs, including life insurance, education support allowance for kids, annual leaves, and a return home ticket/ year, & free accommodation, etc.

Working for the Dubai Transport sector as an international applicant, especially for airlines, require a work permit, flying certificate & license, a valid passport, work experience, medical fitness, required height, and proficiency in English with TOEFL or IELTS scores.

4# Dubai Government Healthcare Sector Jobs:

Currently, the government of Dubai is in dire need of experienced and skilled healthcare workers, especially after Covid. Various golden job opportunities are open for international doctors, dentists, practitioners, surgeons, and nurses, offering high salaries with pharmaceutical and health coverage.

Interested individuals can serve in hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, or pharmacies. However, the most demanded jobs in the healthcare sector of Dubai include.; Dental Technologists & sterilizers, Radiographers, Senior Speech Therapists, Assistant Nurses, General, and Dental Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Pediatricians, etc.

International recent graduates or medical practitioners can try their luck and pursue a career in medicine and healthcare by applying for jobs via the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health. Meanwhile, medical specialists involved in this profession will get a chance to earn higher salaries from AED 6,140 to AED 99,000/ year with health insurance, free transport & food, child care, education support, & relocation allowances.

Overseas applicants are bound to have a minimum of two years of work experience in their native countries, plus a medical practice license by the DHA and MOH after passing the medical examination to work as a professional doctor or healthcare worker in Dubai is mandatory. On the other hand, academic certificates, a valid passport, and fluency in Arabic and English with an outstanding CV are necessary for international applicants while applying for healthcare jobs.

5# Dubai Government Banking Sector Jobs:

The next most demanded field we have is Banking Industry. Working in Dubai’s corporate world, especially in the government sector, opens many new doors and multiple employment opportunities with various worthy benefits for the rest of employees’ lives. Interested applicants can earn a lot of money by serving in various national banks of Dubai, like Union National Bank, National Bank of Ajman, ENBD, etc., inviting international talent to provide their services and expertise in different areas.

Applicants can apply for several vacant positions like Assistant Manager of Marketing, Government Relations Manager, Head of Credit, Trade Finance officer, Accountant, Economist, and many more.

The bankers in Dubai can typically earn a handsome monthly income of AED 6,800 to AED 49,100 with exclusive sponsorship packages, like paid leaves, life & disability insurance, paid sick & maternity leaves, bonuses, increments, & internal learning programs.

If you are passionate enough and desire to be a part of one of the best and most booming banking industries, apply for government bank jobs in Dubai. International candidates with a valid visa and passport with a BS or MS degree in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, etc., are preferred. However, excellent communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills are the cherry on top.

6# Dubai Government Army Jobs:

Serving in Armed Forces is a dream of many motivated and enthusiastic people. Here, the government of Dubai is giving this chance to many deserving yet eligible overseas candidates to serve the nation and country.

Hundreds of job positions are open for the fresh, trainee, and experienced applicants in various fields, like Engineering, Security, Medicine, Civil Defense, and others. Meanwhile, available vacant posts are; Security specialists, Structural Engineers, Doctors, Surgeons, Security Forces Vehicle managers, Safety Officers, Data Entry Operators, Security supervisors, etc.

Selected candidates will not only receive well-paid salaries for their national services in the armed forces, but they will also get recognition, awards, and sponsorship coverage for the rest of their lives. An officer in the Dubai Armed forces can make a monthly income of around AED 11,000 to AED 34,100, including transport, housing, airfare discounts, retirement funds, etc.

Dubai Military is currently accepting numerous overseas applicants to serve in the Dubai armed forces. International applicants of age 18 to 30 with citizenship proof and a valid passport with medical fitness approved by the reserve and national service commission can apply. However, female applicants also need an approval letter from their guardians to join the UAE Army.

7# Dubai Government Police Jobs:

Dubai Police Force is considered to be one of the strongest yet most influential police forces in the Emirates, offering a wide range of employment chances for brave, skilled, and experienced candidates. Overseas applicants can apply for the Dubai Government Police Force, but they must meet the educational requirements, like a BS degree minimum with proficiency in English, Arabic, & Hindi language. Meanwhile, a work experience of a minimum of three years will give an advantage to international applicants.

On the other hand, selected candidates will receive heavy salaries and other facilities offered by the Dubai Police, like Esaad Card, Health Insurance, & Travel Ticket Exchange. Generally, an employee of the Dubai police will earn AED 5,120 to AED 20,000/ month depending upon the type of job, like Civil or Military.

However, selected candidates will serve as a Raid & Detective Element, Technical Operation Officer, Forensic Medicine Specialist, IT & Computer Engineers, Patrol Officer, Wild Savior, Lifeguard Officer, etc. International applicants planning to join the Dubai Police Force in the future must gather all necessary information before applying to avoid any uncertainty in further process.

8# Dubai Government Firefighter Jobs:

In Dubai, various employment options are available for interested candidates who belong to different parts of the world. Like the other demanded fields stated above, working in the Dubai Civil Defense department as a firefighter is also a much-appreciated job.

Applicants can apply for the following vacancies, Firefighter Technician, Power Block Operator, Fire Fighting Draughtsman, Firefighters, etc. A firefighter in Dubai can earn from AED 5,130 to a minimum of AED 17,700 / month on average with bonus, tips, overtime pays, and health insurance.

International applicants can apply to join the Dubai firefighter force if they hold a high school diploma or degree in fire science, plus EMS experience is also appreciated. On the other hand, dozens of non-UAE nationals are joining fire departments voluntarily to play their part in serving humanity.

9# Dubai Government Attorney Jobs:

The Law and Judiciary system of Dubai is not hidden from anyone and is praised everywhere in the world. All hail to the jury members, lawyers, and legal staff working day and night to serve justice. In the same way, international lawyers can work and practice Local law in Dubai as they cannot appear in the national court.

International lawyers can serve their duties as Contract Legal Specialists, Compliance Associates, Legal Secretory, Counselors, Construction or Property Lawyers, etc. Dubai Attorney jobs offer AED 20,000/ month to a maximum of AED 65,000 / month with zero tax-paying benefits.

Overseas candidates need to have a Civil or Islamic law license with equivalent qualifications from the accredited institute and work experience to apply for Dubai Attorney jobs.

10# Dubai Government Electricity, Water, and Road Safety Jobs:

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority are currently hiring young and fresh professionals for the organization. Applicants, either local or international, are warmly welcome to apply for the Data Science Engineer posts, Product Manager, Water Plant Operator, I & CA Technicians vacancies, etc.

The employees working for this organization can make AED 6,600 to AED 124,500/per year with unlimited benefits and insurance packages.

On the other hand, various vacancies are also available in the Road Safety Department, like Road Logistics Supervisor, Safety Officer, Chief Specialist in Road Safety and Risk Regulation, etc.

International applicants holding an equivalent degree with a minimum of 4 -5 years of work experience and a work permit can apply for these jobs.

Where to Submit Application for Dubai Government Jobs?

You can submit an application for Dubai Government Jobs at UAE Government Jobs page and link to that is available down below this article.

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