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Diploma Without IELTS in USA in 2024 – American Diploma Admissions

Diploma Certificates in USA

Apply for admissions for Diploma Certificates Without IELTS in the USA for the batch of 2024-2025. There are hundreds of diploma options in various technical and non-technical niches available for admissions without the requirement of IELTS in the USA.

Various renowned universities, colleges, and recognized institutions of the USA offer hundreds of Diploma courses (short-term, advanced, and regular diplomas) to the eligible students who want to excel in their careers and step into their professional lives sooner.

Studying in one of the best countries in the world, like the USA, is a golden opportunity, specifically when it does not cost a lot over the pocket and completes education in a shorter duration. That means candidates can begin their professional careers much before the expected time in minimum expenses.

To apply for the US diploma courses, IELTS is not mandatory. Interested applicants can submit the other IELTS alternative language tests scores/certificates to fulfill the English language proficiency requirement. So, if you want to win this professional race, a diploma course from any prestigious college/ university in the USA is the best choice.

Benefits of Pursuing a Diploma Course in USA:

Getting a diploma from a reputable college in the USA can do many wonders and open new doors for so many deserving students. For instance, students will learn the skills and techniques required in their professional lives much earlier, complete the course in less time, earn from a very young age, and save themselves from the financial burden as these diplomas are way inexpensive.

Another applauding fact of doing a diploma course from USA universities is IELTS exemption. Yes, candidates can submit the other language certificates or IELTS alternative tests without stressing about the IELTS scores.

Types of Diploma Courses in USA:

Before jumping over the types of diploma courses available for the international and local students at the universities of the USA, let us discuss the definition of a diploma first.

A diploma is a course program of long or short duration with affordable cost that primarily focuses on the particular relevant chosen field. Students enrolled in such courses will get their hands-on practical training and learn about the implementation of field-related activities.

There are three kinds of diploma courses according to the course program. For instance;

1# Regular Diploma:

It is also known as the Undergraduate diploma that one can earn within a span of two years, once after completing high school education.

2# PostGraduate Diploma:

One can apply for a postgraduate diploma after getting a Bachelor’s degree. However, it further consists of two types; One-year diploma or a Two-year diploma. Generally, it takes 12 to 18 months to complete.

3# Advanced Diploma:

As the name indicates, that kind of diploma is a bit advanced as compared to the other ones and more apt towards the chosen field. Pursuing this diploma course is a great addition to the candidate’s resume and will aid in getting the job easier.

IELTS Alternative Tests Needed to Apply for Diplomas in USA:

Interested aspirants have the choice to submit the following IELTS alternative language tests to fulfill language requirements, for example, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, SAT, CPE, CAE, ACT, etc. Typically, the language requirement varies depending upon the chosen universities.

However, overseas candidates who belong to native-English countries do not need to submit the IELTS test scores or prove their English language proficiency.

List of College and Universities offering Diploma Courses without IELTS in the USA:

  • Longy School of Music of Bard College
  • UC Riverside Extension College
  • Augusta College
  • Columbia Engineering College
  • Platt college
  • Abraham Lincoln University
  • Light University
  • Harris Institute
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • South Central College
  • Hunter Business School

List of Courses Available for the Diploma:

Various fields are there in which the universities of the USA offer Undergrad, Postgrad, Advanced, and Technical Diplomas. For example;

  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Architecture
  • Music
  • Video Production
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Event Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Designing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Audio Management

Top Diploma Option in USA in 2024

Following is the handpicked list of top diploma options available for international students in USA this year:

1# Undergraduate Diploma in Music:

The Longy School of Music of Bard College has announced the Undergraduate Diploma in Music for all the talented and passionate musicians who want to become professional music artists and pursue their careers in this field.

During this US Diploma course, applicants will also work with undergraduate students and experienced composers. Undergraduate Diploma in Music is a three to four-year program that accepts TOEFL & Duolingo tests as an alternative to IELTS.

2# Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing is a diploma course started by the UC Riverside Extension to make the people aware of the available digital channels and learn about the strategic techniques needed to advertise products and services. The duration of this US diploma is 34 weeks which cost around $18,200.

Candidates can opt for the online English assessment test provided by the UC Riverside Extension to prove their language proficiency. However, if the applied candidate belongs to an English-native country or has a degree from the UK, IELTS scores are not required.

3# Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management:

Candidates interested in the field of Engineering can opt for the Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Management after completing their Bachelor’s degree. During this diploma, candidates will learn about management skills, leadership qualities, branding, marketing, and trading.

The overall cost of this 34-week diploma program is US$18,200 dollars if you do it from the UC Riverside Extension. Meanwhile, TOEFL& Duolingo scores are acceptable to fulfill language requirements.

4# Golf Course Management Diploma:

One of the renowned colleges in the USA, Augusta College, is offering Golf Course Management Diploma to candidates who want to build their career in the golf industry. During this course, candidates will adopt technical, academic, professional skills and abilities. All such things will help the students in their future careers.

Golf Course Management Diploma is a program based on three terms with no IELTS requirements.

5# Columbia Artificial Intelligence (AI) Postgraduate Diploma:

The famous Columbia Engineering College is offering a postgraduate online diploma in Artificial Intelligence. Through this program, graduate students can enhance their skills in Artificial Intelligence and learn about the strategic planning related to AI.

The Columbia Artificial Intelligence (AI) Postgraduate Diploma is a 9 to 18 months course with $85 as application fees. No requirements for IELTS, but experience in programming with an understanding of Java, C++, C is needed for the PG Diploma in AI.

6# Advanced Diploma in Video Production and Special Fx:

The Advanced Diploma in Video Production and Special Fx, offered by the Platt college in California, is a 13-month program that focuses on original products creation & revolves around budgeting, marketing, direction, etc. It also gives a chance to learn the techniques needed to solve video production errors. The cost of this diploma is $110 to get yourself registered.

However, SAT & ACT scores are mandatory to submit for Advanced Diploma in Video Production & Special Fx.

7# Web Application Design and Development diploma:

The Hunter Business School has announced the Web Application Design and Development diploma. In this program, passionate students can become young developers and learn to design websites and applications without any coding experience. The duration of this US Diploma certificate is seven and a half months. However, the Web Application Design and Development diploma do not ask for IELTS scores.

8# Diploma in Criminal Justice:

The next we have on our list is the Diploma in Criminal Justice. It is a part-time online diploma that primarily focuses on the skills required to have control over suspects, secure the management, study the crime scenes and law processes. To abide by the eligibility requirements for Diploma in Criminal Justice, TOEFL iBT/ PBT, ESL, PTE scores are acceptable.

9# Diploma in Paralegal Studies:

A diploma in Paralegal studies from Abraham Lincoln University provides a great opportunity to understand, think, and interpret the skills to identify and solve real problems, find the law source, and learn how to write a legal analysis. The diploma in Paralegal studies has no mandatory requirements for IELTS. TOEFL, ESL, PTE scores can also be submitted.

10# Arts Management Diploma Program:

The Arts Management Program is a one-year diploma program designed for students who hold a passion for music and want to learn entrepreneurship and business skills. After getting this diploma, candidates can step into the music industry and start working as professional musicians way earlier.

Students having experience in the related field will get preference. Meanwhile, the cost of this diploma is $16,650. However, no need for IELTS to apply for Arts Management Diploma Program.

11# Diploma in IT Security Course

The Cleveland Institute of Electronics has announced a full/part-time Diploma in IT Security. The duration of this program is 630 hours, with no computer experience required. Students enrolled under this diploma course will learn about Network defense, Techniques related to security, and skills & Knowledge needed to excel in Cybersecurity. Another point of consideration is that it is an online diploma course.

12# Technical Diploma in Supply Management:

If you want to make your career in the management and supply chain in less time, then get yourself enrolled in the Technical Diploma in Supply Management offered by the Milwaukee Area Technical College. It is a one-year online or on-campus program conducted in the English language.

Hence, candidates must submit the language proficiency certificates such as TOEFL or IELTS alternate scores. Meanwhile, international students will have to pay $227.80 per credit for this diploma.

13# Farm Business Management Diploma:

If you are involved in the farm business and want your business to touch the sky, apply for the Farm Business Management Diploma. That diploma program is all about management of records & inventory, business analysis, decision-making skills, and resource identification.

The Farm Business Management Diploma is a full/part-time diploma offered by South Central College that accepts all the above-mentioned IELTS alternative scores.

14# Master’s Diploma in Biblical Counselling:

The Light University in the USA has started a Master’s Diploma in Biblical counseling for the Christian community to promote peace and heal the world by adopting biblical principles, ethics, and integrity. It also prepares the students to help mankind, and resolve their problems by following the biblical-based rules.

It is an online diploma course that is conducted in the English language. Hence, submit the IELTS alternative tests to fulfill the language requirements of Master’s Diploma in Biblical Counseling.

15# Technical Diploma in Special Event Management:

The Technical Diploma in Special Event Management is a huge program that covers a wide range of fields, like hospitality, event management, accounting, and marketing. Here, the candidates also develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and time management.

It is a one-year US diploma certificate that costs around $227.80. However, IELTS is not required, but candidates have to show typing proficiency by writing 30 words in a minute.

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