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DAY 1 CPT UNIVERSITIES of USA in 2024 – Work & Study in USA

List of Universities Day 1 CPT in USA

CPT is defined as Curriculum Practical Training. Therefore, Day 1 CPT Schools are those educational institutes allowing their enrolled students to work alongside their curricular/academic activities from the day of attending the University. So, if you are a student and have migrated to the United States, you must have heard about CPT, which means Curriculum Practical Training.

CPT is basically called an internship that is done at the start of an educational career in the United States. Many applicants interested in obtaining admission to US universities also wish to study and work upon their entry to the United States.

F1 is the visa offered by the US government to international students to study in the United States. Many US universities have CPT programs for International students, and some also give CPT scholarships.

List of Day 1 CPT Schools in the US

In this article, we will discuss the USA Universities that have Day 1 CPT programs. If you are interested to be applicants interested to get enrolled in US Universities for Day 1 CPT programs, then this article will provide you with essential information about CPT programs in different United States Universities.

1# University of the Cumberlands Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

This university was founded by baptist ministers, and it is situated in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The University of the Cumberlands is known as a Christian-based school that offers Day 1 CPT program to students. If you are an international student enrolled in the University of the Cumberlands and have completed all the legal requirements of the F1 visa and CPT program, then you will be required to fulfill the entry criteria for the day 1 CPT program.

The University of Cumberlands offers various day 1 CPT courses in different subject areas of study like Undergrad, Postgrad degree levels of Psychology, engineering, Physician Assistance Class, Business Studies, and more.

2# Vanderbilt University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

The top-notch University of Vanderbilt in the United States of America gives admissions to thousands of students. Vanderbilt University offers admissions in undergraduate and graduate degree levels in all subject fields. You can enroll in this university as an international student in your chosen undergraduate or graduate degree program.

This Vanderbilt University is among those top US Universities that offer admissions into a variety of day 1 CPT programs. You can choose degree-based CPT or Course based CPT here and enjoy the financial opportunity of the CPT program.

3# International Technological University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

The students can get admission to International Technological University and get all benefits of an F1 student visa. This university provides different degree programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.

This International technological university provides academic work internship opportunities to its students enrolled in various degree levels each year. The Day 1 CPT programs are also offered at International Technological University During your studies at the University of Technological studies in the US, you can work in the United States as well without any hurdles.

4# Westcliff University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

Westcliff University is located in California. It offers a day 1 CPT program to its international students. If you are a student of any one of these degree programs at Westcliff University, you are eligible for the CPT program.

The day 1 CPT degree programs offered by the University of Westcliff in the US are MBA in Business Administration or related fields, BAED, BBA (Bachelor of Business), TESOL, MSCS in Computer Sciences (MSCS), DBA which is Doctor of Business, Some Graduation Degree Options, and MSIT Information Technology Masters.

If you have enrolled in this university in the above-mentioned degree program as an international student, you can work in the US during your degree program under the day 1 CPT program.

5# Trine University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

For international students, this university offers degree programs in different fields. Trine University also offers day 1 CPT in different degree programs, which include Engineering, Computer/IT/Software programs, Basic Sciences, Arts or humanities, and health studies.

Trine University also offers postgraduate degree programs of Day 1 CPT mechanism; such as MBA, Engineering Sciences Master degree, Criminal Justice Sciences Master degree, Engineering Management Master degree, IT Sciences & engineering Masters degree,  Physician Assistant Master degree program, Master in DPT, and Master in Nursing So, as an international student, you can avail day 1 CPT opportunity in these degree programs.

6# Monroe College Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

This college is located in the Bronx, New york. When this college was founded in 1933,

Monroe College offers Day 1 CPT options and it is one of the oldest yet most modern educational institutions in the USA offering Day 1 CPT programs. we are glad to inform you that the admissions at Monroe college are open for all Day 1 CPT programs for students.

Monroe College provides its Day 1 CPT program to international students who have migrated from their home countries to the United States of America by F1 visa. International students can get admission and avail of CPT programs in different degree options such as Hospitality sciences, education niche, Accounting, criminal justice sciences, and Culinary.

A variety of day CPT 1 master’s degree programs are also offered by Monroe colleges such as Criminal Justice Sciences, Healthcare Administration, Engineering & education, healthcare & hospitality, and computer & IT sciences.

7# Wichita State University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

Next, we have is a Day 1 CPT School of USA from Kansas which is Wichita State University. International students can also apply for Day 1 CPT programs at Wichita State University. Wichita University gives different degree options for Day 1 CPT Enrollments to its students where they can apply.

8# Stratford University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

For international students, there is also an opportunity to get into the Day 1 CPT program by getting admission to the Stratford University of the USA. This university offers different degree programs in multiple disciplines such as Business administration, computer information systems, Health Sciences, Nursing, Culinary Arts, and Hotel Management.

If the applicant has an admission opportunity to this university, he can easily avail of the day 1 CPT program and enjoy the working experience in the USA during the tenure of his degree.

9# New Jersey Institute of Technology Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

New Jersey Institute of Technology was founded on March 24, 1880. This institute offers a day 1 CPT program for its international Students. To migrate to the United States and get admission to this university, you have to process an F1 visa that is established by the US government for International students.

In this university, these degree programs are being offered, Majors in Bachelors of Science /Arts total of 52 programs. In graduate programs, it offers master’s and Ph.D. programs. Professional programs offer healthcare and law where a student can get admission.

10# Vanderbilt University Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

This university was founded in 1873. An International student can also get a day 1 CPT program opportunity in this university during his studies in America. Vanderbilt University offers graduate and undergraduate programs in different disciplines Child Studies, Computer Science, Neuroscience, Art, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Physics, and American Studies.

An international student can get work experience in the USA by achieving the day 1 CPT program at Vanderbilt University.

11# USA Universities Giving Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

There are also further Universities in the United States that offer Day 1 CPT program. If you can get a scholarship in any one of these Universities or get admission on a self-basis, you can enjoy the benefits of the CPT program.

As an International Student, a student must require an F1 visa process to enroll in a USA university to get admission and must clear and accept the legal terms and conditions essential for the Day 1 CPT program. You need to clear the CPT program requirements to get work permits in the United States during the degree program.

The other top Universities in the USA that offer admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses are;

  • Minnesota School of Business,
  • Harrisburg’s Infoserve Technologies Institute,
  • Globe University,
  • North American University,
  • Everest University,
  • Goldey-Beacom College,
  • Hamline University,
  • Knowledge Systems Institute.

12# USA Scholarship Admissions in Day 1 CPT Courses

An International student can get the opportunity of the Day 1 CPT program in any of the above-mentioned Universities in the United States. The students who travel to the USA and enroll in Universities in the USA through scholarships also can avail of the Day 1 CPT program.

But the visiting exchange students cannot be able to get this opportunity. The students who enroll in USA universities for one full academic year can get this opportunity of the day 1 CPT program.


In this article, we have gone through you the top USA universities that offer day 1 CPT programs. By getting admission to these universities as an international student, you can start working from the very first day of your admission to the university. With this program, you can study and work in the USA at the same time. So, we hope that this article will be helpful for you to get a CPT program opportunity in the United States of America.

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