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Cricket Scholarships 2024 in International Universities

Scholarships for Cricket Players Now Open

Applications are being accepted from professional and trainee Cricket players in international Universities for spring 2024 scholarships. The trainee, Professional, and first-class cricketers can now apply for international Cricket Scholarships internationally.

Cricket is a game enjoyed by people of all ages across the globe. Cricket is a sport that requires skill, stamina, and determination. Suppose you are a student passionate about cricket and looking for ways to continue your education while playing the sport you love. In that case, you should consider applying for cricket scholarships at universities!

List of Cricket Scholarships in Universities 2024

This article will tell you everything you need to know about cricket scholarships, from eligibility requirements to the benefits of securing one.

1# Lincoln University Cricket Scholarships

Lincoln University Cricket Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for international students passionate about cricket. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, accommodation, and other expenses. The program integrates academic studies with the development and expansion of physical and sporting skills.

Benefits: The scholarship comes with a monthly stipend of $6,000.

Eligibility: Lincoln University Cricket Scholarship Requirements:

  • You must be a representative athlete for your age group in the sport.
  • You should submit the two reports (one report completed by your coach and one academic report)
  • Available new and continuing students and students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

2# ANU Cricket Club Scholarships

The Australian National University Cricket Club is pleased to announce the availability of a scholarship opportunity to any student that participates in their sport. The ANU Cricket Club Scholarship is a scholarship that offers financial support to cricket players who are members of the ANU Cricket Club. The scholarship is awarded for one semester and can be renewed for three semesters.

Benefits: The scholarship offers a stipend of $5,000 per annum for up to 2 years.

Eligibility: Application and cricket ability determine selection in three phases.

  • In phase one, candidates are judged on their application and cricket experience. ANCC will invite phase 1 qualifiers to a skills trial in phase 2.
  • In phase two, candidates will demonstrate their cricket talents with ANUCC.
  • The ANCC scholarship committee may interview suitable candidates in step three.

3# Tasmania University Cricket Club Scholarships

The Tasmania University Cricket Club Scholarship is a chance for several passionate cricketers to gain a full scholarship to the institution. It will be awarded to a student with strong academic credentials who have proven talent and dedication to cricket via participation in school, club, and representative events.

Benefits: The scholarship offers a stipend of $3,000 for one year.

Eligibility: Eligibility to students who show talent and devotion to cricket must go through the five criteria.

  • To keep this award, recipients must pass all courses each semester.
  • Cricket skill (representative levels, success)
  • Academic success in college.
  • Leadership abilities.

4# Kent University Cricket Scholarships

Kent University Cricket Scholarship is a scholarship offered to students who play cricket at the university level. It is a prestigious honor to be awarded this scholarship, and it is an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about cricket.

Benefits: Scholarships range in value between £300 and $5,000.


  • Professional athletes at the county level or higher are eligible for scholarships.
  • Sports scholarships are offered to prospective undergraduate and postgraduate entrants and current Kent students.
  • Should have demonstrated academic success during the preceding two years.

5# Loughborough University Cricket Scholarships

The Loughborough University Cricket Scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship to study in the Sport and Exercise Sciences department at Loughborough University. It allows players of international standards who have previously studied at Loughborough to undertake a Master’s degree program.

Benefits: Scholarships can be worth up to £5,000 each year.


  • Students from the UK or overseas studying for an undergraduate degree at Loughborough University.
  • Minimum of 2 years of cricket experience and an excellent academic record.
  • They must be in good health and not have any condition that would prevent them from playing cricket competitively.
  • Must be able to commit to all training sessions outside of study hours, including weekends and evenings, during their time at university.

6# The Melbourne University Cricket Scholarships

The Melbourne Cricket Group is proud to announce the launch of its first annual Cricket Scholarship. The scholarship welcomes students on a full scholarship with the opportunity to pursue a degree in sports science, physical education or health, and fitness, among other fields that aims to provide a rare opportunity for young aspiring cricketers to pursue their dreams.

Benefits: The scholarship provides a $4,000 – $10,000 cash scholarship plus strength and conditioning programming and coaching, physiotherapy clinic access, and academic and administrative support.


  • The applicant must be a cricket player with a minimum of 1 year’s experience in the game and a current playing level equivalent to that of Victorian Premier Cricket.
  • The applicant must have completed their secondary school education or have been granted an exemption from the Victorian Curriculum Authority (VCA).

7# Massey University Cricket Scholarships

The Massey University Cricket Scholarship is a cricket scholarship offered by Massey University to players who show academic excellence and demonstrate ability in cricket. Applications open on 15 September 2024 and close on 15 December 2024.

Benefits: The Cricket Wellington Trust funds the scholarship, and it provides $10,000 for up to four years of study at the university.


  • Must be a Massey University undergraduate studying for a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, or equivalent degree.
  • Must show evidence that they are committed to playing cricket at the university level and have played cricket at the high school level.

8# International Cricket Scholarships at Murdoch University

Murdoch University offers International Cricket Scholarship for players of different levels, from school students to professional cricketers. Murdoch University has opened the International Cricket Scholarship to recognize and reward students who have shown their commitment, skill, and hard work in developing themselves as cricket players.

Benefits: Murdoch University offers awards between $8000 to $11,000.

Eligibility: Murdoch University Cricket Scholarship Requirements:

  • You must be a citizen of India, Sri Lanka, or the West Indies, and you must be a member of a registered cricket club.
  • You must be a fee-paying international student at Murdoch University.
  • Additionally, you must meet program requirements and demonstrate English ability to enroll at Murdoch University.

9# Macquarie University Cricket Scholarships

Macquarie University is looking for outstanding athletes and wants to allow them to take their sports activities and build their careers in this popular field by offering them a cricket Scholarship program. The Macquarie University Cricket Scholarships introduce the Postgraduate Cricket Scholarship to help students realize their physical and athletic potential.

Benefit: The scholarship covers the tuition fees and provides a monthly allowance of $5000 for the duration of their studies at Macquarie University.


  • You need to be an Australian citizen to be eligible for these scholarships.
  • Applicants must be undertaking coursework studies at Macquarie (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  • Applicants must also contribute to the Macquarie Cricket Club on and off the fields.

10# The Manchester University Cricket Scholarships

The Manchester University Cricket Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for students worldwide to study at one of the leading universities in England with a focus on cricket. Manchester University is offering scholarships for cricket. This scholarship is open to both students and staff at the university. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses.

Benefit: You can get up to £1500 to help pay for training or competition costs.


  • Applications from all over the world are accepted.
  • Student-athletes who will be three- or four-year full-time students.
  • Scholarships are given to student-athletes who have done well at the state or national level and made essential contributions.


These are just a few scholarships for Cricket players available for cricket players looking to study at a top university. Each program has different requirements, but all are incredibly competitive. If you have the talent and passion for cricket, these scholarships could be your ticket to excellent education and a career in the sport.

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