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Cleaner (Housekeeper) Jobs (with Salaries) in Canada 2024 – Urgent Hiring

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada for 2023

Thousands of Cleaner jobs are now available for recruitment in Canadian companies, hotels, SPAs, offices, shopping malls, car wash companies, cleaning companies, and the government sector. 

So, if you are interested in finding a job as a cleaner in Canada then you are standing exactly where you should be. Many people from different parts of the world are relocating to Canada in the hopes of establishing themselves professionally and financially there.

Numerous well-known cleaning companies in Canada frequently publicize the availability of immediate positions for cleaners to individuals in other countries. The hourly rate of pay for cleaning professionals can range anywhere from $14.00 to $30.00, depending on the company that employs them. This is a very respectable sum of money for a cleaner’s job in Canada.

There is a significant need for highly trained cleaners across the entirety of Canada. If an individual satisfies the criteria, he or she may be eligible to receive a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa even if they do not have a job offer in hand. There are hundreds of people in this line of work traveling to Canada, namely expert cleaners. Find out how you can become a part of them. There is a shortage of expert cleaners in Canada. You can find all of the information you want right here if you are considering working as a trained cleaner in Canada after relocating there.

Shortage of Cleaning Workers in Canada Demand Urgent Hiring – Take Advantage!

Are you aware that one of the careers that are in the highest demand in Canada is that of an expert cleaner? As a highly-skilled expert, you may anticipate earning between $77,800 and $135,800 per year as an expert cleaner in any of the 11 provinces and territories that make up Canada. This is due to the fact that this occupation is in great demand across the country.

The majority of opportunities for professional cleaners in Canada may be found by searching internet job sites. The identification of jobs requiring specialized cleaning typically involves the use of a code. These codes are used all throughout Canada to designate a wide variety of different types of jobs.

These particular codes are referred to as NOC codes. The number 6732 is the NOC code for “Specialized cleaner.” The term “specialized cleaner” can refer to a variety of different jobs depending on the context.

Types of Cleaning Jobs Available in Canada

Professional cleaners use specialized equipment and cleaning methods to clean & refurbish a variety of surfaces, including the exteriors of buildings, carpeting, chimney, industrial machinery, ventilators, frames, and other areas. They may work for specialist cleaning service firms as employees or independently as self-employed individuals;

Additional Positions that fall under the category of Cleaner are as follows:

  • Cleaner for air ducts
  • Air duct cleaning specialist
  • Car Wash cleaners
  • Worker in the automotive care industry
  • Auto detailer cleaners
  • Cleaner for acid tanks
  • Cleaner for the boiler
  • Cleaner for the building’s exterior
  • Cleaner for buses
  • Worker in the care of cars
  • Building sander cleaners
  • Car wash employee
  • Car detailer workers
  • Cleaner for cesspools
  • Roto-cleaner for the drains
  • Cleaner for carpets
  • Cleaning of the chimney
  • Fireplace cleaner
  • Furnace cleaner
  • Cleaner for glasses
  • The cleaner that uses steam
  • Cleaning of freight cars
  • Cleaner for scientific laboratory equipment
  • Cleaner for railway cars
  • Cleaner of rugs
  • Cleaning a structure via sandblasting.
  • Brick or rock sandblaster cleaners
  • Cleaner for septic tanks
  • A cleaner that specializes in the beauty of automobiles

Following this, we will discuss the hourly wages of a few different cleaning jobs as well as the Canadian firms that provide these types of positions. Also, it’s essential to know that most cleaning jobs require between 32 to 40 hours of work each week.

1# House/Residential Cleaning Jobs in Canada

Jobs that include cleaning houses or residential areas often pay between $16 and $21 per hour. International applicants can also apply for these jobs and obtain Canadian PR via (NOC 62024) executive housekeepers program on the quote of the Canadian Express Entry system’s Federal skilled worker’s program. The following are some of the most well-known Canadian firms that are currently hiring for these positions.

  • All Natural Cleaning
  • GPower Cleaning Services
  • JEM Cleaning

2# Janitorial Cleaner Jobs in Canada

The tasks and responsibilities of a Janitor may include the general cleaning and upkeep of a facility. This may involve vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting rooms, removing garbage and recyclables, as well as cleaning and washing mirrors and windows. This Janitorial position pays $13 to $29 per hour. The following are some of the most well-known Canadian firms that are currently hiring for these positions.

  • Kermode Janitorial
  • Princess Mae Janitorial Services
  • CME Janitorial & Maintenance Services Ltd.
  • CCA Janitorial

3# Shopping Mall Cleaner, Hotels Cleaner, Sweeper, and Room Cleaner

This is the most widespread occupation in Canada, and its tasks include things like cleaning hotel rooms, cleaning floors, and cleaning toilets. Their hourly wages range anywhere from $14 to $29 per hour. The following are some of the most well-known Canadian firms that are currently hiring for these positions.

  • Peace Hills Investments Ltd.
  • Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa
  • Bear’s Claw Lodge
  • Hotel Grand Pacific

4# Duct Cleaner Jobs in Canada

In addition to delivering excellent customer service at all times, duties involve moving heavy equipment such as furnaces and ducting using hand tools and cleaning chemicals, as well as lifting and hauling heavy pieces of equipment. Their hourly wages range anywhere from $13 to $30 per hour. The following are some of the most well-known Canadian firms that are currently hiring for these positions.

  • Modern PURAIR South Okanagan
  • Breathe well
  • M & K Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning

5# Office Cleaner Jobs in Canada

An office cleaner is accountable for all fundamental cleaning duties in and around the site or office structure. This may involve sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and removing marks from doors and windows. An office cleaner is also responsible for ensuring that restrooms are cleaned and disinfected. Their hourly wages range anywhere from $13 to $26 per hour. The following are some of the most well-known Canadian firms that are currently hiring for these positions.

  • J&C Elite Cleaning Services
  • Ardent Group INC
  • WaterBlu Cleaning Corporation

The work in the cleaning field does not require a degree, certificate, or certification; nonetheless, the experience would matter in the evaluation of an application. You will find a wealth of useful information in this article if you are considering a career in one of the aforementioned fields. And I hope you appreciate our efforts.

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