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Cheapest Canadian Universities for Admissions in 2024 – Spend Less for Higher Studies

Quality Higher education is expensive for all but thanks to a few of the Canadian Universities that offer higher education at a minimum price. A large number of Canadian Scholarships also enable deserving students to study for free in Canada.

More than often, students face impossible financial odds, making their selection of universities a monumental task. It comes as a surprise to many, to find out how affordable it is to get into a good but affordable university in Canada.

Students often assume that since Canada is regarded as one of the best nations in the world with renowned universities, it would be out of their league to pursue education there. Hence, they never entertain the possibility to study there. Over the years, many of Canada’s prestigious universities and remarkable education systems have almost reached a comparable level to other world-renowned universities that are sought after.

Today students rush to Canada for its commendable yet affordable education system and high living standards. Canada, now more so than ever, is on top of every student’s list due to the exciting student life there and the long list of job opportunities that international students can take up with their studies.

Cheapest Canadian Universities for International Students

Without further delay, here is the list of Most Affordable Canadian Universities where you can submit applications for admissions this year:

1# Selkirk College

At a generous cost of CAD, $4,900 for Undergraduate programs and CAD $5,260 for Postgraduate per semester programs, Selkirk College is offering academic excellence. Selkirk College is located in the ever-so-popular British Columbia and is recognized globally as an outstanding educational institution. Finding a university this affordable in British Columbia is deeply difficult.

The word of mouth around Selkirk College from both its students and alumni, is nothing short of commendable, as 90% of them cite the remarkable education and campus life. Selkirk College raises more than 400,000 dollars for scholarships every year. Selkirk College of Canada devoted to catering to its students both national and international cannot be missed out.

2# University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba offers a variety of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs at a considerably cheap cost. CAD 12,455 for Undergraduate degree programs and a mere CAD 9,220 for Postgraduate degree programs. Not only is it an affordable option for international students, but it is also a highly well-regarded institute of education. The University is also listed in the top 25 universities of Canada.

Over 18% of the University’s students are foreign and praise the universities top facilities. Popularly, the University of Manitoba is known as the first educational institution in western Canada. Manitoba university is the 17th largest university in all of Canada constituting various schools through which it offers a variety of degree programs likes of which including; Art, Architecture, Music, Engineering, Human Ecology, Rehabilitation Science, Agriculture, Kinesiology, Business Studies, and others.

3# Simon Fraser University

The most affordable university in Canada for under/postgrad degree options is Simon Fraser University. It is a world-renowned public research educational institution that strives to graduate students willing to change the world. Out of all the universities in Canada, the only one to have US accreditation is Simon Fraser University.

To get your degree in master’s or undergrad programs you will have to only pay a minimum amount of $5300 a year. With it being located in the ever so popular city of British Columbia Simon Fraser University has made its way to the top and has become a university desirable by many. According to student portals, the university is a score of 4.1 stars overall.

Simon Fraser University can be a bit competitive but not incredibly difficult to get into, so a great academic portfolio and extracurricular activities will boost your chances of being accepted. The acceptance rate of Simon Fraser University is 59%.

4# University of Alberta

Ranking in the top 5 best universities in Canada, the University of Alberta also happens to be a generously affordable option to pursue your degree programs in Canada. The graduate tuition fee is around $8,880 Canadian dollars per year making it a viable option for international students.

The University of Alberta is made up of varying nationalities. International students from over 151 nations are studying at the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta is renowned for its faculties of humanities and arts. Being one of Canada’s leading universities, it offers top-tier programs and outstanding facilities to its students.

5# Brandon University

Brandon University is known by many for its quality education for every degree program. It provides outstanding research facilities at remarkably affordable costs. With $7,203 a year, international students can achieve groundbreaking results, and thanks to Brandon University’s excellent faculty for making this happen.

The city of Brandon also happens to have a low living cost which makes it student-friendly. It is incredibly renowned for its school of music. Besides that, Brandon University consists of 5 faculties which are Science, Graduate Studies, Arts, Health Studies, and Education. The University of Brandon also houses over 200 international students from 30 different countries.

6# University of British Columbia

Famous in the Stem field, the University of British Columbia is a public research university that can be found in Vancouver. The university holds the 27th rank in Mathematics, 29th in Medicine, and 34th in Computer Science. The fee for undergraduate programs is $5,700 Canadian dollars per year and for graduate programs, it is $45,000 Canadian dollars.

The University of British Columbia is the oldest higher education institution in its province. The university has branches in both Vancouver and Kelowna. Both the said branches have a multitude of faculties. The Vancouver campus in particular comprises various departments such as forestry, medicine, science dentistry, art, applied sciences, land, and food system, and applied sciences.

7# University of New Brunswick

The cost of studying at New Brunswick University for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees starts from a minimum of $10,000 Canadian dollars a year. The fees are fairly affordable for most international students. 13% of the students at the University of New Brunswick represent the international population. It is one of the most affordable public universities in Canada.

Some of the undergraduate and graduate programs consist of Business, Nursing, Law, Engineering, Forestry, Leadership Studies, Arts, Science, Computer Science, and Kinesiology.

8# Memorial of Newfound University

Quite literally the lowest costing university in Canada, it also somehow manages to be one of the largest institutions in the country. Due to its affordability, memorial university of Newfound has attracted students from more than 100 countries. The undergraduate tuition fees are $2,000 Canadian dollars per course and for postgraduate it is $710 Canadian dollars per semester. The university is focused on student advising, training, and research programs. It also offers over 100-degree programs for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

9# University of the People (UoP)

University of the People (UoP) is democratizing higher education by providing any qualifying candidate with online, tuition-free, recognized degree programs. UoPeople collaborates with world-class organizations, enterprises, and foundations, including UNESCO, HP, UNHCR, and Harvard Business School Online.

UoPeople is a US-accredited online university, so you may study whenever and wherever you want! The application procedure is straightforward, and the benefits of completing a degree are undeniably valuable. Associate, Bachelor’s, and Masters’ degrees are available in Business Administration, Education, Computer Sciences, and Health Sciences.

10# McGill University

McGill University is a public research university that bears the name of its founder, James McGill. 

McGill University provides admissions in 300+ programs through the colleges of Agriculture, Arts, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Management, Medicine, Music, Religious Studies, Science, and Continuing Education, and is renowned for levying the top grades for entrance.

McGill is among the most diversified student communities, with 30 percent of its students hailing from 150 different nations. Because McGill is ranked as one of the top three institutions in Canada – and one of the top 50 in the world – it has become a popular option for several international students. You can also apply for McGill University Scholarships.

11# University of Guelph

The University of Guelph offers unique programs, flexible study opportunities, and a supportive atmosphere to students seeking undergraduate, graduate, or ongoing training. The tuition charge is CAD 9,730 per year and varies depending on the curriculum you choose. and The University of Guelph-Humber offers over 80 undergraduate programs, and around 100 graduate and post-doctoral study programs, co-op education in a broad range of subjects, assistance for international students, continuing education for active learners, and diploma programs.

Overseas students at the University of Guelph will enjoy special attention with visa applications, English language studies, and accommodation, as well as accessibility to a counselor who is exclusively for foreign students.

12# Canadian Mennonite University

CMU is a modest Christian liberal arts college that welcomes students of all religions, genders, and ethnicities.

Foreign students at CMU have a huge spectrum of undergraduate possibilities, including three and four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in 19 majors, and also bachelor’s degrees in Music (BMus), Music Therapy (BMT), Business Administration (BBA), and Science (BSc). The tuition charge is CAD 10,003 per year, although this may vary depending on the degree you choose.

Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and Master of Arts in Christian Ministry are also available at CMU.

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