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Canadian Winter Internships Without IELTS in 2024 – Submit Applications Now!

Winter Internships in Canada in 2023

Submit your complete applications to be a part of Winter internships in Canada in 2024. Internees from various disciplines will be recruited from top Canadian organizations this year.

As the Winter is here, it is time to avail the Winter break and do something productive. Various renowned organizations and franchisees in Canada offer internship programs without IELTS scores for the students enrolled in Undergrad or Postgrads programs in prestigious Canadian universities or colleges.

So, buckle up, and start looking for a suitable Canadian internship program to learn innovative and creative skills, experience the new workplace environment, and make some earnings in holidays.

These internship programs play a game-changer in students’ lives and become a great addition to their CVs. Such internships are often paid and help to cover a lot of financial burdens, plus give the chance to meet and work with highly qualified professionals under the big names.

Internship Program Definition:

An internship is a paid / unpaid professional program based on practical fieldwork relevant to the chosen career. The internship programs are specifically designed for the newbies to make them aware of the professional field via this short program.

Benefits of doing an Internship in Canada:

Students often prefer to enjoy their Winter breaks by sitting at home doing nothing and watching movies. On the other hand, a few people also think these internships are all about coffee making, photostats, etc. But they do not know these internships, offered by notable companies and organizations, are the first step toward their career and academic growth. Following are the benefits of doing an Internship during a Winter break.

  • Chance to build networks and connections.
  • Explore a diverse professional working environment.
  • Opportunity to learn professionalism and apply theoretical teachings practically.
  • Earn a handsome amount of money plus College Credit hours
  • An impressive addition to the Resume.
  • Highest chances to get a job offer or hire in a new position during the internship program.
  • Adopt and learn technical and analytical skills needed in a professional career.

List of Winter Internship Programs Offered by the Canadian Organizations Without IELTS:

Following top Canadian organizations offer Winter internships to students studying in Canada:

  • Nestle Canada Internships
  • Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. APTN Internships
  • Procter and Gamble-Information Technology Internships
  • Bell Canada Internships
  • Procter and Gamble-Sales Internships
  • Hatch Ltd Internships
  • Toyota Canada Internships
  • McDonald’s Internships
  • Royal Bank of Canada Internships
  • Husky Energy Internships
  • Shell Assessed Internships Programs
  • Air Miles Canada Internships
  • Bank of Montreal Internships
  • HSBC Canada Internships
  • MacDonald, Detwiler, and Associates Internships
  • CanadaHelps Internship Programs
  • Canadian National Railways Internships
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Internships
  • National Bank of Canada Internships
  • Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Internships
  • Canadian Pilot Internships
  • Ford Canada Internships
  • Tesla Canada Internships
  • Audi Canada Internships
  • WHO Canada Internships
  • UNESCO Internships

Let us discuss each of the internship programs in detail.

1# Nestle Canada Internships 2024: 

Nestle Canada has various funded internship programs of 1 to 4 months duration. Candidates doing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees can apply for their full-time or part-time internship programs. However, the Nestle Canada Internships have no IELTS requirements.

2# Aboriginal People Television Network Inc. APTN Internships:

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. APTN Internships are available for all the young passionate post-secondary students who want to make their careers in TV Broadcasting. It is a paid program that teaches all the skills needed in TV Broadcasting and gives an inside view of the Broadcasting field via practical teachings.

To meet the requirements, the applied candidates must enroll in the Journalism or Television Broadcasting Program. Meanwhile, IELTS scores are not mandatory here.

3# Procter and Gamble-Information Technology Internships: 

The Procter and Gamble Information Technology internships require interns who have 12 to 18 months in their graduation and are enrolled in the field of IT, Informatics, Computer Science, etc. IELTS is not needed, but English language skills of B2 level or equivalent to CEFR are required.

4# Bell Canada Internships:

Bell Canada Internships are available for the students enrolled in the second or third year of their Undergrad degrees in finance, accounting, marketing, and applied technologies. At the end of the program, candidates will also get some rewards. However, the Bell Canada internships have no requirements for IELTS scores.

5# Procter and Gamble-Sales Internships:

Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in the business or engineering (major) field can apply for this 12-18 months Sales Internship program offered by Procter and Gamble. It is a part-time job with flexible working hours that requires effective English writing and speaking skills. However, there are no IELTS conditions. 

6# Hatch Ltd Internships:

Hatch Ltd Internships are available for the students enrolled in the marketing programs to promote the Hatch Ltd marketing campaigns by suggesting creative ideas & innovative strategies. Moreover, selected interns will also work professionally with their marketing and sales teams. Hatch offers a 6 months internship program that pays $27.02/hour with no IELTS score requirements.

7# Toyota Canada Internships:

The Toyota Company operating in Canada has so many career opportunities. One can opt for the Winter hours program or paid internships while being enrolled in the Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees. These internships also serve dozens of benefits, like wellness and health care benefits, vacation package, etc. To apply for these internships, IELTS is not required to submit.

8# McDonald’s Internships:

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communications, Journalism, & Public Relations, with at least a 3.0 GPA, are preferable for the McDonald’s Internships. Meanwhile, candidates will get $25/hour with housing stipends. However, there are no IELTS requirements to apply for McDonald’s Canada Internships.

9# Royal Bank of Canada Internships:

The RBC is offering full-time Innovation Developer internships to the Winter students. During this program, a group of three potential candidates will get a chance to explore new technologies, address business problems, & design a working business model. Students of grade 11 or 12 in the field of Computer Science Engineering or Entrepreneurship can apply for the Royal Bank of Canada Innovation Developer Internships. For application, IELTS scores are not required.

10# Husky Energy Internships:

One of the famous companies in Canada, Husky Energy, is offering dozens of Winter internships to qualified students enrolled in the business, supervisory, engineering, efficiency & technology, etc. departments. To become eligible for such internships, candidates must belong to the above-mentioned fields, and apply directly through the official website of Husky Energy. In the meantime, IELTS requirements are not obligatory for Husky Energy Internships.

11# Shell Assessed Internships program:

Shell Assessed Internships are looking for candidates 12 months away from their graduation or graduates enrolled in the Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. It is a 4 to 16 months internship program where selected candidates will work on versatile business projects under the guidance of highly qualified and skilled professionals.

Candidates will also get some rewards and other financial benefits. Meanwhile, there are no particular requirements for IELTS scores.

12# Air Miles Canada Internships:

Students who want to avail their holidays in a productive way should opt for the Air Miles Internships for Software Developing, Marketing, and Data Scientist, positions. Candidates enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, & Physics are eligible. On the other hand, there are no mandatory requirements for IELTS.

13# Bank of Montreal Internships:

The Bank of Montreal has announced various internships for students having post-secondary degrees in the relevant fields. Interested applicants can opt for the Customer Representatives program, Personal or International Banking Associate, etc. There are no particular requirements for IELTS for Bank of Montreal internships.

14# HSBC Canada Internships:

HSBC Canada has dozens of internship offers in marketing, global banking, wholesale data analytics, and many more. Students from analytics degree programs can apply for wholesale data analytics internships. However, for other paid internships, candidates enrolled in any degree program are eligible. Another intriguing fact about these internships is that, no IELTS requirements.

15# MacDonald, Detwiler, and Associates Internships:

The short form of this space company is MDA, offering a Development unpaid Internship program. During this program, candidates will handle all the work related to the district office, plus get a chance to work side by side with the MDA families and fundraising. Juniors and seniors enrolled in the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the relevant field can apply for the MDA Development Internships.

To meet the entry requirements, effective communication skills are required with no IELTS obligations.

16# CanadaHelps Internship Program:

One of the top famous NGOs in Canada is CanadaHelps, offering various Winter internships to deserving and dedicated candidates. During the internship, the interns will work along with the partner charities and support the fundraising games and programs.

Interns will get a decent salary plus accommodation and some other benefits. However, IELTS is not required to apply for the CanadaHelps Internships.

17# Canadian National Railways Internships:

The Canadian National Railways is the leading company in Canada, playing a vital role in freight forwarding and transportation of goods. Dozens of internships are available in different fields like; procurement and supply management, accounting, engineering & advanced technologies.

Students doing a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Commerce, Finance, Operations Management, etc. can apply for the CN Railways Internships. Meanwhile, like the other internships, there are also no IELTS requirements.

18# Alberta Children’s Hospital Internships:

The next we have is Alberta Children’s Hospital, known for offering unpaid clinical and non-clinical placements/internships to interested candidates. Those who belong to post-secondary institutes are eligible for these internships, but they must have a proper record of required clinical tests and reports.

However, Alberta Children’s Hospital Internships are IELTS-free internship programs.

19# National Bank of Canada Internships:

It is one of the renowned names in Canada, offering two Winter internship programs currently; for instance; Internships in Treasury Risk Management & Internship in Internal Audit or Financial Accounting.

If you are a Bachelor’s/ Master’s student enrolled in finance, accounting, or business, must apply for the above-stated internships. Candidates must be fluent in French and English. However, there are no requirements for IELTS test scores.

20# Halifax Canada International Airport Authority Internships:

The Halifax Canada International Airport Authority has announced the Ground Maintenance Internship Program, available for post-secondary students. Students having experience in general labor and ground maintenance will get preference with a $14.50 – $16.00 per hour salary & 4% vacation pay. On the other hand, there are no demands for IELTS scores.

21# Canadian Pilot Internships:

There are multiple pilot internships available for graduate students having training in flight. These internships are offered under the banner of the Intern Abroad Program in Canada. Candidates can apply for the Flight Instruction Internships, International Ferry Pilot Internship, Airline Pilot Internship, etc. There are no particular requirements for IELTS.

22# Ford Canada internships:

The Ford Motor Company in Canada is giving Winter internships without asking for IELTS and TOEFL scores. Students pursuing the Undergrad and Master’s degrees can apply for their internship programs. During the program, students will work along with high-profile businessmen and leaders and get a chance to work on the company’s policies.

23# Tesla Canada Internships:

The well-known company of Tesla is giving 3 to 12 months of paid internships to Undergrads and Postgraduates. During this internship, candidates will participate in car production, vehicle control, sales engineering, etc.

On the other hand, selected interns will also get monthly stipends, accommodation, and travel costs. Devoted candidates can apply for the Tesla Internship programs without IELTS scores.

24# Audi Canada Internships:

Audi Canada Internships provide a golden chance for passionate students to work along with the world-famous company Audi. By participating in this 8-week program, candidates will learn everything about Audi, from manufacturing to sales and marketing. Apply for the Audi Winter internship program without IELTS scores and enjoy 1,496.25 euros gross/month.

25# WHO Canada Internships:

Canada, being a member of the World Health Organization, has announced WHO internships of 6 to 24 weeks maximum. Students pursuing Undergrad, Grad, or Postgrad degrees in medicine, management, administration, and social health can apply for these internships without submitting IELTS scores.

26# UNESCO Internship Program:

Being a member of UNESCO, the government of Canada is hosting UNESCO internships for students who want to build their careers in science, education, culture, etc. It is a 2 to 6 months program that needs Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, language proficiency, and computer knowledge.

Students will also get $30,000 as insurance. To prove language proficiency, IELTS is not mandatory for most UNESCO programs, candidates can submit other language test scores.

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