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Canadian University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024

UBC Canada Scholarships at the University of British Columbia

Admissions at the University of British Columbia (UBC) on fully/partially funded Canadian Scholarships for the batch of 2024 are now open for online applications in 2024. The University of British Columbia is the oldest public university in the region, established in the early 1900s, with campuses across Kelowna and close to Vancouver. 

UBC funds over 8,000 research projects annually, with a healthy budget of $759 million. Its prestige is undisputed, as it stands 3rd in ranking across Canada, and the many renowned individuals are alumni of the university, including three Canadian prime ministers, Justin Trudeau, and former and first-ever female prime minister, Kim Campbell included.

However, it isn’t just the prime ministers. Eight UBC graduates have had the honor of winning noble laureates, 74 became Rhodes scholarship holders, 10 became members of the Royal Society, as well as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. What does this tell you? Well, it clearly shows how UBC is a golden gate for those who want to make it big in the world.

Financial Coverage of UBC Scholarships

The winners of any UBC scholarship may be awarded all or a few of the benefits like partial to full academic fees coverage, stipend allocation (paid monthly), funds to buy books/conduct experiments, logistics airfare coverage, insurance plan, free dormitory room, and similar funding.

Funding Benefits of getting into the UBC-PIS program

Those accepted, will be receiving up to $20,000, in two $10,000 installments as part of the creative UBC scholarship, which can be used for research allowance. It includes work-related travel and personal development, and a student stipend if students’ current funding source does not allow alternative projects.

For this year, PIS will be taking in about 30-35 new applicants, and students are also eligible to get a 2nd-year scholarship renewal. Additionally, PIS will be accepting applications for a unique Climate Energy Stream (CES), which is a dedicated funding source to further increase PSI Scholars working on climatic catastrophes.

English Language Requirements of UBC for Admissions

IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for admission at UBC because they also accept IELTS alternative English languages proficiency tests such as PTE, CEL, CAEL, TOEFL, DET, Cambridge English Tests, IELTS, CPE, or English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

List of Scholarships Available at UBC

Following scholarship plans are being offered by UBC to students each year with variable coverage plans:

  • UBC merit-based scholarships
  • International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)
  • Outstanding International Student Awards
  • UBC International Scholars Program
  • International Major Entrance Scholarship for Vantage One
  • Vantage One Excellence Awards
  • UBC Okanagan Campus Scholarships
  • Vantage One Entrance Awards
  • UBC Vancouver Campus Scholarships
  • UBC Public Scholar Initiative (PSI)

UBC’s Public Scholar Initiative (PSI)

The Public Scholars Initiative at UBC was established in 2015 to assist UBC doctoral students whose dissertation research went far beyond old-style disciplinary approaches. It’s a noticeable impact for the public good made through collaborative, creative, or action-oriented scholarships in their dissertation work. 

Through this program, UBC took in 261 public scholars that were given the chance to collaborate with partners from over 40 countries across the globe, to collectively work on universal challenges.

How is PSI any different from other dissertation support initiatives? 

Well, the Public Scholar Initiative is a game-changer because it is not centered on skills and extra-curricular experiences. It also integrates other broader avenues of scholarships into the core of doctorate education and dissertation work and thus has led to a fresh commitment to the academy’s highly relevant degree in the present century. 

Through this program, scholars have received financing of up to $2.1 million to support a wide array of topics, such as the preservation of old forests, technological advancement, and much more. Public scholars under the umbrella of PSI have known to have a ‘changing the world’ mindset, and a will to contribute toward the greater good of the public.

The good news for interested individuals is that applications for the PSI scholarship 2024-2025 are currently open! But be sure to apply before the 20th of May as it is the deadline.


  • Doctoral students (Ph.D., EdD, and DMA) in years 1–5 at UBC Vancouver, and doctoral students (Ph.D., EdD, and DMA) at UBC Okanagan in years 1–5.
  • As of September 1, 2024, applicants must be enrolled in a UBC doctorate program.
  • Students must have completed nothing above 48 hours of doctoral study, by 31st August 2024.
  • Only exceptional conditions will allow applicants in their sixth year (48 to 60 months of doctorate study) to be approved.

Requirements for all funded students:

  • Funded students are required to submit a report at the end of their first year, or the second year of funding, if applicable.
  • IPS scholars will also have to present their work at a networking event named ‘Ph.D.’s Go Public’.
  • After their financing, all students, professors, and collaborators will be invited to submit a questionnaire. As part of the pilot initiative’s evaluation, student dissertations, as well as student completion and career outcomes, will be examined.

The Application Process:

  1. First and foremost, you will have to download two forms from the official UBC Website, which are as follows: the ‘Further Information’ section: PSI Fellowship Application 2024-2025, and PSI Fellowship Application Instructions 2024-2025.
  2. After the download is complete, rename the application as LastName_FirstName_PSI, and save it.
  3. Complete your application in correspondence with the instructions given. Note: each section “Outline of Proposed Scholarly Work” and “Relationship of Proposal to PSI Goals”, are individually capped at 1 page, which is 4,000 characters.
  4. Next, upload your completed PSI Fellowship Application 2024-23, and your Canadian Common CV together as one single PDF. You should know that this webpage is a Qualtrics form, thus it will require five minutes to complete once all documentation is ready for upload. If you have any ambiguities, feel free to go through the overview section because you would not want a mistake in your submission.
  5. You should share the link for this page, with collaborators that will be writing the mandatory and optional supervisor letters of support for you- since the page is a Qualtrics form, it will be needing about two minutes to complete, once your letters are ready for upload.
  6. Good news! Your application is officially complete.

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