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Canadian Universities With Low GPA Requirements for Admissions in 2024

You’re worried! You’re worried that your university goals may be ruined because of a low GPA. The world has not ended just yet! Regardless of having a low GPA, you can still attend a reputable university. Typically, most prestigious universities perceive 3.0 to be on the lower range of the scale. Fortunately for you, there are tons of schools that take in GPAs as low as 2.0. 

Sometimes not having the highest GPAs could be for several reasons, and that is okay because this is where Canada comes in.

If your wish is to take your studies abroad but cannot due to an inadequate GPA, try not to lose hope because you don’t have to look any further. Canada, a country loved all over the world, provides so many options for international students with lower GPAs. This may come as a surprise as Canada is one of the most sought-after countries to live and study.

List of Universities in Canada With Low GPA Requirements

Low GPAs can be a hurdle to overcome, especially overnight. It takes commitment to work around low GPAs if you desire to study abroad. The Canadian universities listed below do not have GPAs as a sole requirement for admission. Skills and extracurricular activities and many other factors are considered when enrolling students. So here’s a list of Canadian universities accepting low GPAs:

#1 University of Victoria GPA Requirement

The University of Victoria has a respected place among Canadian universities. With the lowest required GPA of 2.5, Victoria University is open to those who struggle with lower GPAs. The university is offering both online and on-campus classes making this university even more accessible to international students. Individuals looking to get their master’s degrees from respected universities abroad cannot ignore this chance to complete their educational journey.

With an estimated acceptance rate of 63%, this Victoria university is not too challenging to get into. A variety of degree programs are offered by Victoria University; such as geosciences, criminal justice, psychology environment, sustainability, and many more.

#2 Fairleigh Dickinson University GPA Requirement

With a minimal 2.0 GPA requirement, Fairleigh university is completely career-focused offering programs that concentrate on refining the skills of students who are determined to work against all odds. Offering both online and on-campus career-focused programs, students can get their master’s degrees in many program options to select from with ease. Many of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s online programs have accreditation from the higher learning commission.

The Fairleigh university is offering a large number of programs to students, which include animation, cyber security and home security, sports management, criminology, and criminal justice.

#3 Simon Fraser University GPA Requirement

Having eight different faculties providing a wide range of degree programs, Simon Fraser University is accepting of students with not-so-high GPAs. Simon Fraser University has a set 2.0 GPA required as a minimum for admission. This university is concentrated on offering an experience to students, which will make them incredibly viable for the job markets.

For admission, the university requires the submission of transcripts, a filled application, a one-page goal statement, and a letter of recommendation. You need to check the list for the rest of the requirements when applying to this university. The Simon Fraser University is mainly a public research institution offering a program such as educational leadership, actuarial science, applied and computational mathematics, and much more.

#4 University of Manitoba GPA Requirement

Another university willing to accept students with low GPAs, the University of Manitoba has a history of producing incredibly equipped graduates. The university is not that competitive to get into as indicated by its calculated rate of acceptance which is 52%. For students to be eligible for this university they are required to have a GPA of 2.5 at the lowest.

The University of Manitoba is ranked #387 in Best Global Universities and is the province’s only research-intensive university. A wide variety of master’s degree programs are offered by the university such as cyber security, accounting, and public administration among a multitude of others. Students wanting to complete their masters should prioritize looking into this university as it offers incredible facilities and a wide range of programs to choose from.

#5 Brandon University GPA Requirement

Requiring a GPA of only 2.0 at minimum, Brandon University is open to students who are facing the struggles of having a low GPA. The University of Brandon remains one of the leading universities in Canada. Holding no more than 20 students per class makes the university unique. So, taking advantage of smaller classrooms is very viable.

The Brandon university has a multicultural environment that enriches the learning capabilities of the students. Brandon University offers a long list of programs mainly for undergraduates. Among those programs are art and visual culture, anthropology, and applied disaster and emergency studies.

#6 Seneca University GPA Requirement

Located in the incredibly popular city of Toronto, Seneca University offers both part-time and full-time programs. This aspect makes it highly accessible for individuals wanting to enroll themselves in a prestigious college. The university offers a wide range of programs at bachelor’s, graduate, and diploma levels. The university is particularly student-focused and is a leading postsecondary educational institution.

Seneca University is known for its well-versed and passionate faculty. Students can pursue over 180 programs and 500 career options when opting for this university. Among those programs are aviation, health and wellness, fashion and esthetic, and hospitality and tourism.

#7 Carleton University GPA Requirement

Having over 30,000 students enrolled; Carleton University has managed to have a very enthusiastic environment. To be among the talented students of Carleton, individuals must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. The university offers a dedication to its students and is passionately committed to supporting all research and education.

The Carleton university remains distinguished as Canada’s capital university and has scored a high-ranking position from many institutions making it very prestigious. Carleton University ranks number 21-22 in Canada and is in the 601-650 range worldwide. Carleton University is particularly renowned for the courses it offers in public affairs, architecture, journalism, and international affairs.

#8 Dalhousie University GPA Requirement

The Dalhousie University, one of Canadas’s leading universities, is popular for offering over 180-degree programs and 4000 courses. To be an eligible candidate to enroll yourself in this university, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. Qualifying candidates must provide a CV, college transcripts, and letter of intent to the university’s program director.

The Dalhousie University is primarily focused on offering degree programs centered around technology, arts, entertainment, and media. It is primarily recognized for its academic quality and broad research opportunities. Some of the popular master’s degree programs offered are game design, film production, and media design. The diverse variety of courses that span throughout the university opens so many gates of opportunities for students aspiring to be enrolled in Dalhousie University.

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