Scholarships in Canada

Canadian Universities Scholarships Without IELTS Requirement in 2024

Scholarships in Canadian Universities Without IELTS

A large number of Canadian Universities Scholarships without IELTS requirements in 2024 are now announced for international students. Diplomas, academic degree options, and certifications in all of the subjects are offered by these Canadian Universities that do not require the IELTS exam tests with admission applications.

Let’s explore together the acceptance rates, application fees, English language requirements, and scholarships of these Canadian Universities in this article:

Sponsorship Offered by Canada Universities Scholarships (No IELTS)

The Canadian scholarships are either sponsored by Canadian Universities or the Canadian Government; which provide below-listed academic grants to the winners each year:

  • Free Admission to Canadian University
  • Tuition fees and exam fees are waived partially or in full
  • Comfortable space for student stay with utilities paid
  • Healthy food vouchers or monthly expense money
  • Access to library and grant for experimental work
  • Funds for conference and logistics

Is IELTS Necessary for Canadian Students’ VISA?

Well, the answer is No. Candidates with no IELTS results can submit their DTE, TOEFL, CAEL, and other equivalent test scores to obtain a study visa for Canada.

Canadian Universities Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024

Following is the full list of Canadian Universities offering admissions on Scholarships without the IELTS exam requirement for the batch 2024-2025:

1# Carleton University Scholarships:

Candidates can submit any of these ESL/ TOEFL iBT/ PTE, CAEL/ CAEL-CE test scores, or English language proficiency certificates to apply for admissions and scholarships at Carleton University.

Carleton University Acceptance Rate: 21%
Carleton University Admission Application Fee: $110.00

Famous Scholarships of Carleton University for Undergrads & Grads include; Prestige Scholarships, Department Scholarships, David Muir Entrance Scholarship, etc.

2# University of Winnipeg Scholarships:

The tests required other than IELTS at the University of Winnipeg are TOEFL, Duolingo, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, CAEL, CAEL-CE, CAEL, CanTest, AEPUCE, PTE, ELP, etc.

Acceptance Rate of the University of Winnipeg is: 75%
Admission Application Fee of the University of Winnipeg is: $100 (local) & $120.00 (international)

Some Scholarships offered by the University of Winnipeg are; International Special Entrance Scholarships & AP & IB Entrance Scholarships.

3# Brock University Scholarships:

Students can go for PTE, TOEFL, CAEL, CAEL CE, or CanTest to fulfill the English language requirements of the Brock University of Canada for taking admission there.

Acceptance Rate of Brock University is: 73% (a/c to academic statistics)
Admission Application Fee at Brock University is: $100

Scholarships available at Brock University for the Undergrad, Grad, and Postgrad programs are; Goodman Scholarships, Caribbean International Scholarship, Prestige Awards, etc.

4# Memorial University of Newfoundland Scholarships:

Acceptable tests at the Memorial University of Newfoundland include C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, CAEL, TOEFL, Duolingo, CanTest, & MET.

Acceptance Rate of Memorial University of Newfoundland is: Competitive
Admission Application Fee of Memorial University of Newfoundland is: $60 (for locals) & $120 (for internationals)

Enrolled students at the Memorial University of Newfoundland can opt for some of these noble scholarships like; Faculty of Business Administration MBA Entrance Scholarships, Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship, etc.

5# Algoma University Scholarships:

Those who do not have IELTS test scores need to submit the following IELTS alternative test results; CAEL, Cambridge English, DET, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE at Algoma University for taking admission.

Acceptance Rate of Algoma University is: Partially Selective
Admission Application Fee of Algoma University is: $70 (for non-0UAC) & $125 (for internationals)

Some of the Sponsored Scholarships by Algoma University are; Chancellor’s Award Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, Entrance Scholarships, etc.

6# Brandon University Scholarships:

A Brandon University, English language proficiency will get examined via CAEL CE, CAEL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, CanTest, EAP, PTEA, & TOEFL test scores.

Acceptance Rate of Brandon University is: 47.5%
Admission Application Fee of Brandon University is: CAD $70.00 (for locals & Minnesota) & $140.00 CAD (for internationals)

Interested candidates must apply for these Brandon University scholarships; Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships, Continuing Scholarships, AP Scholarships, etc.

7# Cambrian College Scholarships:

Other IELTS equivalent tests like TOEFL, PTE, & Duolingo are acceptable at Cambrian College.

Acceptance Rate of Cambrian University is: Selective
Admission Application Fee of Cambrian University is: CAD $95

Scholarships by Cambrian University are available for undergrad & grad students are; AECOM Civil Engineering Scholarship, Electrical awards, etc.

8# University of Saskatchewan Scholarships:

The University of Saskatchewan approved standardized English tests like; TOEFL iBT, MELAB, CAEL, CanTEST, PTE Academic, CAE & Duolingo for granting admissions. Also, language Proficiency certificates issued by previously attended schools are also accepted by Saskatchewan University.

Acceptance Rate of the University of Saskatchewan is: 45%
Admission Application Fee for the University of Saskatchewan is: CAD $90

Prominent scholarships of the University of Saskatchewan include; Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships, Entrance Scholarships, Chancellors’ Scholarships, and many more.

9# University of Regina Scholarships:

All the interested applicants for taking admission at the University of Regina can go for other English language proficiency tests except IELTS like; ELP, PTE, MELAB, TOEFL iBt, UofR, ESL, DET, & CAEL.

Acceptance Rate of the University of Regina is: 80%-90% Highly Non-Competitive
Admission Application Fee for the University of Regina is: CAD $100

Apply to these famous scholarships offered by the University of Regina; Scholars Entrance Scholarships, International Entrance Scholarship, etc.

10# University of Guelph Scholarships:

ELCP, CAEL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, DET, PTE, & TOEFL, all tests will be accepted at the University of Guelph if one cannot show IELTS test results.

Acceptance Rate of University of Guelph: 66%
Admission Application Fee of University of Guelph: CAD $40

Available scholarships at the University of Guelph are; the Board of Governors’ Scholarship, Academic Leadership Scholarships, & President’s Scholarships.

11# McGill University Scholarships:

McGill University also accepts PTE, CanTEST, PTE, or DET tests, and in some cases TOEFL for granting admissions to applicants from non-native English-speaking countries.

The Acceptance Rate of McGill University is: 52%
Admission Application Fee at McGill University is: CAD $50

A few famous scholarships of this McGill University include; Research Scholarships, Merit-based Scholarships, with so many other scholarship programs.

12# Seneca College Scholarships:

Candidates from English-speaking countries do not have to show English language proficiency certificates and test scores. However, other applicants can opt for TOEFL iBT & Duolingo tests and provide the required results to Seneca College with admission applications.

The Acceptance Rate of Seneca College is 85% approx.
Admission Application Fee of Seneca College is: CAD $90 (non-refundable)

Seneca College offers the following notable scholarships like; Renewable Degree Scholarships, Diploma-to-Degree Scholarships, Governors’ Entrance Scholarships, etc.

13 Okanagan College Scholarships:

Next, we have this amazing Okanagan college. Interested applicants are required to submit LPI, DUOLINGO, TOEFL (iBT), TOEFL (PBT), CAEL, CELBAN, PTE, & TOEFL (CBT) tests in order to apply for scholarship/admission at Okanagan College.

Okanagan College Acceptance Rate is: Less Competitive
Okanagan College Admission Application Fee is: CAD $30 (non-refundable) & CAD $100 (for overseas)

Generous scholarships of Okanagan University include; Johnstone Memorial Award, Okanagan College President’s Entrance Scholarships, and other valuable scholarships.

14 Concordia University Scholarships:

TOEFL & Duolingo are accepted by Concordia University. However, if the candidate has completed 3 years in an English medium school or has DEC proof, he does not need to go for English tests.

Acceptance Rate of Concordia University is: 70.8%
Admission Application Fee of Concordia University is: CAD 100 (non-refundable)

Dozens of Entrance Scholarships and In-Course Scholarships are offered by Concordia university.

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