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Canadian Scholarships Accepting 6+ IELTS Bands in 2024 – Scholarships in Canada With IELTS of 6 Bands

Apply for admissions to the Universities of Canada on fully-funded scholarships requiring 6+ IELTS bands in 2024 for the class of 2024. All the interested domestic and international students who wish to study in Canada under a scholarship program can now apply for the fully-funded scholarships with IELTS 6.0 bands.

Such scholarships are a great initiative by the Canadian Government, reputable universities, and diversified colleges for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in multiple fields.

Students with low IELTS bands like 6.0 should not worry about getting scholarships or admission to Canadian Universities at such scores. Several institutions and scholarships have required IELTS 6.0 bands to meet the language criteria. So, all the passionate and devoted students who are afraid of applying for Canadian scholarships due to low IELTS scores should start looking for suitable opportunities and step toward their goals.

High Chances to Win Scholarships in Canada With IELTS

Everyone knows that the medium of instruction here at the Canadian Universities is only English. All the courses, seminars, classes, and lectures here get delivered and conducted in the English language. Hence, while applying for admission or scholarships, candidates have to show their proficiency in the native language of Canada, English, to understand the lectures and classes properly.

Only if the candidate belongs to the English native country or has completed previous education from the English medium institute will get exempted from the language proficiency requirements. Otherwise, all the other applicants have to show their English Proficiency test scores to abide by the language requirements.

Indeed, it is not easy to get the desired IELTS scores. Students often fail in this step as IELTS exams are way more difficult and expensive as compared to the IELTS alternative tests, like TOEFL, CanTest, DET, CAE, CAEL, CPE, etc.

Perks Offered by the Canadian Scholarships with IELTS 6.0 Bands:

After doing a lot of hard work to achieve the desired IELTS band of 6.0 to become eligible for the funded scholarships, get ready to enjoy some valuable academic funding covered under these scholarships. Some of the financial perks offered by the Canadian Scholarships with 6.0 IELTS bands are;

  • Partial / Full Fee waivers in Canadian Universities
  • Health Coverage for students in Canada
  • Travel Insurance/ Travel Expense Coverage towards/outward Canada
  • Round Air Tickets Free
  • Monthly stipends disbursements in Canadian Universities to students
  • Living/ Allocation/ Study Material Costs
  • Scholarships also pay for conference participation sometimes
  • Sports Memberships are sometimes also covered
  • Networking & career Chances

List of Scholarships Announced by Canada for 6.0 IELTS Bands:

Due to this reason, the Canadian Government with prestigious Canadian Universities has announced the scholarships accepting the lowest IELTS scores of 6.0 bands. In this way, applicants, even with low IELTS scores, can apply for the Canadian scholarships and get their degree program financed without worrying about the high tuition fees and other academic expenditures.

See the complete list of scholarships in Canada accepting 6.0 IELTS bands to make your decision without any stress:

  • International Education Student Scholarships
  • Michelle Hucul Indigenous Leadership Awards
  • Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) Awards
  • Allied Van Lines Scholarships
  • Farleigh S. Dickinson Scholarships
  • Ontario Remembrance Scholarships
  • 25th Anniversary M.A. or M.Sc.¬†Scholarships
  • Justin Trudeau Scholarships

Let us discuss each of above mentioned Canadian scholarship schemes with low IELTS band requirements with all the relevant details.

1# International Education Student Scholarships: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

Fleming College in Canada has announced the International Education Student Scholarship for the students pursuing a full-time degree program in any diverse field. Meanwhile, the International Education Student scholarship winners will get $345 as a tuition award with other exclusive benefits. However, it is significantly crucial to abide by the IELTS band requirements, and candidates with 5.0 should not bother to apply for the scholarship as they are not eligible for it.

2# Dr. Michelle Hucul Indigenous Leadership Award: IELTS Bands: 6.0

All the talented and eligible undergraduate students enrolled at the Cummin School of Medicine and MD program can apply for the Dr. Michelle Hucul Indigenous Leadership Award, offered by Dr. Lynden Crowshoe and colleagues in partnership with the Calgary University.

Dr. Michelle Scholarship winners’ selection will be based on the academic performance, leadership skills, and financial needs of candidates. In the same way, Canadian permanent residents or citizens and Indigenous students are eligible for such a scholarship scheme. However, winners will get $1,850 as a scholarship reward.

3# Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) Award: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

The next we have is the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) Award for the future Architects who wish to make their names in the world. Alberta Association of Architects, in partnership with Athabasca University, has announced this scholarship scheme for the students doing B.Sc. or Graduate Diploma in Architecture program.

Interested candidates are bound to abide by the IELTS requirements and submit 10 architecture drawings for evaluation and selection purposes. On the other hand, selected winners will get $1400 as a scholarship reward to finance their degree program.

4# Allied Van Lines Scholarships: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

Candidates enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at any accredited college or university in Canada in the field of business, logistics, and relevant fields with Canadian citizenship can apply for the Allied Van Lines Scholarship offered by the honorable Allied Van Lines in cooperation with the Algoma University and win $1,000.

Applicants are, however, to submit the required IELTS scores to get considered for the scholarship. Meanwhile, employees of Allied Van Lines cannot apply for this scholarship.

5# Col. Farleigh S. Dickinson Scholarships: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

Eligible international students pursuing Bachelor’s degrees from the reputable Fairleigh Dickinson University can avail the golden opportunity and apply for the Col. Farleigh S. Dickinson Scholarship. Such a valuable scholarship offers $32,000 every year to the scholarship winners to aid them in funding their education and other additional expenses.

6# Ontario Remembrance Scholarships: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

The Ontario Remembrance Scholarship offered at the Niagara College is open to the undergraduate local/international students enrolled in the full-time or part-time degree program with academic excellence and financial need. Meanwhile, applicants, after getting selected for this scholarship, will receive $10,000 as a reward to finance their educational expenses during the degree program at Niagara College.

7# 25th Anniversary Master Scholarships: Minimum IELTS Bands: 6.0

The very reputable Lethbridge university in Canada is giving 25th Anniversary M.A. or M.Sc. scholarships to the academically outshining students enrolled in the graduate studies in any degree program. Winners of the scholarship will be entitled to receive $2,500 as a scholarship reward. However, interested applicants do not need to submit a separate application for this scholarship scheme.

8# Justin Trudeau Scholarships: No IELTS Needed!

Last, we have the great Trudeau scholarships offered by the noble Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation in partnership with many renowned universities of Canada for the students enrolled in the Doctoral degree program.

Trudeau Scholarship is a three-year scholarship scheme that grants $40,000 per year to the scholars to cover their living expenses and tuition fees. The interesting thing about this scholarship is that it does not ask for IELTS scores. Hence, candidates with no IELTS scores can also apply for it.

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