Scholarships in Canada

Canadian Scholarship Sponsorship Benefits for International Students

Sponsorships Packages of Canadian Scholarships:

Studying in Canada at a prestigious Canadian university, especially on a Canadian scholarship, is like a dream come true. But a journey of an international student from their homeland to Canada is full of financial hardships, elevated expenses, and extra hard work. Most Canadian Scholarships without IELTS also offer generous academic sponsorship packages.

Concerning helping these talented and passionate students to achieve their academic goals; fully funded Canadian scholarships announced various valuable financial coverage plans for international students to let them study in Canada for free. Students from below-average countries can win these worthy benefits by getting scholarships for the undergrad, postgrad, and research programs in Canada.

From tuition fee exemption to allowances for living, accommodation, food, books, etc., all are financed via Canadian scholarships.

Financial Benefits Sponsored by Canadian Scholarships:

  • Tuition Fee Exemptions
  • Travel and Transport Expenses
  • Health Coverage
  • Accommodation Finances
  • Funds for books
  • Sports Club Membership, Library & Lab Access
  • Scholarship Rewards & Monthly Stipends
  • Visa Cost Coverage

Funding Benefits of Scholarships in Canada

In this article, we have discussed all these points in detail to understand the perks of studying under the fully-funded scholarships of Canada.

1# Tuition Fee Waivers/ Discount by Canadian Scholarships:

Canadian Scholarships are very famous among international students, particularly financially challenged applicants who cannot afford to study in Canada due to high tuition fees. For this reason, funded scholarships offered by the Canadian government and universities offer partial and full tuition fee waivers for the scholarship winners throughout the degree program.

However, the tuition fee waiver percentage varies from one scholarship to another. Like many scholarships are sponsoring only 10% fee waivers. Meanwhile, some are giving up to 50% or 75% tuition fee exemption until the degree completion. Moreover, fully-funded scholarships, like Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Trudeau Scholarships, and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, give a 100% tuition fee exemption.

2# Residence Facility:

No wonder studying and living in Canada is not as easy as it seems, specifically when a student has to cover dozens of other expenses during the educational journey. In light of such incidents, Canadian generous scholarships have resolved this issue for the local and overseas students holding fully or partially funded scholarships offered by the government of Canada or its universities.

These Canadian scholarships provide full residence support in two ways, a housing allowance to cover the residence rent or free accommodation to the scholars at the university dorm. But, if a student chooses a place where the rent costs more than the housing allowance, he has to cover the remaining amount from his pocket. The scholarship will not pay any other extra amount.

Canadian scholarship-giving housing facilities are; Okanagan College Scholarships, Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships, University of Regina Scholarships, University of Toronto Scholarships, etc.

3# Monthly Stipends/Fixed Rewards:

The list of the academic and financial assistance covered under the Canadian scholarships has just begun. Like, the fee waivers and free residence facility, get ready to receive monthly stipends or fixed scholarship rewards every month to cover the additional expenses.

Meanwhile, the monthly allowance is not the same for every scholarship program. However, according to the estimate, the average monthly stipend ranges from $2,500 to $4,000. So, it is a golden opportunity for overseas candidates to study in Canada under the scholarship as it will cover most of their financial expenditures.

Scholarships in Canada also offer stipends (Paid monthly) to the winners and this sponsorship is mostly covered by the Guelph University Freshmen Scholarships, McGill University Scholarships, Concordia University Scholarships, and many more.

4# Life and Health Insurance Plans for Scholars:

Canadian scholarships aim to help financially unprivileged students in every possible way. Such highly rewarded funded scholarships not only cover the academic expenses but also look into the healthcare of scholarship winners. Spending hundreds of dollars on health and medicine is inconceivable for overseas students during the study trip in Canada.

Hence, many Canadian scholarships provide medical insurance or health and sickness premiums up to CAD 20,000 or above via Ontario Health Insurance Plan for four years of the study program. Moreover, any accident/ mishap expenses will also get sponsored via Canadian scholarships.

Some notable scholarships covering health insurance are Concordia University scholarships, Waterloo University Freshmen Scholarships, Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship, etc.

5# Access to University Libraries, Labs, Funds for Experiments:

Among the sponsorship packages of Canadian scholarships, another appreciating benefit include free access to the library, scientific, or computer labs. Generally, domestic or overseas students are bound to pay library or laboratory fees. But not anymore for the scholarship winners as now the access to labs, a library, and even sports club membership is totally free of cost.

Scholars can avail themselves of this opportunity throughout their journey to the selected university. In the meantime, undergraduate and postgraduate students will get extra money to carry out experiments in the relevant field inside the university laboratories. However, researchers and Ph.D. students will get additional funds to conduct research or thesis in the respective universities of Canada. Moreover, scholarship winners will be entitled to receive a research grant with extra costs for thesis and dissertation printing.

Canada Master’s Scholarships, Canada Engineering Scholarships, VGC Scholarships, IDRC Research Awards, and many more like that offer these benefits.

6# Sponsorships for Air Fare:

Most of the finances for higher education abroad waste on traveling. Meanwhile, international applicants face a lot of trouble when it comes to buying air tickets of heavy amount. On the other hand, the expenses of traveling do not end here. While doing a Ph.D. degree at Canadian University also requires overseas candidates to travel to different destinations for networking events and seminars.

Therefore, the financial coverage linked to the noble Canadian scholarship programs offers free Economy Air Tickets for Round Flights from the homeland to the host country. Similarly, a few scholarships also provide transportation and travel expenses for international study tours during the degree program.

International applicants studying under the Study in Canada Scholarship, OAS Scholarship, and Indigenous Leadership Scholarship will be entitled to benefit from free Air-bound Round Tickets.

7# Books and Study Material Costs:

If you have plans to study in Canada for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degrees, get ready to spend tons of dollars on books, study materials, equipment, and all. But, those who will get scholarships for the degree programs will enjoy yearly book allowances or cost coverage for other study equipment and materials required during the education trip in Canada.

Schulich Leader Scholarships, University of Saskatchewan Entrance AwardsCN Diversity Scholarship program, etc., are known for providing book allowances for three to four years of the study program.

8# Study Visa Fees & Food Costs:

A journey from the homeland to the host country is not a walk in the park. Infinite expenses are waiting in the line to come one after another. In the same way, bearing the cost of a visa for an international student with low-income status is quite challenging. In this regard, the government of Canada and universities have joined hands to support such students no matter what.

Many Canadian scholarships sponsor study visa fees or visa clearance costs for the international scholarship winners. Not only this but work permit fees are also get covered under this scholarship to facilitate them at every educational step.

On the other hand, the living cost in Canada also includes food expenses which is another task to meet the errands. But the scholars will get three- or two-times free meals at the university’s cafeteria. If not, they will get funds to cover the cost of the food till the degree completes.

Scholarships offering visa and food cost coverage are; Dalhousie University scholarships, Seneca College scholarships, Global Citizen Scholarship, etc.

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