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Canadian Halifax City Scholarships 2024 – No IELTS | No Application Fee

We are grateful to inform all international students about the new fully-funded Scholarships available in Halifax Canada for the batch of 2024-2025. The applications for University admissions at the Candian City of Halifax are now accepted for their corresponding scholarships.

It is the dream of every single student to pursue higher education in Canada at a prestigious university, offering generous Canadian scholarships to international students. But only a few get this golden opportunity. However, choosing a destination for higher education is also a task.

Among the long list of some eligible countries giving quality education to overseas students, Canada is one of the top favorites, attracting international students from all over the world.

Halifax city of Canada in the province, of Nova Scotia, is quite famous among overseas students. That utmost preferable city for high-quality education has many outstanding universities offering a wide range of degree programs and scholarships.

Funding Package of Halifax Scholarships:

The international students winning a Canadian scholarship in Halifax will enjoy all or a few of the following listed benefits;

  • Totally free or partially paid academic fees
  • Exemption from admission fees, and exam fees
  • Funding for monthly expenditures and residence facility
  • Access to laboratories and libraries

Reasons to study in Halifax, Canada:

  • Canada offers millions of job opportunities for overseas students.
  • Minimum entry requirements.
  • Permit to work part-time while studying.
  • Candidates will experience a new and advanced method of teaching and learning environment.
  • Low-tuition fees of Canadian Universities.
  • Candidates will get a chance to adopt multiple cultures.
  • Diversified immigration programs after completing graduation.

Studying in Halifax Universities Without IELTS Requirement for Admissions:

Most of the Universities in Halifax require IELTS exams but with that applicants are given an option to submit IELTS alternative scores in order to obtain IELTS exemption. The most common IELTS alternative certificates are PTE, DET, TOEFL, or any English Language Proficiency test conducted by Cambridge.

For studying at any Halifax Canada University, it is essential to choose your degree program and university first. Now submit your application and wait for the admission letter. After receiving the admission offer letter, now is the time to apply for a Canadian student VISA.

Scholarships at Halifax City Universities for 2024:

Dozens of the oldest yet most prestigious universities are there in Halifax city of Canada with valuable scholarship programs. Some of them are listed below;

1# Dalhousie University Scholarships:

On number one, we have Dalhousie University. Students have to meet the admission and program requirements to get selected here. It has various programs to offer like; Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Law & Dentistry. Other than this, several scholarships are here for the international students enrolled here. For instance;

Dalhousie University is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 60%.
The admission application fee of Dalhousie University is CAD$70.

  1. Renewable Entrance Scholarship for Undergraduate Students.
  2. In-course Scholarship at Dalhousie.
  3. Entrance Awards/Scholarships.
  4. Faculty Of Agriculture Scholarships

Some of the External Scholarships available for the highest performing students are;

2# Saint Mary’s University Scholarships:

That catholic public university in Halifax, Canada, is best known for its business and Chemistry programs. Like the other universities of this region, it has various faculties like; Arts, Science, Business, and Education with several scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate programs;

Saint Mary University is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 85%.
The admission application fee of Saint Mary University is CAD$40.

Undergraduate Scholarships: 

Around 250 scholarships for over $5 million are awarded every year to deserving candidates.

  • Academic Achievement Scholarships
  • Accounting Achievement Awards
  • Saint Mary’s University Alumni Leadership Award
  • Saint Mary’s University Undergraduate Scholarships Program

Graduate Scholarships:

  • Bernard Kline Memorial Fellowships
  • Father Burke Gaffney Memorial Scholarships
  • Donald Higgins Memorial Scholarships

3# University of King’s College Scholarships:

University of King’s College, established in 1789 is the oldest chartered university and the first English-speaking university in the Commonwealth. The acceptance rate of this outclass university is 78%. It welcomes all international students to enroll in Foundation year, King Honor’s, & Journalism Programs. Some of the scholarships offered by this university to cover the education cost are;

University of King’s College is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 81%.
The application fee of the University of King’s College is CAD$70 for undergrad and CAD$115 for postgrad.

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

  • General Entrance Scholarships
  • Major Entrance Scholarships
  • Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships
  • Prince Scholarships
  • Global News Scholarships

Graduate & Advanced Degree Programs:

  • Acadia Broadcasting Scholarships
  • CTV News Atlantic Scholarships
  • Audrey Stevenson Memorial Scholarships
  • John And Judy Bragg Family Foundation Journalism Scholarships

4# NSCAD University Scholarships:

NSCAD’s first-degree art school in Canada has an acceptance rate of 64%. When it comes to admission, this institution is a bit selective. It offers various fine arts and assistantship programs for international students. However, enrolled students here can apply for the following scholarships;

NSCAD is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 64%.
The admission application fee of NSCAD University is CAD$0. (FREE)

  • Robert Pope Foundation Scholarships
  • Roloff Beny Foundation Scholarships
  • Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

5# Atlantic School of Theology Scholarships:

This graduate-level school is best for providing education in Theology. However, students studying here will also get a chance to conduct research programs. On the other hand, candidates can also opt for various Master’s degree courses like Master of Divinity, Arts, etc. For the financial assistance of deserving students, bursaries and scholarships are available.

Candler School of Theology’s acceptance rate is moderately competitive.
The admission application fee for the Candler School of Theology is CAD$50.

Some of the scholarships offered by Candler School of Theology are;

  • AST’s Entrance Scholarships
  • International Student Bursary
  • New Scotia Scholars Award
  • AST-Administered Bursaries

6# Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships:

Students who want to make their career in arts, science, and professional studies can apply for admission at Mount Saint Vincent University. It has dozens of scholarships to offer for Undergraduate and Graduate students. For example;

Mount Saint Vincent University’s acceptance rate is 60-70%.
The admission application fee of Mount Saint Vincent University is CAD$50.

  • Entrance Scholarships of Mount Saint Vincent
  • Graduate Women’s Studies Scholarships
  • Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships
  • In-Course Scholarships

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