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Canadian Express-Entry Immigration PNP 2024: Minimum CRS Score Required for PNP Program

Understanding the Canadian Immigration PNP point system to Check Your Eligibility

Canadian Express-Entry Immigration via Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in 2024 via minimum Comprehensive Ranking System CRS Score is 67/100 points. In this article, we entirety elaborated on the Canadian PNP Express Entry program via CRS score.

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Canada is one of the most amazing countries and it is a country that provides a lot of job opportunities for international applicants throughout the year. Canada has various routes for immigration. You can opt for Canadian Government Jobs to apply for entry in Canada via one of its Provincial express entry programs as well.

Understanding the Canadian Immigration PNP point system to check your eligibility for landing a job in Canada must be necessary. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the easiest method to land a job in Canada for obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence without extra effort.

The Canadian Immigration PNP point system work on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. They make you eligible for filing an application for Canadian Residence Permit. You then enter the Canadian Express Entry pool and get the job offer from the province that needs your skill.

The below information will help you understand the Canadian PNP system better.

What are Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs?

Provincial nominee programs for Canada are one of the most popular programs to apply for work entry to Canada. These programs are for individuals who are skilled in their professions and want to find jobs in Canada to settle there.

Whenever any Canadian province needs skilled workers such as doctors, IT engineers, technicians, etc., they hire experienced individuals from other countries through Provincial Nominee Programs. It is to fill the void of skilled professionals in the province. Currently, there are 13 provinces in Canada, each offering provincial nominee programs now and then.

The provincial nominee programs (PNP) do not require much CRS score but an active express entry profile through which the provinces can assess you if you apply for a job there. They then call you based on their requirements. After that, you will submit an application to the Federal Government for immigration. The selection in the provincial nominee program provides you with additional CRS score points that increase your chance of immigration. The minimum score required for Canadian PNP immigration is 67/100 CRS.

What are the Major Immigration Programs of Canada’s Express Entry?

There are 13 provinces in Canada. Every province provides PNPs according to its requirements. We will discuss some of the major PNP programs. Canada.

1# Ontario Human Capital Priorities System

Ontario is one of the major provinces of Canada that provides ample job opportunities for immigrants. You don’t necessarily need a job to apply to this program. However, you need an active express entry profile to apply to this program, and they will call you.

2# Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand Stream

The Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand system is for individuals who are not eligible to create an express entry profile.

3# Alberta Express Entry System

Alberta is one of the most popular cities in Canada among individuals who want to settle in Canada quickly. Most entrepreneurs move to Canada through Alberta Express Entry System.

Are you Eligible for a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

You must first identify your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to apply to the provincial nominee programs. It is the raw score and has some basic parameters that are very important to be eligible for all kinds of immigration programs in Canada, including the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Take an Eligibility Check on the Canadian CRS Point System:

The Comprehensive Ranking System has six basic factors that are given certain points. These points make up 100 points, of which you need to score 67 points to the minimum. These selection factors are explained in detail below:

1# Language Skills

Language skills are the basic skills that you need to survive in Canada. We know that the basic languages spoken in Canada are English and French. You need to have basic information about any one or both of the official languages of Canada. Language skills have given the most points in the CRS system, i.e., 28 points. You can take the CLB test to know how much you know about the English language and NCLC to know how much you know about the French language. You must score 5 points on each of the tests mentioned above to make yourself eligible to pass the test.

2# Education

Higher Education is, however, not necessary for obtaining the minimum score in CRS System. But you must have basic Education that a specific skill needs; if you have studied in Canada or obtained a diploma or a certificate from Canada, then well and good. But suppose you are a foreigner and applying for the very first time. In that case, you must get your degrees, diplomas, or certificates from a reputable institute to make them equivalent to the Canadian system through Educational Credential Analysis (ECA). Your CRS score will be according to it. The maximum points in Education are 25.

3# Work Experience

Work experience also plays a great role in your CRS system. It has a maximum score of 15 points. The more your work experience will be, the more you will get a score and be able to score high points in the CRS system. The work experience could be working in Canada, abroad, during studies, or any other work at any time in your life.

4# Age

Age is another important factor required to be up to the mark. Young individuals get more points in the CRS system because of age. Younger individuals can perform well and are required by the Canadian provinces. There are 12 points regarding the age factor in your CRS points system.

5# Arranged Employment

As you know, Canada’s provinces sponsor the individuals they require for their needs in the provincial nominee program. So, if you already have employment in Canada, you are already in the pool. No matter if you score less in the CRS system. If you pass it, you will also get employment in Canada and Canadian PR. The arranged employment gives you 10 points in the CRS system.

6# Adaptability

Adaptability matters a lot when you migrate to Canada. If you have family members or a spouse already having Canadian PR, it will boost your CRS score and give you a maximum of 10 points in the CRS score.

Other Requirements for Canadian PNP Immigration via CRS

Each province of Canada has different eligibility criteria for selection. However, it is important to note that Provincial Nominee Program is the easiest method to get Canadian Immigration because of a few factors:

  • It requires a low IELTS score
  • It requires a low CRS score
  • The selection is based on your skill and experience
  • You don’t need to have much Education for it. Only relevant Education regarding your skill is necessary.

You can apply for Provincial Nominee Program if you have these traits:

  • You have a skill that Canada or any of its provinces requires.
  • You can move to Canada for work purposes and permanent residence.
  • You have worked in Canada or entered Canada previously due to study.
  • You have an active express entry profile.
  • You have a passing CRS score.
  • You have passed the IELTS exam in the past 2 years.
  • You have enough money to immigrate and live in Canada.
  • You have no health issues.
  • Your policy profile is clear, and no criminal record is your profile.

If your profile checks on all of the above traits, congratulations! You can apply for a job in Canada via Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Apply for the PNP program right away and get a chance to immigrate to Canada. One plus point is if you get the Permanent Residence of Canada, you can sponsor your family too and lead a happy life in Canada with a brighter future ahead.

Minimum Score Required for Canada’s PNP Immigration Via CRS: 67/100

The minimum score required for Canadian PNP immigration is 67/100 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. Candidates interested to obtain Canadian citizenship or Canada’s Permanent Residency via PNP Express Entry must score 67 CRS points out of 100; in order to stand eligible.

You can easily calculate the points for Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. The basics are the CRS points. You can calculate by going through tests and improving your weak points to gain a minimum of 67 points to be eligible in Canada’s express entry pool.

How to Score 67 Points for Canadian Immigration?

You can score 67 points or more by working on your weak points. Three major areas in which you can work are:

  1. Improving your English or French skills by joining an institute that works for it.
  2. You can also add on the points by improving your work experience in a specified field of your choice.
  3. You can also improve your CRS points by working on your Education and gaining more relevant Education regarding your skills.

How to Improve Points For Canadian Immigration

Working on the parts where you can improve makes you gain more points. The points you can improve are your language, education and work experience as mentioned above.

What will you need to do if the CRS score is low?

If your CRS score is low, apply for the PNP system of Canada as if the province requires a skill that you have, then they will offer you a job. It will automatically increase your grade points. If not, improve your CRS score using the methods mentioned above.

How do You Apply for a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program?

The step-by-step process for applying to your preferred Canadian PNPs is as follows:


Firstly you must check your CRS score. Scoring at least 67 points makes you eligible for the immigration programs of Canada.


Make an active express entry profile and enter your skills.


Research for Provincial Nominee Programs of each province of Canada timely. If you find a job that suits you best, enter the express entry pool.


The provincial government will check your profile and other requirements if you fulfill them. You will receive a confirmation letter.


After this, you will apply for the PR to the federal government within 60 days, and they will respond to you soon.

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