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Canadian Bishop’s University Scholarships 2024-2025 – Study in Canada

Applications for Bishop’s partially and fully funded generous scholarships are open for the intake session of 2024. Eligible international students with eminent financial needs and outstanding academic performance can try their luck and enjoy a tuition-free education in Quebec, Canada. Well, not only this, but winners of these valuable scholarships will also get sponsorship coverage to cover their living, transport, and academic expenditures.

Talking about Bishop’s University is a famous yet reputable name in the Quebec region of Canada with three faculties and several schools. It is a small English university with a huge number of international students from different countries enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Honors, and Research courses.

Acceptance Rate of Bishop’s University: 70-80%

The acceptance rate of Bishop’s University is around 70% to 80%. Hence, getting admission here is a bit easy due to non-rigid admission policies.

Application Fees at Bishop’s University: CAD$65

International students will have to pay a non-refundable application fee of CAD$65 for undergraduate, graduate, & certificate programs at Canadian Bishop’s University.

That globally recognized Bishop’s University also grants higher education scholarships for UG & PG degrees. However, applicants can apply for these scholarships without IELTS scores and enjoy a memorable time in Canada at Bishop’s University.

Degree Programs Offered at Bishop’s University:

Following are the academic programs available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Honors students;

  • Mathematics
  • International Studies
  • History
  • Global Culture
  • Media
  • Information Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • International Business
  • Human Psychology
  • Finance
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Global Economy
  • Geography
  • Gerontology
  • Fine Arts
  • Drama
  • Criminology
  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Film
  • Economics
  • Family, Health, & Community
  • Chemistry
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Physics
  • Sports Studies

Bishop’s University Medium of Instruction: English

The medium of instruction used at the prestigious Bishop’s University is English. Therefore, every international applicant must show language proficiency during class and lectures.

English Language Requirements for Bishop’s Scholarships:

Students from countries other than non-English have to show English language proficiency by submitting the following acceptable English language scores;

  • IELTS Test
  • TOEFL Test
  • C1 Advanced Test
  • C2 Proficient Test
  • B2 First Test
  • DET Test

Is IELTS necessary for Bishop’s admissions?

No, IELTS scores are not mandatory for international candidates to apply for admission at Bishop’s University. Applicants can also submit the above-listed alternative test scores or English language certificates. However, applicants from English-speaking countries are free from language proficiency requirements. In the same way, candidates who have completed previous education in an English medium institute are also exempt from submitting language scores.

List of Bishop’s University Funded Scholarships in 2024:

Following are the Canadian scholarships offered by top-ranked Bishop’s University for international and domestic candidates:

  • Entrance Scholarships
  • Competitive Scholarships
  • Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships
  • Hugh Cowans Scholarships
  • Cleghorn Family Awards
  • Undergraduate Student Research Awards
  • Arbour Foundation Scholarships

1# Entrance Scholarships:

Such entrance scholarships are awarded considering academic performance and grant rewards of up to $1,000 to $20,000. However, these scholarships do not ask for a separate application from eligible students.

2# Competitive Scholarships:

Next is the worthy Competitive Renewable scholarships for local and international students. Winners of these scholarships will get $500-$20,000 to cover living and other essential expenses. Additionally, undergraduate and even postgraduate students are all eligible for such amazing scholarships.

3# Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships:

High school students in the final year of their studies are suitable candidates for these scholarships and will be entitled to $10,000/per year. To win Chancellor’s scholarships, interested applicants must have excellent academic performance and sustainability.

4# Hugh Cowans Scholarships:

The University of Bishop, in partnership with the reputable Beaverbrook Foundation, allows students to complete their graduate studies in the UK via this scholarship. Meanwhile, the worth of the Cowans scholarship is $20,000.00. Considering the eligibility criteria, interested individuals must have an 85% average admission score.

5# Cleghorn Family Awards:

Entering or Returning students demonstrating extraordinary athletic skills and academic records can apply for the Cleghorn Family scholarship. However, candidates will be selected by the Athletic Award Committee.

6# Undergraduate Student Research Awards:

The USRA scholarship program aims to enhance students’ interest in research activities in the field of engineering and natural sciences. On the other hand, it also provides $6,000 as a cash reward to the winners. Moreover, students will also take part in the research assistantship program of 14-16 weeks.

7# Arbour Foundation Scholarships:

Bishop University, with the Arbour Foundation, has announced scholarships for the students enrolled in the MS degree program, showcasing moral and intellectual qualities.

8# Other Scholarships Offered by Bishop’s University:

Interested international students can also apply for the following scholarship awards at Bishop’s University in 2024:

  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Fulbright Canada Scholarships
  • Ontario Canada Scholarships
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Forsythe Awards
  • Paul F. Fenton Awards
  • Hodder Awards in Music

Apply for Admission on Scholarships at Bishop’s University:

The admission and scholarship application process at Bishop’s University is solely online and less complicated. Check out the procedure of application below;

Visit the official application page of Bishop’s University (The application link is given below this article). Then, fill out the Bishop’s University Scholarship Application form with the correct information and attach the required documents with the application charges. Submit your application electronically and wait for the final announcement of the results.

After receiving the confirmation email, send your scholarship application if asked before the due date.

List of Supporting Documents for Bishop’s Funded Scholarships:

Following is the list of documents that should get attached to the Bishop’s scholarship application:

Application Deadline at Bishop’s University: May 1, 2024

The deadline for admissions to Bishop’s University for the fall semester is May 1, 2024. However, for the winter semester, it is October 1, 2024. In the meantime, submit your applications for Canadian Bishop’s valuable scholarships before March 15, 2024.

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