Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-2025

[BSN] Nursing Scholarships in 2024 – Nursing Admissions Open for Applications

Scholarships for Nursing Students in 2022

The fully-funded scholarships for the class of 2024-2025 of Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) are now open for online applications for admissions globally. It is the right time to submit your BSN Scholarship application in 2024.

Those students who are pursuing their careers in nursing or are aspiring to become future nurses must know that the fee competes with that of any other medical degree.

Financial Coverage of BSN Scholarships:

The full-time BSN Scholarship winners will be receiving all or any of the following listed Nursing Scholarships Package;

  • Complete Nursing educational expense discount or waiver
  • Residence facility for all Nursing cadets and students
  • Expense coverage for daily routine (Paid monthly as a stipend)
  • Expense coverage for buying books or carrying out experimental work
  • Health plan insurance for all Nursing students
  • Food allowance or logistics fees/facility

How Much Nursing Professionals Earn?

After a few years of experience in Nursing; one can earn over US$100,000+ on average. The detailed earning averages of different Nurse practitioners are listed below:

  • Family Nurse Earns – US$105,000+
  • Oncology Nurse Earns – US$110,000+
  • Cardio Practitioner Nurse Earns – US$115,000+
  • Registered and Certified Nurse Earns – US$200,000+
  • General Nurse Earns – US$100,000+
  • Neonatal Nurse Earns – US$130,000+
  • Ortho Department Nurse Earns – US$120,000+

Cost of Nursing Degree in 2024

When it comes to nursing, earning your degree from an accredited institute is mandatory. It helps you to set the stepping stones for your successful career as a nurse. But the annual tuition at renowned institutions ranges from $40,000 to $100,000. Multiply the amount by four, and you would be spending around $400,000 on your tuition alone – supplementary education supplies are an extra expense!

Fortunately, nursing students can benefit from various scholarship programs to fund their studies. If you, too, want to get financial assistance in pursuing your career as a nurse, you should check out our list of the top ten BSN scholarships.

Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships in 2024

Listed below are the top ten Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing scholarships sorted by regions that you can apply to for funding your nursing education:

#1 BSN Scholarships in the US

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses offers practicing nurses an opportunity to avail themselves of Continuing Professional Development scholarships. The organization offers one scholarship worth $2,500 thrice a year. 

With the help of this scholarship, the AACN members will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills to deliver professional nursing services. Moreover, they will stay up-to-date with the changing trends in the nursing profession.

Deadline: The application deadlines for the AACN Scholarships are July 1st, June 1st, and August 1st.

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students pursuing their diploma, associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or PhD. in nursing. These are highly competitive awards that cover the tuition, supplementary educational expenses, and additional fee of the US national students. 

Each Nurse Corps Scholarship winner will get a monthly stipend of around $1,434. The students won’t have to return this amount, rather render nursing services in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) after graduating.

Deadline: The application submission deadline varies each year, but is usually around May.

#2 BSN Scholarships in the UK

The Florence Nightingale Foundation advances over eighty scholarships each year for students to pursue their careers in nursing and midwifery. The bright nursing students admitted to UK universities can apply to Leadership, Research, or Travel scholarships through this program.

The students can get funding of up to £3,000 with the Travel Scholarships, while the number of Leadership Scholarships varies. Through these scholarships, the students build confidence, authority, and the skill set to advance in their careers.

Deadline: The deadline for the Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarships is generally in October; the dates may vary each year.

The Ted Adams Trust Scholarships provide financial assistance to students pursuing their careers in adult, mental health, children’s nursing, or midwifery from the University of Surrey.

These scholarships are offered to students aged 25 and up, and are worth £3,000 per year for a maximum of three years of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in nursing. 

Deadline: The last day to submit the applications for the Ted Adams Scholarship Program 2024 is 31st March 2024.

#3 BSN Scholarships in Canada

The University of Toronto Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing offers multiple scholarships to students to fund their nursing degrees. These university scholarships are based on both merit and need basis.

At present, the institute offers more than 75 undergraduate scholarships in nursing and over 100 graduate scholarships to first-year students.

Deadline: The application deadline for first-year nursing students is in February each year. However, the dates may be subject to change. 

The StudentAid BC Nurses’ Education Bursary is a need-based award offered to full-time nursing students. The program enables British Columbian students to continue their nursing education without any worry about finances.

These programs range from CAD 500 to CAD 2,000 and are awarded for a period of one year. 

Deadline: The students don’t have to apply to the bursary separately; they are automatically selected when they apply for a student loan. 

#4 BSN Scholarships in Australia

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and the Department of Social Services, the ACN scholarship program offers numerous scholarships, grants, and awards to nursing students.

Through these awards, the students pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate education in nursing, midwifery, or aged care can build a foundation for their careers. Furthermore, these awards are not limited to ACN members; everyone is free to apply for these scholarships.

Deadline: The deadline varies with the programs students are applying for under the Australian College of Nursing’s Scholarships initiative.

The University of Sydney, School of Nursing has initiated the Susan Wakil Scholarship program to fund the higher education of postgraduate nursing students.

Under this program, the Australian national nursing students from Greater Sydney get a full fee funding of up to AUD 8,625.

Deadline: The application deadline for the Susan Wakil Scholarship Program 2024 is 21st July 2024.

#5 BSN Scholarships in Asia

The International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers multiple fully and partially funded scholarships to nursing students so they can complete their education without a financial burden.

These awards are based on academics, extra-curricular activities, and leadership traits. Both international and domestic students can apply for these scholarships.

Deadline: The application deadline for 2024 has not been released yet.

The University of Hong Kong offers multiple scholarships to students pursuing their BSc. or MSc. in nursing. The worth of these scholarships varies with the program the student is applying to.

The highest value of the University of Hong Kong Scholarships is offered to high-caliber students under the Academic Elite Scholarships in Nursing program at an amount of HK$ 231,500. 

Deadline: The deadlines vary in accordance with the program being applied to. 

So, which of these top 10 BSN scholarships are you applying to?

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