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British Chevening Scholarships 2024-2025 for International Students – Now Open

International Students Can Now Study for free in UK on Chevening Scholarships

If you are looking to find a study abroad sponsorship which must cover your university fees, travel expenses, provide sponsorship for your study visa, and also pay monthly stipend with free residence then you need to mark this date of November 7, 2023 which is basically is the application deadline for British Chevening scholarship 2024-2025 available to international students.

So yes this article of mine talks about fully-funded British Chevening Scholarship for the class of 2024 which started accepting online applications from all international students from UK friendly countries whereas the last date to apply for a Chevening scholarship is November 7, 2023 therefore i advice all my students to hurry up in arranging their documents to submit a free application online today and this article is going to assist you in that process.

Chevening Scholarships 2024-2025 Essential Information for You:

You will be excited to know that this Chevening scholarship is fully funded higher education sponsorship that actually covers all the educational expenses of international students like their airfare, accommodation tuition, monthly stipend, £75 pounds sponsorship for getting TB tested, etc. And i am glad to inform you that recipients of thiss Chevening scholarships will start living in UK for one year during which they can experience everything that can make them grow academically and they will develop professional skills and will be a part of a thriving British culture.

Allowances and Value of British Chevening Scholarships:

Now let me explain which educational sponsorship package is actually waiting for you if you manage to win a fully funded Chevening scholarship in UK to start your studies there in 2024 class:

  • Full tuition fee support.
  • Economy class travel to and from the recipient’s home country.
  • An arrival or settlement allowance
  • Coverage cost for application of clearance British Student visa.
  • An allowance at the time of departure.
  • An allowance of 75 GBP as a contribution to the cost of TB testing and this will be given to those who need it.
  • A travel allowance for all students inbound for UK after getting UK study visa
  • A monthly allowance or stipend for covering living and housing expenses and rate of this stipend money varies depending upon where the scholar is living (inside or outside of London) however this stipend will be given at 21st of each month for the next coming month.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Chevening Scholarship:

I know now you must be wondering to find out whether you stand eligible for this Chevening scholarship of UK so for that let me now give you all the basic eligibility critera so you can evaluate yourself for this award:

  • Students must be from a Chevening-approved country.
  • Applicants must be returning to their home countries once the period of their award ends and they must serve in their home countries for at least two years.
  • Student applicant must have completed their undergraduate degree and all the prerequisites required for them to get admitted into a master’s program in the UK.
  • Candidates of Cheveing scholarship must possess two years of work experience.
  • They must have applied to at least three universities in the UK (ones that are approved by the scholarship program) and must have received an offer letter from at least one of them.
  • The application window for the Chevening scholarship will close on Nov 7, 2023 which means application with documents must be submitted before this date

Candidates who are ineligible to apply are;

  • British citizens or students who hold dual nationality (one of them being British).
  • Refugees in a non-Chevening eligible country even if they are nationals of a Chevening-approved country (if they are holding a refugee status in the country they are staying in). Applicants with refugee status in a Chevening eligible country are still eligible to apply. 
  • Students who have previously studied in the UK with a scholarship funded by the British Government.

Chevening Scholarships Process of Application:

Interested to apply for the UK Chevening Scholarship this year? Please carefully go through the steps of filing a UK Scholarship application below in order to successfully submit an application. The application link for the Chevening Scholarship can be found at the end of the article.

  • You will need to create an account on the Chevening page.
  • Then create your account for Chevening scholarship application.
  • Find your home country in the list of Chevening partner countries.
  • Fill out the Chevening scholarship application form and submit all the required documents.
  • Submit the application before the application deadline. Remember that it takes about eight months from when the applications start getting reviewed after the application deadline to when the applicants get selected for the scholarship. Students are advised to complete their applications well before the deadline and leave some spare time for review and revision.

Required Documents to submit an application for Chevening Scholarships:

Application Deadline for Chevening Scholarship: November 7, 2023

I know most of you will be highly interested to know now that how much time is still remaining for them to submit their application for Chevening scholarship with its interview, and result in announcement dates, so for this you need to mark 7 November 2023 on your calender which is basically last date to submit an application for this Chevening scholarship for the class of 2024-2025.

  • From November 2023 to February 2024, applications will be compared against the eligibility criteria and the scholarship committee and the British embassy assess all the applications and shortlist candidates for the interview phase.
  • From 28th February to 29th April, the shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.
  • In early June, the scholarship results will be announced.
  • In September or October of 2024, all successful scholars will begin their studies in the UK and will become part of an international network of students.

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