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Australian Scholarships 2024 Sponsorships – Start Your Application

Australian Government Scholarships 2024 and Australian Universities Scholarships for the intake of 2024 are announced for all subjects and degree levels. Each Australian scholarship comes with a generous funding package and in this article, you will find out what those Australian Scholarships cover.

Being an international candidate is a privilege to study in Australia for higher studies. However, this scenario becomes more prestigious and nostalgic when these overseas candidates get a chance to complete their BS, MS, & Ph.D. degree programs under the fully-funded scholarships sponsored by the Australian government and renowned universities. On the other hand, eligible candidates can apply for these scholarships without mandatory IELTS scores and enjoy commendable benefits covering financial and academic expenses.

No doubt, moving to Australia for four to five years of study course is not so easy due to various financial challenges. Hence, for this reason, these partially or fully funded scholarship schemes cover living allowance, air travel, health, and room costs, etc.

List of the Funding Benefits of Australian Scholarship Programs:

Candidates having queries and doubts in their minds can check the list of below-stated benefits offered by the scholarships of Australian institutes and States.

  • Tuition Fee Waivers up to variable percentages.
  • Free Sports Club Membership
  • Health Coverage via OSHC
  • Fieldwork Allowances/ Thesis printing / Research Conducting funds
  • Scholarship Awards & Living Allowances
  • Free Travel Air Tickets
  • Relocation Grants/ Accommodation Service

Let us discuss each of the benefits in detail for the ease of interested students.

1# Tuition Grants by Australian Funded Programs:

Dozens of valuable Australian scholarship programs are there known for offering variable tuition grants or fee waivers to the scholarship winners. International applicants can get their hands on up to 15%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 75%, & 100% fee exemption via Adelaide University scholarships, Melbourne University Scholarships, Australia Award Scholarships, etc. Therefore, students who cannot afford to pay their high tuition fees can now avail of this opportunity and enjoy tuition grants till the degree completion.

2# Free Sports Club Membership Offer:

Overseas students good in sports and extracurricular activities have the golden chance to enjoy free sports club membership by applying for sport-related scholarships, like Sports Access Scholarships, offered by the University of Melbourne. Via this scholarship, scholars facing issues in getting membership in a fitness club will receive monthly subsidies of $300 to join sports and fitness clubs. Moreover, separate monthly allowances of $50 will also be granted to the athletes to participate in the sports activities.

3# OSHC Health Insurance for Scholars:

Another amazing benefit covered under the funded Australian scholarships is the health premiums by the Overseas Students Health Cover. Under this program, the hospital and medical finances will get sponsored through OSHC. Meanwhile, winners will get AUD478 to up to AUD4,200 for twelve months as medical allowances. However, scholarships providing health insurance are Royal Institute Technology Scholarships, Tasmania University scholarships, Deakin University Scholarships, etc.

4# Fieldwork Allowances/Research Funds for Ph.D. Candidates:

Like the other academic fundings, the Australian scholarships have also announced research funds plus thesis printing costs for the eligible scholarship winners enrolled in the full-time or part-time research studies at the Australian institutes. Moreover, the winners of Research funded scholarship schemes for Ph.D. programs will also receive a fieldwork allowance to carry out the research programs in Australia or other states. However, the allowance will be based on the credibility and the authenticity of the research topic and details.

Scholarships offering Research grants and fieldwork stipends are; the Australia Government Research scholarship, Central Queensland University Scholarships, University of Sydney Scholarships, etc.

5# Scholarship Rewards with Living Allowances:

The list of the perks provided by the Australian Government and University scholarships does not end here. There are various other benefits that will aid needy students who cannot bear their expenses during the educational journey in Australia.

Along with the fee waivers, research funds, and health coverage, international students will be entitled to get monthly subsidies of $32,400 and scholarship rewards of up to $10,000 or $5,000 every month to cover the essential expenses that happen during the course period. Meanwhile, the amount will differ with each scholarship considering academic performance, degree programs, and other factors.

Australian Scholarships offering scholarship awards and living allowances include Monash University Leader Scholarships, Australia Award Scheme, Australian Research Scholarship, Global Excellence Scholarships, and others.

6# Free Air Travel Tickets:

No wonder traveling to and from Australia is not a walk in the park. Financially underprivileged students face many difficulties due to expensive round air trips and study travel trips to other countries because of research activities and networking events. For this reason, the government of Australia has announced travel packages or free round air tickets to the scholarship winners.

In this way, the potential overseas candidates will enjoy their academic journey in Australia without any worries. On the other hand, applicants can also apply for the Traveling Scholarships offered by the University of New England, covering all travel expenditures of the selected candidates.

However, other notable scholarships known for offering free Air Tickets are; New South Wales Scholarships, Australia Government Award Scheme, University of Queensland scholarships, and many more.

7# Free Accommodation & Relocation Grants:

The sponsorship packages of Australian Scholarships are too many to count. But lastly, we have free accommodation services at the universities’ hostels or dorms for international scholars. Meanwhile, deserving candidates will also receive residential facilities, housing allowances, plus relocation grants to shift from one state to another. However, if the applicant chooses to live in an apartment that costs more than the granted allowance, the extra amount will not be covered under the scholarship programs.

However, Australian Scholarships granting housing and relocation allowances are James Cook University Scholarships, Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship, Australia Destination Scholarship, etc.

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