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Australian Government Jobs 2024-2025 – Send Resume (CV) Application

Government of Australia Employment Opportunities - Start Working in Australia

Thousands of Australian Government Jobs 2024-2025 are now available for recruitment. Applications are invited along with academic documents and resume sets to hire local and international talent for Government Jobs in Australia.

The government of Australia has enunciated a unique pathway for professionals by providing widespread job opportunities in governmental sectors to people of diverse backgrounds. These Australian job roles not only offer the best working environment but also the best working environment and sought-after benefits.

Research made by the Australian Bureau of statistics portrays that two million employees were hired in government sectors during the year 2020. It’s not astounding that most professionals aim at catching government jobs.

Salary Package of Australian Government Employees

It’s not astounding that most professionals aim at catching government jobs due to better work-life balance, teamwork, effective communication, more financial benefits and flexibility, superannuation, and job security. But government jobs also hold some drawbacks like lower than average salaries, strict rules and guidelines, limited training programs, tough competition, and few opportunities for oversea candidates in security and defense-related fields.

Application Procedure for Australian Government jobs:

As Australian government jobs are not easy to get, SEEK has defined efficient strategies to grab government roles in Australia Checking job listings regularly is integral as the Australian government holds a lot of space for new talent in a variety of fields that can be searched through Australian public service websites.

A careful review of selection criteria is a must as not possessing specific skills will lead to the rejection of your CV.

Firstly creating a resume that includes the nature and extent of your experience, Outlining past responsibilities, and demonstrating accomplishments along with concrete outcomes is significant to capture employer attention. Apply in the desired domain and wait for a response.

Can international Students Apply for Australian Government Jobs?

International students can apply for Australian Government jobs subject to security clearances and eligibility standards. International candidates’ selection for the recruitment of Australian Government Jobs is subject to a few restrictions.

Applying for jobs in the Australian public service sector for the general posts of a specialist technician, or contractual work is not that difficult and is subject to a few security clearances as well. They are open to overseas applicants eligible for special Australian work visas. But for high-profile jobs especially in the Australian security/intelligence and cyber security domain; Australian citizenship is a must and requires high-profile security clearances before taking foreign employees inside their organization.

Australia Government jobs Categories:

Job in the public sector laid out by the Australian government can be split into the following 3 categories:

  • Local-level Australian Jobs:

The local category involves the job roles at local councils that are widespread throughout Australia’s metropolitan and regional areas in diverse fields.

  • Australian State-level Jobs:

State jobs include both territory and state government job rules like NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC, WA, SA, and ACT in a variety of hubs.

  • Federal level:

Most of the federal jobs are based in Canberra but also in other parts of Australia in diverse fields.

Australia Government Jobs 2024-2025 for Recruitment

Following is the list of jobs offered by Australian government departments to fresh graduates, students, and experienced professionals:

1# Australian Administration/Customer Service Employment Opportunities

  • Administration officer:

The role involves achieving complex operational, procedural, administrative, and business support activities. In addition, preparing work areas, and team plans and managing workflow with detailed measurable milestones and expected results is also a part of job responsibility. The main goal should be to contribute efficiently to financial planning within an integrated workforce. The job offers a salary package of $83,928 – $95,873.

  •  Receptionist/Administrator

This job role involves a range of administrative and facilities management tasks under specific instructions. It includes providing high-profile reception management services by undertaking for native and foreign clients including inquiries, referrals, and follow-ups. The employee should also assist in site security, such as maintenance, management, ID cards, access cards, and related visitor, staff, and contractor registers.

2# Australian Aviation & Army Employment Opportunities

  • Helicopter Mission Commander

This job involves directing and navigating the pilot along with operating and managing weapons in helicopters through sensors. Along with this performing tactical analysis and communicating key information through communication systems for strategic purposes. The mission commander role offers a competitive salary package starting from  $90,955  in addition to opportunities for continuous progression and an adventurous lifestyle.

Jobs in Australian Defense Forces:

  • Chief Information Security Officer

The job role seeks an employee who is willing to lead and manage a Branch using inclusive leadership by collecting foreign signals intelligence, conducting offensive cyber operations, and enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience. The salary package is AU$181006.

  • Army Officer

An employee could be appointed as a signal officer( team leader in army communication services and IT), intelligence officer (manage military intelligence from covert sources), Transport officer (coordinate army’s land, air, and sea), and Ordinance officer (manage distribution networks) after training. While the salary package with this challenging job is highly rewarding which is $82,574 per annum plus other benefits.

  • Training Systems Officer

TSO is required to design and evaluate workplace assessment procedures and training management. This happens through the facilitation of training and recruitment of instructors in the Navy to identify the individual need for competency to provide education/advice on training policy accordingly. A salary package starting from $87,989 is given upon completion of the military training program.

  • Director, Logistics Systems Sustainment

The prime responsibility of the employee is to manage the delivery of joint logistics information system capability to support defense forces, management of the sustainment program, transition to in-service management, capability risk assessments, and application of service design principles to develop a rolling annual sustainment program, coordinating the delivery of capability into service, and withdrawal of capability. The salary package for the Director of logistics systems in the Australian department is between $123,159 – $147,828.

  • Executive Director Australian Civil-Military Center

This job requires the employee to promote effective civil-military-police interaction in disaster and conflict management particularly in the field of conflict prevention,

peace and stabilization operations, protection of civilians, governance and rule of law, disaster response and mitigation, women, peace and security, and humanitarian and recovery initiatives. The salary package is $96,124.

3# Communications/Journalism Jobs in Australia

  • Communications & Outreach Advisor

Build relations with local stakeholders and collaborating organizations and lead event management and outreach activities ( industry events, conferences, education programs) to make impactful and engaging content like briefing documents, multimedia assets, and project updates. Besides, a C & O advisor should ensure rapid communication of issues to the relevant business unit leaders like the Communications and Engagement Manager in the management of issues. The salary package for this job is between AU$87k – AU$98k.

  • Social media and marketing:

Develop and evaluate social media marketing strategies through multichannel execution e.g. content management across all social media platforms like LinkedIn, website google, and marketing. The salary package is AU$25.11.

  • Media and communication officer:

It’s a full-time job involving responsibilities to design and implement high-level communication strategies to enhance a positive image. In addition, coordinate events and projects in collaboration with other significant stakeholders like non-governmental organizations. The salary package renegades between $69,549-$83,672 on an annual basis.

  • Media assistant and coordinator

The employee should have communication skills that create an impact, content should be appropriate to get customers’ focus. The media assistant and coordinator should have problems solving and critical thinking strategies along with digital and technological literacy for diverse tasks through digital tools like Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, etc. The salary package is $54,755-$0,315 on an annual basis.

4# Economic Development/Commerce Jobs in Australia

  • Market Analyst

The prime responsibility is to lead market analysis projects through collaboration with science teams to evaluate and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.

Other functions include Managing stakeholder engagement, support to commercialization teams through market scoping, and providing business reports for decision-making about research and technology ventures. At last, Encourage teamwork by prioritizing equity and diversity to achieve organizational and team objectives like adhering to organizational values, policies, and diversity initiatives. The job role will provide an employee with a salary package ranging between AU$102k – AU$111k plus up to 15.4% superannuation.

5# Australian Education Sector Employment Opportunities

  • Education Project officer Jobs

The education project officer is required to engage proactively with relevant schools, and organizations to assist them in engagement strategy through leadership guidance. Leading and implementing virtual and in-person training workshops like teacher professional development on inquiry-based learning.

Coordinating activities for students is another dimension of this job that requires career events, site visits, and work experience. Using learning materials and resources for training programs. Officers should collaborate under a regionally dispersed multidisciplinary team for tasks holding scientific objectives. The salary package for an education project officer job in Australia is AU$87,068 to AU$98,504  (part-time) + up to 15.4% superannuation.

6# Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources Jobs

  • Electrical Metrologist – Power Systems

The employee holds the responsibility of providing high-level scientific and technical support for the operations of the power systems technology team calibration services and specialized tests in instrument transformers and instrument transformer testing equipment, completing tests and calibrations efficiently, accurately, and up to requirements.

Maintaining constructive relationships with external stakeholders through training programs and advice on technical issues is also important. Other responsibilities include enhancing high-voltage and high current measurement standards. The salary package for an Electrical metrologist job in Australia is $110017.

  • Electronics Engineer – Electronics Technician

The prime responsibility is to create cutting-edge electronic and electrical measurement instruments from PCB design, board manufacture, and loading,

taking responsibility for component specification, construction, and completion. In addition, providing expertise and technical knowledge in diverse programs like accurate provision of specialized advice. The salary package is A$77,913–A$96,279 a year.

7# Australian Healthcare Sector jobs

Jobs in the medical and health sector are mostly affiliated with defense forces. These jobs require doctors and nurses to undertake challenging tasks during unstable situations like combat, peacekeeping missions, or urgent operations.

  • Doctor Jobs in Australia

As an army doctor, the job involves the application of medical expertise in a varied environment. Before getting employed, military training service will enhance the prior knowledge/skills. Working in diverse primary health care settings and clinical placements for the attainment of fellowship qualities and specialized skills.

Humanitarian efforts will involve working in Army’s health units around Australia along with specialist care on land, sea, and air. Adaptability to changing environments and patients belonging to diverse backgrounds.  After military training, an employee will earn a salary of $118,940 along with other benefits.

  • Nursing Officer Jobs in Australia

This job offers opportunities that are not offered in regular hospitals such as treating patients and taking on specialist skills in challenging environments in varied health units. Providing primary health care in peacekeeping, combat, and humanitarian operations, and working in certified surgical field hospitals are additional roles. The salary package is $82,574 per year along with other benefits.

8# Natural Resource Management Jobs in Australia

  • Sustainability Scientist

The job role requires employees to assist in the preparation of research proposals/investigations through observational or experimental research activities.  Supervising and training others to conduct experiments according to research design. Representing ministry externally through public forums, and interaction with civil society.

The applicant should also have skills in presenting results in a variety of formats like scientific papers for publication, reports for clients,  and other science communication outputs. The salary package includes AU$102K to AU$111K along with other benefits.

9# Australian Science & Technology Employment Opportunities

  • Project Manager

Tracking project performance by managing project tasks to enable the team to deliver results on time. Besides, implementing project governance is required in AI mission programs like budget, procurement, and resource allocation. The challenging side is managing risks and implementing mitigation strategies. Other tasks involve building team culture, enabling advanced information for communication, and organizing team workshops. The salary will range from AU$102,724 to AU$106,947.

  • Environmental Analytical

Duties under this role require undertaking scientific research on complex experimental and technological challenges and developing a framework for complex data sets on mass spectrometers like Orbitrap. Multi-dimensional activities also involve active national and international collaborations to assess leading concepts/technology to advance project goals. The salary package ranges from AU$102K – AU$111K.

  • Research Scientist in AI

The prime responsibility of this job role is to assist senior researchers in the planning and preparation of innovative and creative research proposals for further investigation. Construct a pipeline for solving problems and preparing detailed design proposals and experimental protocols by drawing on professional expertise and research experience for innovation in theoretical perspectives and new ideas/approaches. The salary package lies between AU$102,724 to AU$111,165 with a 15.4% saving on yearly basis.

10# Engineering Jobs in Australia

Most of the jobs in this sector are provided by Australian defense forces for capability management.

  • Software Engineer Jobs

Software engineers should support unit tests and contribute to data collection in the field or lab. Experimenting, developing, and demonstrating technologies in the field and efficiently communicating results to clients is also an important part of the job responsibility.  The salary package is  AU$87k to AU$111k pa and 15.4% annulations.

  • Data Engineer Jobs

Contribution to engineering discipline by designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining structured data pipelines on cloud and internal infrastructure while prioritizing remotely sensed geospatial data, and climate. Data cleaning, feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, performance validation, scaling, and monitoring under the algorithm category are also important tasks. The salary package is AU$117,917 – AU$138,176 and 15.4% superannuation.

  • Geomechanics Engineer Jobs

The prime responsibility of a geomechanics engineer is to supervise post-grads and undergrad students in partnered universities and prepare and publish research publications in journals/conferences. Communication with the mining industry to manage creative projects for technical input on mining geomechanics is also a significant task in this job. The salary package is AU$102k to AU$111k with up to 15.4% superannuation.

  • Systems Engineer Jobs

The prime responsibility for this job is to conduct and complete complicated systems engineering work within an integrated team under general direction. Interpreting policy and practicing procedures should involve using initiative and discretion. Support to the Defense material capability will involve interaction with stakeholders, research systems engineering concepts, to deliver, and managing systems engineering specifications and resources. The salary package will be $83,928 – $95,873 and superannuations also.

11# Agricultural Jobs in Australia

  • Science Leader

Employees should work with broad guidelines, professional expertise, and research experience/achievements to formulate, develop and complete an approved research program. Science leaders should develop novel analytical approaches/tools for crop breeding along with developing and integrating new and existing digital technologies to create computationally efficient platforms for improved prediction. The salary package for this job role in the ministry of agriculture is $99000 – $131000/year.

  • Research Station Manager

Ensuring compliance with managing research stations, working with a range of scientific equipment emphasizing the digital capabilities of the research station, data storage and researcher access, data acquisition, data validation and management, collaborating with research groups,  and communicating activities of the research station. The ministry offers competitive salary packages ranging between AU$102K – AU$111K  with up to 15.4% superannuation.

  • Seed Germination Technician

SGT should Maintain and review species germination standards and pre-treatment requirements, actively contribute to a safe laboratory work environment, and decide on appropriate methods for seed germination activities. Besides, employees should develop new viability and pre-treatment requirements for new species and oversee the seed germination program to provide instruction in the immediate work area. The salary package is  AU$66k – AU$84k every year.

12# Data Management Jobs in Australia

  • Cyber & ICT and Data Technology & Capability

An employee will be responsible for several cyber threat operational teams within the Australian Cyber Security Center, including malware analysis, threat hunting, and active vulnerability assessments. Providing technical advice, evaluation, products, and assessments, for both Operational Technology and IT environments, to both government and infrastructure stakeholders. The salary package is AU$59k – AU$159k along with a superannuation of 15.4%.

  • Industry 4.0 opportunities

The candidate for this job role should be an expert in one or more of the following fields: Industry 4.0, Computational Science, Digital Twins, Data-driven modeling using AI/ML techniques, and/or statistical techniques. Besides, working proactively and effectively under a multi-disciplinary, regionally dispersed research team is also a part of the job role. The salary package is AU$69529 along with other employee benefits.

13# Banking jobs in Australia

  • Accounts officer

The accounts officer is responsible for reporting to the business manager and performing accounts receivable functions like preparing invoices, banking, processing payment runs, and receiving payments and filing. This position is significant as a critical contact for supplier and payroll inquiries. Processing transactions on the payroll tax, deductions, and superannuation, informing external parties and preparing accounting files, and summaries are additional tasks in this role.  The salary package in the Australian banking sector for accounts is between $70k to $80k.

  • Finance analysts

The duties of a financial accountant are to manage financial processes and timetables like monthly journals, assist in annual financial statement preparations, and manage the interim financial audit process and balance sheet reconciliation. preparing a response to Notice and Senate Estimates Briefs, management of Financial Operations and Treasury Accounting, and managing the Annual Stocktake are additional tasks of the financial accountant. The salary package is 62,900 AUD on yearly basis.

14# Australian Police Department Jobs

  • Forensic Team Leader Jobs

The forensic team leader will be responsible for managing specific capabilities like operational activities of the AFP while ensuring that operational and business area outputs are according to requirements like AFP Governance Framework and values. Achieving investigation, business, and intelligence outcomes through specialist forensic examinations and technical intelligence skills along with providing insight into broad research and development areas is part of a job role. This role offers a salary package between $110,255 – $118,085.

  • Police and Protective Service Officer

Police and Protective Service Officers respond to national security issues and criminal threats by denying, detecting, and disrupting criminal activities through a myriad of specialist responses.  Providing a first response capability at sites of interest and

reporting, protecting sites of interest through an intelligence-based approach, and collating and retrieving data for operational purposes is the prime responsibility of PSO. the responsibility also involves keeping individuals and interests identified by the Commonwealth as being at risk safe from violent protests, and terrorism. The salary package is $56712 – $61042.

  • Investigations Capability Project manager:

The task of the investigation capability project manager includes content development, monitoring and assessing internal requests via internal tasking methods, management of the Investigator’s Toolkit, developing new projects and solutions, ensuring compliance of published material with agreed standards, and contributing to the drafting and publishing of Communities of Practice announcements to investigators. The salary package is between $114,928 – $123,710 every year.

Most of the jobs in government sectors are provided by the defense forces of Australia such as jobs in aviation, engineering, defense, and medical fields. While only a few jobs involve permanent roles, a major ratio of jobs is part-time based and involves a duration of a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 3 years.

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