Scholarships in Germany

Admissions in Germany Without IELTS Requirement 2024 Intake

Study in German Universities Without IELTS in 2023

Apply for admissions at German Universities in 2024 for the 2024-2025 intake for fully-funded German Scholarships without IELTS requirements for all degree majors. Germany is regarded as one of the most affordable countries, with respect to education.

To make things better for students; German scholarship programs come into play to facilitate students.

Coverage (Funding) of German Scholarships

Different German scholarships differ in their nature, value, eligibility, and coverage. However, all of the scholarships in Germany benefit students in one way or another.

Besides tuition fee coverage discounts or waivers, these German scholarships without IELTS offer students health insurance, travel cost coverages, research costs, personal expense or project stipends, study abroad tuition fee coverages, and accommodation. 

IELTS Requirement in German Universities: Optional

However, many German scholarships require the IELTS test, which is always a letdown for international students, considering the expense of the IELTS examination. Keeping in perspective this widely faced issue, we are going to walk you through some of the best German scholarship schemes without IELTS.

List of IELTS Alternative Exams Accepted by German Universities for Admissions:

To obtain IELTS exemption for admission to any German University; the following IELTS alternative exams are accepted as well:

  • Integrated Skills tests by Trinity College
  • Cambridge Proficiency CPE/C2
  • Indian Standard XII English
  • ESOL Language Cert International
  • Pearson (PTE) Academic Test
  • Hong Kong HKDSE/HKCEE
  • Cambridge Advanced CAE/C1
  • West African Education Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate (SSCE)

Scholarships in Germany Without IELTS for International Students

There are thousands of these German scholarship initiatives underway in Germany for the session 2024-2025. There are scholarships with differing merits and requirements. The  German scholarships available are the entrance, in-course, merit, need-based, leadership-based, etc. Applicants may be awarded by the German government, university, or external organizations. The admissions under scholarships of Germany are available for all degree levels throughout the year.

Following is the complete list of all Scholarships in Germany that do not need an IELTS exam for admissions in 2024:

1# Research Grants for Doctoral Programs in Germany by DAAD

This German scholarship is funded by DAAD and is aimed at students pursuing doctoral programs in Germany. It is a research grant that helps students in doctoral or Ph.D. programs. It is available for international students and does not require an IELTS test. An application needs to be filled out to be in consideration for this scheme.

2# University Winter Courses in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates

The scholarship is initiated by DAAD for students wishing to undertake studies for winter courses in German universities. The German Scholarship covers all degree levels including undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. The scholarship is limited to certain faculties.

The German Winter intake Scholarships at different German Universities do not require an IELTS score, with other alternative test results being acceptable. This scholarship is for international students. 

3# German University Summer Courses for Foreign Students and Graduates

This German scholarship is for students aiming to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs at German universities. These schemes are only available for summer enrollments. The scholarship is specifically made available for international students.

The German scholarship is available for Language and Cultural Studies, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering, Arts, Music, and Sports students. IELTS is not a must to be eligible for this scheme.

4# Deutschlandstipendium at University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin has initiated this program in a bid to encourage students to concentrate on their studies. Under the scheme, a monthly stipend of 300 euros is given to students. The stipend is only given to students enrolling in the winter admission window.

The University of Berlin scholarship is available for students from all countries and origins. Half of the amount is given by the German government, while the other half is born by private organizations. The program lasts for a minimum of two semesters, with possibilities of extension available. 

5# Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich Scholarships

This German scholarship is available at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. The scholarship is initiated for international doctoral students in severe financial need. It is one-time assistance and cannot be renewed. It is valued at 650 euros, which is awarded by the State of Bavaria.

To apply for this LMU North Life scholarship program, you’ll need to submit an application for admission. The admission application should have a reference letter and proof of financial need. 

6# SIST LMU Study Scholarships

This German scholarship without the IELTS requirement is funded by the Federal government of Bavaria. The scholarship is specifically for international students enrolled at LMU. The award is decided on the basis of academic excellence, general knowledge, practical capability in the study areas, and financial need. This scheme is only available for students who enroll in a full-time program at LMU. 

7# LMU Travel Funding

This LMU Travel Funding program has been kicked off keeping in mind doctoral students who frequently make research trips or attend scientific conferences in far-off areas. The scheme is only offered to those who do not have any other source of funding. The program includes accommodation, travel coverage, and participation fee. 

8# SIST LMU Study Completion Scholarships

The scholarship is funded by DAAD for international doctoral students. It is only for students who enroll in full-time programs at LMU. To be eligible for this scholarship, the students must complete their degree in the first year of studies at LMU. In addition, other factors like academic excellence and financial need are also considered. 

9# Presidential Scholarship at the Heidelberg University

This is one of the most valuable scholarships at Heidelberg University. The scholarship is awarded purely on the basis of academic excellence and ability. It is valued at $20,000. The scheme is awarded to students at the time of entry into the university. It is specifically for international students.

The Heidelberg scholarship does not require an IELTS test, as the university has set other ways to prove English Language Proficiency. The decision for the scholarship is made on the calculated admission averages. 

10# Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Scholarships at Frankfurt University

These scholarships are awarded to students from underrepresented backgrounds on the basis of financial needs and academic ability. It is paramount to understand the purpose behind the scholarship. The scholarship is introduced to clear financial barriers and societal hurdles for students hailing from underrepresented origins. The scholarship hosts an online application form, which can be accessed on Frankfurt University’s official website. 

11# Music & Theater Scholarships at HFM Berlin

Most students complain that sufficient opportunities aren’t provided to students adopting extracurricular activities. However, Heidelberg University brings forth this scholarship that awards students majoring in Music & Theater.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the students are required to give an audition. A physical audition is preferred, however, keeping in mind the current global situation, online auditions are carried out. The amount of the scholarship varies. It can be renewed, given a GPA of 2.5 or above is maintained. 

12# Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarships

This initiative is specifically in memory of Austin E. Knowlton at Heidelberg University. Under the scheme, an amount of $5,000 is awarded to the holder. This German scholarship prefers students from Ohio with an interest in subjects like Mathematics and Natural Sciences. 

13# Heinrich Hertz Scholarships 2024

It is a scholarship that supports the best talent around the globe to carry out research activities at the universities of North-Rhine Westphalia. It is available for doctoral and postdoctoral students. An application is to be submitted for the Heinrich Hertz scholarship, preferably from the applicant’s supervisor. Certain documents are also required in the application to assess it better. 

14# Education Fund at RWTH Aachen University

Students at the RWTH Aachen University are offered the education fund. Under the scheme, students demonstrating financial need and with excellent academic performance are awarded 300 euros per month. In addition, non-monetary support is also offered.

The RWTH scholarship in Germany is available for both domestic and international students. Alternative tests are acceptable, which indicates that IELTS is not a requirement.

15# German Erasmus+ Internship Support

Graduate students can apply for the Erasmus+ Internship Support program. Under this program, students are granted funds for their study-related research and industry internships. People always find it difficult to find internships abroad, which is what makes this a special initiative. These German internships start for a period of 2 months and can extend up to a full year.

Eligibility Standards for Admissions in German Universities

These German Universities have various requirements for admissions and scholarships, which are to be met to be in consideration for them. These include meeting the English or German Language Proficiency requirements, GRE/GMAT scores, academic performance, financial need, community involvement, etc. Talking about the English Language Proficiency requirements, the universities accept various test results as alternatives to IELTS such as TOEFL, Duolingo, etc. 

Documents required to apply for these German scholarships:

To apply for these schemes, the students are required to prepare and collect certain documents. The requirements of these documents vary from program to program but they are pretty similar in most cases. The documents needed include:

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