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2024-2025 International Scholarships for Foreign Students – Apply Now

International Scholarships 2023 Session Without IELTS and TOEFL Requirement

If you’re an international student who wishes to study abroad for free but is unable to do so owing to financial constraints, you’re in luck. Don’t be concerned because there are thousands of fully-funded scholarships in 2024-2025 available for foreign students to achieve their desired studies overseas. The better aspect is that these international scholarships available for international students do not require IELTS or TOEFL exam certificates.

The Fully-funded Scholarships we’ve compiled are offered by renowned worldwide organizations to develop leaders of tomorrow who can make a difference in their community and the overall society.

A popular question among students who wish to grab an overseas scholarship concerns whether they can register for it without needing to take the IELTS or TOEFL.

This is because some students are reluctant to take a full test consisting of four stages in English, regardless of the reality that it is their second or third language; while others view the high exam and preparation cost as an impediment to getting entry to a renowned global college, especially with a scholarship.

Many students, however, are uninformed that it is feasible to study overseas on a fully-funded scholarship without taking the IELTS or TOEFL examinations. And this does not imply that students will have to give up their preferred university or overseas location. In truth, some worldwide acclaimed colleges in some of the world’s greatest nations give scholarships that do not demand IELTS or TOEFL.

What are the Alternative Requirements for IELTS and TOEFL?

Although a few colleges and Universities eliminate the IELTS and TOEFL requirements, the remaining ones provide students with an English Language Proficiency Certificate as an alternative. But don’t fret because there is hardly anything complex about it. 

An English Language Proficiency Certificate is an official document issued through an academic organization that certifies that you’ve completed your past education in the English Language. 

This means that if you’d like to enlist in a Master’s degree, you should have studied for your Bachelor’s and previous degrees and taken their exams in the English Language. That’s how you avoid taking the IELTS or TOEFL tests while relying on the credentials to gain admissions and scholarships.

Now let us dig into the scholarships categorized as per the biggest and most favorite locations of students:

1# Chinese Scholarships 2024

Under the Chinese Government Scholarship scheme, approximately 279 colleges provide fully financed scholarships to overseas students almost annually. 

But also, in most cases, no English Proficiency Certificate is required.

CSC scholarships are among the most popular scholarships given to overseas students. This sort of government scholarship is offered by the Chinese Scholarship Council and is a Chinese Ministry of Education endeavor to support education, cultural interaction, political collaboration, and shared understanding among foreign nations and China. The CSC scholarships have two types, i.e., partly or fully funded.

Undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate students who are eligible for a government scholarship also get a monthly allowance, sponsorship for tuition fees, and paid lodging throughout their studies. That’s a combined value of $30,000 – $60,000 USD each degree. 

The majority of CSC applications are due near the end of April 2024.

  • ANSO Scholarship Program

Thirty-six scientific establishments along with worldwide organizations have joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and formed the Alliance of International Science Organizations or ANSO. 

The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents allows international students to undertake graduate school at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), or other CAS establishments throughout China.

The ANSO Scholarship 2024 is funded entirely, including airfare, medical coverage, university fees, and a living allowance. Approximately 200 Master’s students and 300 Ph.D. students from around the globe will be allowed to study at CAS annually. The USTC ANSO scholarship is for a maximum of 36 months for master’s students and 48 months for doctoral students. 

Although there is no particular exam required for this scholarship, you should be able to communicate in either Chinese or English.

2# Japanese Scholarships 2024

Japan is a well-known location for its education system and an experiential lifestyle that gives one promising career opportunities anywhere in the world. So if Japan is on a wish list and you cannot afford it, the MEXT scholarship is a chance you should not miss to get your hands on top-quality education. 

The MEXT scholarship is such an opportunity that provides complete funding, covering tuition and allowances, to overseas students wanting to learn in Japanese universities of higher learning. 

MEXT scholarships divide into several categories, so look into which you want to apply. It funds both undergraduate and graduate students.

The government of Japan provides fellowships to international students who aspire to learn and engage in research at Japanese institutions at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Japanese Embassy in foreign countries will conduct a preliminary assessment of candidates using supporting documentation, written tests, and interviews. To find your way to Japan, you must wait till the application windows open in April and May of 2024.

3# US Embassy Scholarships 2024

The reputation of earning a degree from a US-accredited college continues to make the US the top preference for foreign students. 

Higher education institutions in the US are renowned for having exceptionally high standards for the value of their teaching methods, conceptual thoroughness, and educational experiences. For the academic year 2024, leading colleges in the United States are offering over 1100 American scholarships to foreign students. Below you’ll find some of the top scholarship programs you can apply to:

  • The Yale Young African Scholars Program

The YYAS is an academically rigorous and improvement initiative developed to facilitate youthful Africans/Asians who are presently enrolled in high school and intend to continue their education, as well as those who want to significantly contribute to society as leading figures while still in their youth. 

Students will be partnered with mentors after the program, who will guide them as they apply to universities. The best part of this program is that students do not have to pay any tuition fees. The selection process for the scholarship is based on merits.

The USA allows for both study and research. In 160 Fulbright nations around the globe, the Fullbright Foreign Student Program is operative. The program does not require IELTS and is financially supported. It is a worldwide scholarship that is accessible to all nations. The binational Fulbright advisory council or American embassies oversee the administration of the program. It pays for living expenses, travel expenses, medical coverage, and education costs. The scholarship is based on the length of the curriculum and there are over 4,000 scholarships offered annually. 

  • The Global UGRAD Exchange Program

This offers non-degree educational study scholarships for one semester at any higher education institution in the United States to aspiring student figureheads. It focuses on selecting applicants from disadvantaged and marginalized regions who are unable to attend university. Winning applicants will register in a full-time, undergraduate non-degree curriculum from the host college’s current options.

  • The Obama Foundation Scholars Program

Emerging leaders from the US and abroad who have shown a dedication to resolving problems in their communities, nations, and territories are brought forth by the program, which is a full-time, financially supported leadership development program. 

The Obama Foundation Scholars Program offers the respective perks to its participants: a monthly housing allowance for New York City living costs, a modern amenities studio apartment, all tuition costs; basic health, dental, and life insurance for the duration of the course; air transportation to and from the homeland; and leadership growth programs. This scholarship provides you the freedom to choose which exam you can take because proof of language proficiency is necessary. 

You can choose the Pearson Test of English Academic or the Duolingo English Test in place of the IELTS or TOEFL in this manner. Nevertheless, candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in an English-speaking nation will be exempt from this precondition.

Typically, the scholarship program runs from April to September. Applicants are immediately enrolled in a collaborating US institution because it is not possible to select a specific college. Despite being a non-degree program, it presents excellent chances for career advancement via particular academic subjects, attending conferences, collaborations, and hands-on professional experience. Each year, about 200 awards are given out. The presenter university’s tuition fees, a living allowance that may be a one-time payout, a healthcare coverage stipend, travel expenses, and more are all covered by this fellowship.

4# British (UK) Scholarships 2024

We understand why going to the UK sounds exciting. Deciding to go to the UK for further studies gets you to experience the best academic standards in the world. However, as the expensive UK is for education, we tend to not include it in our list. But, here’s a surprise! There are a ton of scholarships offered to students all over the world and you can get to study in a well-known university through the following programs.  

Among the most esteemed scholarships offered in the UK is the Chevening Scholarship. With this chance, students can accomplish their Master’s degree at any UK college with full funding. Your chances of receiving one are likely by the fact that 1500 Chevening Scholarships are awarded annually. Academic performance and honed interpersonal skills are requirements for this UK scholarship. 

Chevening is seeking the sort of individuals who have the drive, perspective, and sway to offer the alternatives and statesmanship we require to secure a future in light of the significant problems our world currently faces. Chevening Scholars are independent to concentrate on attaining their individual and career aims while taking advantage of the opportunity in the UK since the scholarships are financially supported.

  • Clarendon Scholarships

Under this program, 150 scholarships are awarded annually in partnership with the University of Oxford. It is a completely financed program that enables students to pursue a master’s or doctorate. Additionally, this scholarship provides other living expenses that are adequate for you to complete your studies. There are no restrictions based on degree level or nationality.

The Reach Oxford Scholarship program is offering 1000 scholarships. With the help of one of the largest programs in the world, students can earn their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees. Reach Oxford is a completely sponsored program that also pays for your monthly allowance and one annual round-trip flight to the UK. As suggested by the official title, this award is a partnership with Oxford University, which is ranked second national level and fifth globally.

The premier Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship at Nottingham was established in 2001. More than 100 benefits are awarded through this program to overseas students who would like to contribute to the growth of their homeland. It pays either 50% or 100% of the full-time master’s school fees. These are accessible to outstanding foreign students who attend schools in Africa, India, or particular Commonwealth nations. However, before submitting an application for this scholarship, you should first apply for and be accepted into a full-time Masters’ program at the University of Nottingham.

5# Germany Scholarships 2024

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of foreigners studying in Germany. University education is leading in Germany. More so than any other nation, Germany offers a range of highly regarded academic institutions, a huge selection of courses, degrees that are widely recognized around the world, inexpensive living costs, and degrees that guarantee high job prospects.

At long last, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD Scholarship in German Universities) is once more accepting applications from candidates worldwide. This German Scholarship is entirely funded. DAAD is currently the fastest growing financing organization on earth that offers completely sponsored university scholarships to foreign students for their academic studies.

The majority of recipients of DAAD scholarships are recent graduates, doctoral students, and post-doctoral researchers, and they are provided for research and study trips to German educational institutions and non-university research institutions. 

Internships may also be financially supported in some programs.

  • 100 Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for International Students in Germany is now accepting applications. Fellowships from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation are available for master’s and bachelor’s degree programs as well as certificate programs in Germany. Aspirants have to be from Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe to be eligible for a German Scholarship sponsored by FES.

6# Canada Scholarships 2024

Canada might just be the ideal location for you if you would like to pursue higher education but don’t have the IELTS or TOEFL. Many highly regarded Canadian colleges do not necessitate TOEFL or IELTS tests for admission. If you’ve finished school in English as the main language, then all the better!

  • University of Guelph Scholarships

Another very supportive scholarship program that rewards educational success and aids students in continuing their education is offered by the University of Guelph. For overseas students, the University of Guelph has several financial assistance options, such as scholarships, student grants, and work research. In a variety of disciplines, it provides 94 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees. The University bestowed $2 million to worldwide undergraduate students via these programs, and $4.8 million to worldwide graduate students.

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships 

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program offers financial support to the top postdoctoral candidates from around the world who will significantly advance the nation’s socioeconomic and scientific advancement. The candidate will receive funding for two years up to $70,000 annually. Scholarships and research grants from the Canadian government are available to overseas students pursuing graduate studies in the social science disciplines or wellness research. 

  • IDRC Research Awards

Awards from the Canadian government are open to all students from emerging economies who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in research at an accredited Canadian institution. Beneficiaries of research awards will register in an annual paid program at IDRC where they will conduct studies on the topics they have proposed. 

You will gain a practical understanding of grant administration, program and policy management, and implementation, as well as the formation, distribution, and application of knowledge from a global context. Prize recipients are regarded as full-time, non-union IDRC workers for salary reasons. 

The Canada Pension Plan, employer insurance tax, employer efforts to insurance benefits, and paid vacation leave are among the advantages. Additionally, a few travel and study costs are funded, with a cap of CAD $15,000 possible.

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